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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Delaware State Fair #1

Credit must be given to The Delaware State News for the pictures

Delaware State Fair-#2

From The Delaware State News-#1

Night Flash, About 1987

This was snapped at the Lehighton Fair in PA. We were booked with Benner's Amusements.
I beleive the Lehigton Fair is a thing of the past now.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Opening Night Delaware State Fair

COMMENT-State Fair

Well it looks like I called one wrong.
I understand the lines at the rides last night at the Sate Fair were quite long.
Heard some had as many as 40 people waiting to ride!
Sure fooled me!
As time goes by you'll notice when I'm wrong about something I will admit it!
But you have to realize I was in this business for over thirty years and I've seen just about anything, but times are changing! Dick

Lewis & Clark Circus-2008

Here's King Charles, 24 hour man, showing us the way to the circus! King Charles has been around all the shows. When I met Him, we won't say how long ago, He was with Jelly Roll on the side show band on the Beatty Cole Circus. Since then he's been on quite a few shows. He's the perfect all around man to have on a small show. The photos that follow were snapped in Eastern Pa by Mr Fred Hoffman, booking agent in early June. I understand the show was to play a string of dates for Ted Hill in PA. All I can say Bob you've done a Terriffic job. Also I won't forget Albert Buchannan (Hope I spelled it right) who operates the midway and also books the show. You both are to be commended. This show fills a void left by Shows like Roberts Bros and Vidbel
among others.

Lewis & Clark

Here's the cage act! And look who presenting them-Captain Bob Childress. Fred tells Me that the act is presented outside the Big Top on the blow off.

Lewis & Clark

For a small show this is the perfect set-up. Office to the left, Main Entrance in the middle and Concessions on the right. Three pieces consolidated on one trailer! Clean, sharp and neat!

Lewis & Clark

Here's the Snake Show on the Midway. Fred tells Me there's a Free Petting Zoo, Pony Ride, Moon Bounce out front. Just what a small show needs for FLASH!

Lewis & Clark

Here's the New Big Top. What a flash for a small show! It's a 70 x 110 top. I understand it seats 400. Fred tells me they carry canvas in case of overflow so the kids and sit on the ground.
I undertstand the Acts also do cherry pie. I hate to say it but that might be what a small show is gonna have to have in this day and age.

Lewis & Clark

This is a nice Booking tool. It shows most of the acts that are there nnow.

Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark Big Top Trailer. What a nice compact show. Bob really knows his stuff!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Delaware State Fair

A Birds eye view of the fair. Just click on the Title to take you there!

Check this out!

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Delaware State Fair

In this morning's Dover paper.

Royal Hippodrome #1

I'm not sure this could be Don Bridwell. He was our producing clown on that date. He brought two other joeys with him. I'll have more of them on tommorow's posting. Also I just received recent pics of Bob Childress's Lewis & Clark Circus. I'll have them posted either this afternoon or in the morning.

Royal Hippodrome

This young man was a last minute addition to the show. All I can remember is his name was Demille. Harry Hunt brought him to us from his mall show. I don't recall ever hearing of hime again, at least not with the name Demille. I wonder if anyone out there could update me on this. Don't forget the year was 1972.

Royal Hippodrome

Here's John and Harry Dubsky's wives atop a balancing pole. Later John and Krista were with us on the Cole Indoor Show.

Royal Hippodrome Circus

Here's the Dubsky Family's Royal Hungarian Troupe. Boy we had a lot of Royalty on that show!

Royal Hippodrome Spec

Actually this is the finale. Don't forget this is in 1972.

More Royal Hippodrome Pics

These floats were from Ozzy Scleentz's Roayl Wild West Circus

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Great American 1985

Just received these pictures from Fred Hoffman, Pottstown Fan and Booking Agent.

He took these in 1985 when my brother and I were concession managers for Allan Hill.

The trailer and equipment belonged to us. We had Harry Fee helping me in the garbage joint.

And an all star cast of Butchers, Fast Eddie, Juggy, Low Pockets, Bobby Wyman among others.

Royal Olympic Hippodrome Circus

This is Magician George Rowe. We overbooked the show. But We gave'em their moneys worth!

I've posted three for today but there's a lot more of this one comming!

Royal Olympic #2

Here's John Dubsky with one of his stars!

Royal Olympic #3

This is one of the Dubsky Family Acts-"The Royal Hungarians"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

James M. Cole Circus #1

This is a Booking Brochure that Mr Cole sent out to perspective sponsors. He built up quite a rout and reputation ib New York State and Pennsylvania and in Ohio also. This was a way to pay the expenses for the winter and keep his men working. The show was out of Pen Yan, NY and in later years it was run by Billy Martin. My brother Bill and I had the concessions then for 5 tours starting in early January through the end of April or first of May. We started with the show as it was celebrating it's 50th anniversary! That was in 1988 or ot 89.

James M. Cole Circus #2

James M. Cole Circus #3

James M. Cole Circus #4

This is the last Page of the brochure. The Season I beleive was 1947.

Interesting Info.

This tells the story! Just Click on the title to go to story!

No Show!

Sorry to report that my friend Bob Commerford's Petting Zoo will not be there this year.
I sure hope the Fair Board is not listening to PETA!

Delaware State Fair #1

I hope you can read these. I would have download the articles from the paper but I discovered yesterday, suddenly, that I must now pay to read the online version of the paper. I already pay a subscription fee for the real thing so hwy should I have to pay to see it on the web!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Delaware State Fair

This article appeared in the Wilmington News Journal
Click on Title to take you there.


Well here's some of the acts we had in Salisbury and Onancok. There's more to come.
The Young Man with Cuddles is Jimmy Silverlake, an old friend, who went on in later years to be the caretaker of King Tusk on the Ringling Show. Also the Pony Act was a veteran trouper Hal Haviland.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Dykes Bros Promotion

This was the first circus to appear in the Wicomico Youth & Civiv Center in Salisbury, MD (Our Hometown) back in 1972, I beleive. We had an all-star cast including The Medro Family, The Dubsky's, Hal Haviland, Don Bridwells Clown Alley, Acts from Ozzie Schleentz's Royal Ranch Wild West Circus, Marsha Hunt, organ and Harry Hunt of course was our advisor and Ringmaster and what a Coloring Book Pitch he did! We played this Date for two days then went down the road to Onancock, VA Armory for 1 day. We had a third date but that fizzled out on us.
Plus our ex-partner from The Dykes & Whaton Circus, Dave Wharton handled the concessions for us. In the future I will post some pics from that date.


I've been going through and digging out items that I forgot I even had! I found this painting and I beleive it was done on The Hoxie Show the last year it was out. Still using the Old One Center Pole Big Top.

Fight of the Century!

Another Dykes Bros Promotion at the Boulevard Theatre in Salisbury, MD.
We had a snowstorm that night but still managed a 3/4 house!