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Cole Bros Circus Calliope

By The Denver Post Archive
Posted April 26, 2012 
Photo of the Cole Brothers Circus horse drawn calliope in front of the Denver Post building in 1947. This calliope was also in President Truman’s 1949 inaugural parade.

Three-Ring Circus Taking Over Yakima SunDome

By David Mance.
Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Elephants, high-flying motorcycle riders, and funny clowns are taking over the Yakima SunDome tonight.
It's all part of the "Circus Gatti," which is performing two shows today. We caught up with circus clown "Laughing Leo," who was getting ready for his performance.
"Circus Gatti" is a family-run three ring circus. Performers come from all over the world, and they're in Yakima to entertain you.
"There's incredible thrill acts and everything's real, if you want to see fake stuff, stay home and watch cartoons, but everything in our circus, our daredevilry, our comedy, our amazing animals, it's all real," says Laughing Leo."And we really enjoy our jobs too, we don't do this, the reason why we do this is because we really really love it," says Ringmaster Brandon Bolden.
The Circus Gatti is currently performing at the Sundome, the next show is at 7:30.
85-year-old survives trampling by camel

Wayne Lewman, 85, a resident of Bettendorf Health Care Center, tells Bill Wundram about his painful encounter with a circus camel a week ago at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport. (Photo by Larry Fisher/QUAD-CITY TIMES)
Bill Wundram 
The Quad-City Times 
Friday, April 27, 2012
Wayne Lewman may be the only man in the Quad-Cities who has camel hoofprints on the back of his head and on his arm and shoulder today.
A camel got the best of him at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.
Wayne, 85, and a retired clarinetist with some big circuses, lives at the Bettendorf Health Care Center. He perked up when he was told that Circus Pages — a top-notch small circus — was playing April 20 in an exhibition hall at the Davenport fairgrounds. He still has sawdust in his blood and is not one to miss a circus.
A friend, not employed by the health care center, agreed to take Wayne to the circus in a wheelchair.
Unfortunately, the friend, while pushing the wheelchair, tripped. Wayne says that tipped him into the camel pen. The circus carries four camels that were in the enclosure, chewing their cud. Camels are dumb, unfriendly animals that will spit and kick.
When Wayne was dropped in the pen, the camels became upset. One took after him. “I was scared, knocked down. I didn’t know what was happening,” he says. “I was kicked in the head, one stepped on my arm.”
The camel keeper came to his rescue, shooing the big animals away. Wayne’s wounds were cleaned of blood. An ambulance was called to take him to the hospital, but he stubbornly refused. He wanted to go inside and see the circus. But he finally agreed to return to the nursing home, where his wounds were treated.
On Tuesday, the health care center staff insisted he go to the doctor. They thought he had a broken arm. He didn’t.
“Whatever happened to you?” he was asked at the doctor’s office.
“I got trampled by a camel,” he replied, which raised some eyebrows.
“This could have been much worse,” said Carrie Kulla, a nurse at the health care center.
We visited there on Wednesday. Wayne was wearing a Circus Pages cap and was eager to tell about his experience. He took his cap off to display the head wound, a bump and lacerations. “See the hoofprint,” he said.Then he laughed, saying, “I’m glad I didn’t fall into the elephant pen.”
Wayne was a windjammer, a term for circus musicians, for many years of his long life. He played in the bands of major circuses such as Cole Bros.-Clyde Beatty and Kelly-Miller. It’s ironic that a retired circus man would get banged up at a circus.
“I began with the old Daily Bros. Circus at $25 a week, playing two shows a day,” he says. “I made money on the side hanging banners for businesses around the big top. That extra money was called cherry pie. I had to quit playing in circus bands after having a stroke.”
Sadly, he said, “I don’t think I’m going to the circus again for a long time.”
When we parted, he said in a firm voice, “I never did like camels.”
Read more:

Melha Shriners Circus Kick Off 58th Annual “Circus With A Purpose”
By Stephanie Officer
April 26,2012

.Step right up….to Main Street.
Families lined the sidewalks to get a sneak preview of the “circus with a purpose”. Presented by the Melha Shriners, more than 300 onlookers were treated to free pizza, music, and appearances by those infamous clowns. This is Al Zippen’s 23rd year chairing the event. “The thing that stands out every year is going to the coliseum, walking around, and seeing all the families have a good time there. For many generations. That, to me, is the biggest thing” he said.

In its 58th year, proceeds from the shows support the work the Shriners do in the community. “The money we raise here is used to subsidize our unit to help keep us visible and help us keep the hospital story out to the people in Western MA” Al added.

Families came out to see the show and support a good cause. Chava Cohen came from Enfield, CT. “I’m here, my kids are here with me, they’re here to support the hospital and the clowns and have a little preview before we go to the show” she shared. “I think that it’s a great thing for them to do and be able to have the circus as a way to fund the different charities they support” said Kersti Cobb of Springfield.

Brian Chaisson is glad that his daughter Jocelyn’s first circus is one that gives back to the community. “The proceeds go to the local Shriners and it’s always good they’re coming down here and doing something nice things” he said. The Melha Shrine Circus runs through Sunday at the Big E.

The Shriners are hoping to see between 20 and 25,000 people over the 7 shows.

Fletcher Runyan’s halftime mishap shows life on tight rope can hurt

Circus performer Fletcher Runyan had a painful introduction to the tightrope during his performance at Wednesday's Oklahoma City-Denver game. (Photo:
April 26, 2012
by Tim Griffin in Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder
Acclaimed circus performer Fletcher Runyan’s career has included stops across NBA arena over the years where his quick performance is exactly what NBA promotion and game management directors are looking for.
Namely, it’s reasonably entertaining, doesn’t make a mess and is over with in less than 10 minutes.
But Runyan’s act does involve some risks, at least if his performance at last night’s Oklahoma City-Denver game is any indication.
Fletcher’s act didn’t go as planned Wednesday night after he attempted a back flip and didn’t land correctly. Once he fell to the ground it seemed like he was injured, but like the circus professional he is, Runyan got up quickly.
But as this video from and shows, it still had to hurt.
And for those of you who still might want a longer performance by Runyan, you can always visit his Big Top RV Park in Sweetwater. While there, the best in seasonal circus performances can be witnessed along with complete RV and camper accommodations.
His performance at Oklahoma City can be seen in this video.

Circus wows Cottage Grove crowd
The traveling Jose Cole Circus made a stop at the city's ice arena Wednesday night, bringing along acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and performing animals in a two-hour long show before hundreds of attendees. 
A performer twirls multiple hula hoops during the Jose Cole Circus at the Cottage Grove Ice Arena Wednesday. The St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club sponsored the event.
By: Jon Avise, 
South Washington County Bulletin 
Published April 26, 2012,
There was no big top, but the circus put on a show in Cottage Grove.
The traveling Jose Cole Circus made a stop at the city's ice arena Wednesday night, bringing along acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and performing animals in a two-hour long show before hundreds of attendees.
The St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club sponsored the event, which was making its first stop in Cottage Grove. The Minneapolis-based Jose Cole Circus has been performing in the Midwest since 1975.

Owner Revamps Georgia State Fair
from: 13WMAZ, MACON, GA
Apr 27, 2012

Anah Shrine Circus returns to Bangor

Posted April 27, 2012,                  
Kevin Bennett | BDN

TJ Howell preforms on his unicycle as he juggles with fire during the 49th annual Shrine Circus on Friday, April 27, 2012 at the Bangor Auditorium. 
BANGOR, Maine — The Anah Shrine Circus is one of Bangor and Presque Isle’s biggest live family entertainment events of the year. The year 2012 marks the 49th consecutive year for the Anah Shrine Circus. This year’s circus is taking place April 27-29 in Bangor and May 3-5 in Presque Isle. Tickets can be purchased at the Shrine Hall, 586 Main St. in Bangor, or by calling

Shrine Circus at Corn Palace next week 
The Shrine Circus is once again the “greatest show in town” starting with a 7 p.m. Monday performance at the Corn Palace in Mitchell

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A bengal tiger looks at its trainer during an act at the 2011 Shire Circus at the Corn Palace in Mitchell. (Chris Huber/Republic)
from: The Mitchell,SD Daily Republic
By: Anna Jauhola
Published April 26, 2012 

The Shrine Circus is once again the “greatest show in town” starting with a 7 p.m. Monday performance at the Corn Palace in Mitchell.
The circus will also have performances Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:30 and 7 p.m. each day.
Tickets went on sale March 26. Sales are going well and are similar to other years, said Mark Schilling, director of the Corn Palace.
Tickets are $10 for general admission and $13 for reserved seating.
To get tickets, visit the Corn Palace box office or go online at
This year’s circus will have some different acts, a ringmaster as opposed to a ringmistress, and the same family friendly atmosphere, said Steve Morgan, Corn Palace Shrine Club member in charge of ticket sales. In addition to elephants, tigers and clowns, each child in attendance has the chance to win a bike during every performance. 
“We’ll pick one boy and one girl at random for each performance,” Morgan said. The Shrine Club has partnered with Mitchell Telecom to provide gift cards to Walmart for the bikes, he said. He added that the club is debating how to announce winners each night, but will either choose a random seat number or shine a spotlight on a random child. “This is our one and only fundraiser for the club,” Morgan said. The money the club raises goes toward its building fund and the El Riad Shrine building fund, and helps transport children to Shriners Hospitals for Children in Omaha, Minneapolis and Chicago, among other things, Morgan said.

Circus Performing in East Franklin Saturday

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Clowns, acrobats and aerialists promise to dazzle both children and adults when the Walker Bros. Circus performs at the Belmont Complex in East Franklin Township Saturday. Tickets are available for shows at 2, 4:30 or 7PM online or at the box office.
Local News | KP NewsDesk 
April 27, 2012 

The Walker Bros. Circus is coming back to town this weekend in East Franklin Township.

Set to entertain families during three show times Saturday (2, 4:30 and 7PM), the circus was at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville last night and Meadville Thursday. After the circus leaves Armstrong County, it will travel south to Washington County, Pa.

The 2012 tour – entitled ‘Circus, Circus and more CIRCUS’ promises to “dazzle and delight adults and children of all ages.”

Clowns, acrobats and tamed animals are all recruited by John Walker, Jr. and life partner Catia Meluzzi – both of whom grew up in the circus business: Walker as an exotic animal trainer and Meluzzi as a member of the Zacchini Family’s ‘human cannonball.’

Performers have traveled across the world for more than 20 years entertaining local residents.
Amazing feats performed

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Stephen Herzog | Branson Tri-Lakes News
Acrobats of China 
Two members of the Acrobats of China perform a ballet at Thursday's show.
Friday, April 27, 2012
By Stephen Herzog 
Every act seems more impossible than the next.

The performers in the “Acrobats of China” balance on each others’ heads, spin plates and literally jump through hoops for the audience.

“We heard a guy over there say ‘No way,’” said Bill Herron, who watched the show Thursday afternoon. “We were thinking the same thing.”

The New Shanghai Circus is performing in their 15th season in Branson, entertaining audiences with shocking physical feats in the “Acrobats of China.”

Their performance, which can change several times over the course of the season, merges the traditional and the contemporary.

One act, which includes girls balancing and kicking volleyballs, is connected to tradition although it looks modern.

“The game of (soccer) is said to have started in ancient China,” said Rachel Tong Mu, the show’s emcee.

Several other acts also have connections to Chinese tradition.

The hoop diving originates from harvest time when field workers used a hoop-like tool to challenge each other by diving through. Though the show uses modern music and the performers don contemporary athletic wear.

The music and dance is also a mixture of old and new.

“It was beautiful. I loved the ballet,” said audience member Grace Jennings. “They’re very physically talented, but it was very artistic, too.”

And while they use modern elements to entertain crowds, the group leans heavily on tradition. In fact, acrobatics started during the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. And those early acrobats used whatever they could find — like plates, which are still an integral part of the act 2,000 years later.

“It’s kind of like a magic show,” Herron said. “You wonder if they’re really doing what it looks like they’re doing.”

The group performs at the New Shanghai Theatre at 645 Missouri 165 in Branson with select 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. shows.

Through Sunday, the theater is offering area appreciation, with tickets for Taney and Stone county residents or employees costing just $5

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Circus Came to Town

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Pictured is the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus raising the tent. 
By Bailey Deters 
Teutopolis Press-Dieterich Gazette 
Apr 25, 2012
Teutopolis, Ill. — The Culpepper and Merriweather Circus came to Teutopolis on Monday, April 16 at the Knights of Columbus Grounds.

The Culpepper and Merriweather Circus came all the way from Hugo, OK, where they started in 1985. They have been performing for towns across the U.S. for 28 seasons. The circus put on a wonderful and entertaining act with their 35 employees, and one clown, along with a menagerie of dogs, horses, snakes, and birds. (They left the lions, tigers, and bears at home.) It made for a fun and memorable occasion for the whole family.


My how times have changed!
This is the town where I grew up.
From: mwdt-tv
April 25, 2012
Hudson Valley Fair returns to Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill

The Ferris Wheel is just one of the many spectacular state fair rides coming to Dutchess Stadium as part of the Hudson Valley Fair, which will open its doors on Friday, May 4, 2012. 
April 25th, 2012
Fishkill - The Hudson Valley Fair returns to Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York, with more than 100 spectacular state fair rides, games, free entertainment, attractions and thrills for the entire family to enjoy. The fair will open Friday, May 4th with a special opening night admission price of $1, and will remain open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through May 20th. The fair will feature a dazzling fireworks display by Legion Fireworks Co. each Saturday night at sundown.

Strates Shows, the last great amusement company still traveling by train, will bring its line-up of spectacular state fair rides to the Hudson Valley. Can’t miss rides include the Fireball, Supa Sizzler and Himalaya.

The fantastic lineup of free entertainment includes the Lance Gifford Magic and Illusion Show that mesmerizes crowds with fantastic illusions on an amazing, customized hydraulic stage.

The Great American Frontier Circus will feature an award-winning horseback rider performing death-defying feats on a galloping horse. An Arabian stallion will walk 60 feet across an arena on his hind legs. The biggest horse in the world, the Giant Belgium Horse, and the biggest and strongest Ox in the world, will amaze both adults and children alike.

The Wild Wolves Show will give onlookers a chance to appreciate the dynamics of a wolf pack and catch a rare glimpse at a pack of wolf cubs. Animal rescuer, trainer and conservationist Michael Sandlofer will provide entertainment and fun-filled information.

Families and children can visit the free petting zoo as part of the Animals that Built America Show.  They will see magnificent draft horses, mighty oxen, Texas longhorns, donkey, a buffalo, the littlest and biggest horses working together, as well as cowgirls and cowboys. Watch stations will make it easy to see the Animals that Built the Civilizations of the World - the Watusi of Africa; Brahma Bull of India; Llama of South America, the swamp buffalo of Asia and more.

The fair will feature traditional fair foods like cotton candy, funnel cakes, sausage and pepper heroes, hot dogs, gyros and more.

The Hudson Valley Fair will be held on the weekends dates of May 4, 5, 6 and May 11, 12, 13 and May 18, 19, 20 at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, located on Route 9D, just north of I-84. Fair gates open to the public on Fridays at 5:00 p.m. until midnight and Saturdays and Sundays 12 noon until midnight.

For a schedule of events, directions and for vendor information, visit or call 631-920-2309.
CSXT P920-23 James E. Strates Show Train
From: Brooke Evans

Published on Apr 24, 2012 by waltrail
Strates Carnival train northbound though Petersburg, VA
CA Sanctuary Says Killer Elephant Still Welcome

By SUE MANNING Associated Press 
LOS ANGELES April 27, 2012 (AP)
An African elephant is still welcome at a California sanctuary after killing a zookeeper who was preparing to move the animal from New Zealand, the sanctuary owner said Thursday.

Pat Derby's Performing Animal Welfare Society in San Andreas was going to be home to the 39-year-old elephant now called Mila after being known as Jumbo during nearly 30 years with the circus.

However, its fate is uncertain after Helen Schofield, a veterinarian and owner of Franklin Zoo near Auckland, was crushed to death Wednesday.

"We will have to negotiate with whoever becomes her new owner," Derby said.

For the past four years, Mila has been at the zoo while Schofield worked to place her elsewhere. Derby said she and Schofield had been working on the move for about two years.

Schofield was training Mila to live in a crate during the trip. She exchanged emails with Derby a month ago saying the training was going well and she was feeling good about the move.

"We didn't actually have a date," Derby said. "It was sort of whenever crate training was finished and they felt she was comfortable enough to make the trip."

Zany Umbrella Circus and Squonk Opera celebrating SteelStacks anniversary in style

The Zany Umbrella Circus performs this weekend at SteelStacks in Bethlehem.
Published: Friday, April 27, 2012 
By Dustin Schoof | The Express-Times 
SteelStacks in Bethlehem is celebrating its first anniversary in lavish style this weekend with a Zany Umbrella Circus "Cake" and a Squonk Opera "Astro-Rama" call to the universe.
Zany Umbrella Circus performs "Cake" 7 tonight underneath a tent at the PNC Plaza at SteelStacks, 645 E. First St. 

Squonk Opera performs on the Levitt Pavilion stage at SteelStacks, 789 East First St., immediately following the Zany Umbrella Circus shows.

Merging a broad spectrum of musical influences, Pittsburgh-based Squonk Opera's mission is to tweak conventional European-styled opera on the nose.
read more at:
‘The Greatest Show on Earth' circus for all of us
Friday, April 27, 2012
James Samons

"The Greatest Show on Earth" is what Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey tag their circus performances, and I have to agree. This weekend, they come back to the Show Me Center, and I'm sure they will leave audiences happy. 
I last went as a kid, and remember having an amazing time. My friends and I used to get excited days ahead of time just knowing that we were going to see the circus. It's a feeling I rarely get today as an adult. 

My newborn daughter wouldn't know what a circus is yet, so I don't get to take her this year. But I can't wait for the day when I can. Each Ringling Bros. show is packed full of excitement; daredevil tricks, amazing acrobatics and animals large and small. And, of course, there's the pageantry. 

And most of these performers frequently risk life and limb to elicit applause and gasps from the onlookers. Among these crowd-pleasers, there is always an animal trainer. I can remember one such trainer who used his powers to persuade four tigers to roll over at the same time. From the back of the tent, I could hear the roar of the lions and tigers that were ordered about. I would then promptly go home and practice these animal tricks with my dog, without success (I almost got him to roll over once, but he just wouldn't go all the way). 

In addition to the lions and tigers, there are regularly around 50 nonhuman performers involved with the Ringling Bros. circus including dogs, cats, elephants and horses. 

And while the animals are a big draw, I always watched for the clowns. The last time I went to the circus (nearly 20 years ago) I had a chance to meet a few performers before the show. By that time, I was becoming more disenchanted with the circus and more interested in Nirvana, sports and girls. One of the clowns noticed my teen angst shining through and decided to walk my way. 

"You know, you don't gotta be a kid to love the circus," he said. "We haven't been around this long because only children, who make no money and can't buy tickets, love us." 

"OK, why should I care?" I replied. 

He proceeded to hit my father in the face with a cream pie, and I never laughed so hard at a clown. I realized then that you don't need a reason to go to the circus, just the opportunity. 
Circus organizes ride through Cape Girardeau for charity
Thursday, April 26, 2012
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is organizing a "Red Nose Ride" today to help child victims of domestic violence. 
The ride starts at Bootheel Harley-Davidson at 6:30 p.m. Motorcycle riders will travel from the store through Cape Girardeau to the Show Me Center, where they'll be greeted by the circus performers. Riders will arrive at the Show Me Center about 7:15 p.m. 

The public is encouraged to attend either site with donations of new stuffed animals for Beacon Health Children's Charities, which provides help for children dealing with violence. The first 200 who donate receive free ticket vouchers for opening night of the circus at the Show Me Center on Friday. 

For more information on this weekend's circus, including show times, go to or 

Elephant rides will no longer be offered at L.A. County Fair

Dixie, an Asian elephant, sprays water onto kids during a show at the Los Angeles County Fair at the Fairplex in Pomona in 2004. (Staff file photo)
By Steve Scauzillo, SGVN 
Dixie, an Asian elephant, sprays water onto kids during a show at the Los Angeles County Fair at the Fairplex in Pomona in 2004. (Staff file photo)The Los Angeles County Fair announced it will no longer offer elephant rides, an official said Thursday, only months after other Southern California zoos and fairs eliminated a similar animal attraction. 

Animal rights groups praised the decision, saying the Los Angeles County Fair Association showed "compassion for animals" by canceling the longtime attraction. 

The association said it will not be contracting with the Perris-based group Have Trunk Will Travel, Inc. for the upcoming Fair in September like it had done the past several years, including last year. 

Elephant rides have been offered at the annual county fair off and on for 23 years, said Michelle Demott, the association's vice president for branding and knowledge management. 

Animal Defenders International (ADI) and other animal rights groups, including the Animal Protection and Rescue League, In Defense of Animals and the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), have protested elephant rides at the L.A. County Fair in the past. 

Last year, ADI released a video shot in 2005 allegedly showing trainers from the Perris company using electric prods to shock the elephants and "violently hitting and hooking" the elephants with bull- hooks. 

Have Trunk Will Travel has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. 

"We stand by our care and training methods," said co-owner Kari Johnson, who founded the company with her husband, Gary Johnson.
read more at:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 25, 2012

My latest YouTube video was actually edited last year, based on the 2011 Circus Ring of Fame induction ceremony. I've uploaded it belatedly, and the video format is taken from a DVD that I made at the time; thus the quality is not quite up to my standards (the audio is quite good). However, I believe this video has merit, since it contains not only a lot of history on the St. Armands Circle landmark but also a pointed reminder by Floyd Kruger, Circus Ring of Fame Foundation president, that many of the bronze plaques require attention--and funding to resurface them.
Circus Ring of Fame 2011, Induction & Tour

Published on Apr 24, 2012 by LaneInConn
Legendary performers are truly moved by their induction into Circus Ring of Fame, says Foundation president Floyd Kruger

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Lisa's a big girl who can pretty much raise a circus tent by herself

Lisa, one of three Indian elephants with the Kelly Miller Circus, helped circus workers raise the big top tent in Mascoutah Wednesday morning. - Tim Vizer/BND

Thursday, Apr. 26, 2012
Lisa's a big girl in her mid-30's who can pretty much raise a circus tent by herself.
That's what she did Wednesday morning with Mascoutah elementary students watching.
Lisa, one of three Indian elephants with the Kelly Miller Circus, helped circus workers raise the tent Wednesday morning in a field across North Sixth Street from the Mascoutah Elementary School and Scheve Park in Mascoutah.

The circus has two performances at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, then they pack up and move to another city.
The circus is on the road 38 weeks out of the year. Its 87 employees all move from town-to-town.
The other two elephants owned by the circus are Tracy and Becky, also in their mid-30's. They can live to be about 70 years old.
Besides the elephants, the circus features aerialists, clowns, child acts, Argentinian gauchos, llamas, a zebra, ponies, a dog show, camels and Bengal tigers.

Students from the Mascoutah Elementary School applaud after Lisa the elephant helped workers raise the bigtop tent at the Kelly Miller Circus in Mascoutah Wednesday morning - Tim Vizer/BND
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Read more here:
Circus Brings Elephants, Tigers And Native North Alabamian
by Matt Kroschel,
April 25, 2012

Sparkleberry Country Fair Brings Old-Fashioned Fun 
The fair features rides, exhibits, entertainment and more.

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By Tiffany Barkley 
April 24, 2012
 Spring Valley, SC---Stepping onto the grounds of the Sparkleberry Country Fair is like stepping back in time
Watch a blacksmith bend metal. See a sheep's fleece turned into wool. Learn how corn is ground into grits. 
Visitors can do all that and more Saturday during the 17th annual fair at the Sandhill Education and Research Center across from the Village at Sandhill. 
"We wanted something that would bring people together from all parts of the world — something fun, family-friendly and educational," said event organizer John Monroe. 
The event also features amusement rides, a car show, a tractor show, and two stages of live entertainment from Richland Two students and other local groups. 
District teachers and administrators will also be participating in the fair's events.
Richland Two's Teacher of the Year Wendy Sherman will serve as Grand Marshall of the tractor and horse race preceding the opening ceremony. The middle school principals will go head-to-head in a cow-milking contest.
Proceeds from the event go to Richland Two in the form of grants and scholarships. 
Last year's fair raised $30,000 for the district, Monroe said. The fair presented $12,000 to the district in teacher grants. Eighteen students received $1,000 scholarships.
The fair draws more than 30,000 people to Northeast Columbia each year.
The Northeast area wasn't always bustling with activity though. Monroe, who grew up on a chicken farm near Pontiac, said the area was mostly agricultural back then. 
"I grew up out here," he said. "There was virtually nobody from Dentsville to Pontiac."
Monroe and other fair organizers started the event when the area began to grow, Monroe said. The farm theme is in honor of the area's history. 
"People can see how it was 50, 75, 100 years ago," he said. "How did people survive back then? This is how they survived." 
Admission to the fair is just $5 per car. The fair lasts from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday. The amusement rides will also run from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday.
read more at:
State Fair Puebla Mexico
Dick... heres a video of last years rides... This year is Bigger than ever... Also its the 150th anniversary of the Cinco de Mayo battle in which Mexican forces beat a superior French Force. Lots of events going on.

Uploaded by JUEGOSMECANICOSDAF on Jun 4, 2011
Police say elephant killed handler by accident

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Dr Schofield was hoping Mila would one day live with other elephants. (Franklin Zoo) 
By New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz
Posted April 26, 2012
An animal welfare group in New Zealand says a zookeeper killed yesterday by a former circus elephant had an excellent relationship with the animal.
Police say the death at Franklin Zoo, south of Auckland, was an accident and not an attack - a claim which has been questioned by the 39-year-old elephant's former handler of 30 years.
Early police reports indicate zookeeper Dr Helen Schofield had been trying to calm Mila, formerly known as Jumbo, when the African elephant took her in its trunk and crushed her.
Franklin Zoo was set up to rehabilitate animals and Dr Schofield was hoping to socialise the former circus animal so it could one day live with other elephants.
She had described the three-tonne elephant as "troubled", but said its mental and physical health were improving.
Bob Kerridge, the head of animal welfare group SPCA, helped negotiate Mila's placement at the zoo.
He says Dr Schofield was an experienced veterinarian and animal handler.
"She certainly had a great rapport with Mila," he said.
He says the elephant seemed healthy and well looked-after, but that claim has been called into question by Mila's former handler, Tony Ratcliffe.
He says the elephant had posed no problems during three decades with the circus but had not been handled properly at the zoo.
There is no decision yet on the fate of the elephant.
Elephant keeper: Animal 'loves me'  
Last updated 12:18 26/04/20

Helen Schofield's neighbour Bill Currie says Helen told him Mila the elephant "loves me."

The woman crushed to death by an elephant told a neighbour recently that the animal "loves me". 

Helen Schofield was crushed to death yesterday when the elephant she had spent two years nursing back to health picked her up in its trunk and lifted her into the air, Auckland SPCA executive director Bob Kerridge said. 

Schofield was the owner and director of Franklin Zoo, 56km south of Auckland. Emergency services were called to the zoo at about 4.30pm after receiving reports that Schofield had been killed by the 3.1-tonne animal. 

She had cared for Mila, formerly known as Jumbo, after it ended her working life as a circus elephant. She would even give the elephant a hug to help it get to sleep at night. 
read more at:

Great Anderson County Fair opens May 2, with a full scheduled of attractions 
April 25, 2012
Anderson, SC---Great Anderson County Fair opens May 2, with a full scheduled of attractions
Anderson County comes alive with the inaugural Great Anderson County Fair. Upstate South Carolina will celebrate the ultimate family event when The Great Anderson County Fair opens on May 2. This is an affordable, family-friendly event not to be missed. Daily admission and ride specials guarantee everyone will have the opportunity to celebrate this fantastic event. The Great Anderson County Fair is pulling out all the stops with amazing concerts, delicious fair food, free ground acts and The Great James H. Drew Midway, one of the largest fair midways in the country. Featuring these rides and more: The Super Slide, Carousel, Circus Swing, Cyclops, Ion, Pirate Ship, Tilt-a-Whirl and Sizzler.

Opening Day is May 2, and the celebration begins with free admission and $15 unlimited rides. The fun continues on Thursday with "Student Day" free admission for students 18 and under and $12 unlimited rides. Friday the fair is recognizing senior citizens with free admission for everyone 55 and older. Saturday, everyone come enjoy "Family Fun Day" with free admission and rides for everyone from 10 to 11 a.m. The "Last Blast" of the fair is Sunday with $15 unlimited rides.

The Great Anderson County Fair will feature top-notch free entertainment with amazing acts including:

Eudora Farms Exotic Petting Zoo – Come face to face with some of the world's most fascinating and exciting animals. You'll experience close encounters with a giraffe, baboons, zebras, African Serval Cats, Binturongs, and many more amazing creatures. Camel and pony rides too.

Keith King BMX Stunt Show – This BMX stunt show is proven entertainment for kids and adults alike. Performances feature high-flying aerial stunts and mind boggling technical moves.

Horses, horses, horses — Lisa Dufresne will delight and entertain the entire family. She has taken her lifelong love and passion for animals and transformed it into a stunning performance of animal mastery.

Come experience the sights, sounds, food and rides of The Great Anderson County Fair at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Complex, where there is plenty of free parking. The fair is open Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 11 p.m., Friday 4 p.m. to midnight, Saturday 10 a.m. to midnight and Sunday 12:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission is $5 adults, $3 students 7 to 18 years old, children 6 and under are free. Ride tickets are $1 each, $20 for 22 tickets and $50 for 55 tickets. All rides require more than one ticket.
PICCADILLY CIRCUS brings Big Top fun to Liberty Lake in Bordentown, NJ on May 7-13!

April 26, 2012
This edition of PICCADILLY CIRCUS is called BLAST!  for good reason. The Producers who also produce the world famous ICE CAPADES promise non-stop fun, comedy & nuclear thrills.
Racing camels, the largest herd of performing camels in the world is one of the animal features of the show.  Oka, a 9000 pound Asian elephant stands atop a 3 foot round ball & rolls across the circus ring, showing the amazing balance of these giant behemoths.  Oka is joined by a herd of African & Asian elephants and dancing zebras.

The Romanian Olympic High Bar Team performs feats that prove why these athletes

deserved all their medals. The giant catapult sends acrobatic daredevils flying high in the air while others dive from the very heights of the Big Top; a Big Top that soars 80 feet in the air.
One and a half hours of surprises with sound, lights, music & special effects that'll blow you away. PICCADILLY CIRCUS is presented in a brand new European Big Top that soars over 80 feet into the air.  Every seat is theatre style. The Big Top is climate controlled & the feeling is up close and filled with fun, and excitement.
Come early with the family and enjoy the Circus Fun Zone with Elephant, Camel and Pony rides, & a Free Petting Zoo starting one hour prior to show time.

Tickets and Show Times are available online at the fun circus .com or by phone at 877-373-0477.  All seats are general admission.  Advance deals include Free Kids & Two-For-One Adult tickets. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Top pops up at fairgrounds
Cole Bros. Circus clowns around

Courtesy Cole Bros. Circus Halley and Baby Val are one of the attractions in the Cole Brothers Circus of the Stars, which stops at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds from April 27-29. Both are five years old.
by Topher Forhecz, Staff Writer 
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Every day at work is a blast for Kellan Bermudez.
As a member of the Cole Brothers Circus of the Stars, Bermudez takes to the big top as the human cannonball, launching himself out of what has been proclaimed The World's Largest Cannon.
When The Cole Bros. Circus comes to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds April 27-29, audiences can see Bermudez on the midway as a clown, and, again, under the big-top as the human cannonball.
Bermudez’s other attraction is the Wheel of Destiny, a large structure with two opposing, spinning wheels that Bermudez and his wife can comfortably stand in.

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Courtesy Cole Bros. Circus The Cretu Troupe are Romanian acrobats who perform in the Cole Brothers Circus of the Stars. 
“Five years ago we started with the wheel,” Bermudez says. “We run inside the wheel, we're running outside with a jump or two.”

On the midway, Bermudez performs with other clowns, juggling and painting faces. For first time circus-goers, Bermudez says the interaction helps break down any apprehension.

“The clown is a good thing,” Bermudez says. “When the child comes into the circus, we try, with myself and the other guys, to get a little smile on their face. Sometimes when they come, they're 2 or 3 years old. They're shy.”

Originally from South America, Bermudez joined Cole Bros. in 1997 and says the circus always has been a big part of his life.

“The good thing is that its a traditional circus,” Bermudez says.
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Brooke  Evans New Models

Finally a half inch scale jeep.
Too bad its hard to see loaded under the center poles

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Michaela Can: Clown Around
A lesson in laughs from professional clowns
Monday, 23 Apr 2012

                 Michaela Can: Clown Around:
Circus comes to Rosenberg

Daniel "Boo-Boo" Gomez, left, and Marcus "Grumpy" Smith like to make children laugh Photo: / HC
B.J. Polloc, Houston Chronicle  
By B.J. Pollock
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Come one, come all to the Shrine Circus at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds, 4310 Texas 36 South in Rosenberg through April 29.

Jim Spaulding, circus chairman, said the circus is the only fundraiser each year that provides operating funds for the Arabia Shrine Temple in Houston. 

"We do fundraisers all year long for the (Shriners) Hospitals, but this is the one fundraiser that keeps our Shrine center going; and without the Shrine center, we couldn't support the hospitals."

Located at the intersection of Harwin and Beltway 8, the center is where many Shriners units and clubs meet, and is the hub of the group's Houston-area operations, which include the Shriners Children's Hospital in Houston and the Shriners Burn Center in Galveston. 

"So, in a roundabout way, the funds from the circus get back to the hospital," Spaulding explained. 

The ringmaster will call patron's attention to the center ring in the O.D. Tucker Covered Arena at the fairgrounds, as young and old alike thrill to nearly 20 acts, including Yandong Chinese Acrobats to the Carden Mixed Animal Review, Don Otto the Diving Fool to the Espana Sphere of Fear.

Gates will open two hours prior to each evening and afternoon performance, with free Shriners' acts and local talent entertaining crowds.

Circus Gatti at the Shrine Auditorium

Published on Apr 15, 2012 by MannyFavorite
Circus Gatti at The Shrine Auditorium on Friday, April 13, 2012.

Circus entertains kids of all ages

Telegram photo / Emma Tannenbaum
Clown Chips, a clown with the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars, juggles for bystanders before the show begins on Monday at N.C. Wesleyan College.
By Jim Holt
Monday, April 23, 2012
More Cars funneled into N.C. Wesleyan College on Monday afternoon as people of all ages arrived early with tickets in hand in an effort to get the best seats under the starscaped Big Top tent at the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars.

Telegram photo / Emma Tannenbaum / 
Clown Chips, a clown with the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars, juggles for bystanders before the show begins on Monday at N.C. Wesleyan College.

Telegram photo / Emma Tannenbaum / 
Jeremy Pietryk, 7, of Nashville, rides an elephant before Monday's matinee of the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars at N.C. Wesleyan College.

Telegram photo / Emma Tannenbaum / 
Thomas Pittman, 3, checks out his reflection after getting his face painted before Monday's matinee of the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars at N.C. Wesleyan College.

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Telegram photo / Emma Tannenbaum / 
An 'Aerial Artist' performs hair-ial gymnastics, hanging from her hair while performing tricks, during Monday's Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars show at N.C. Wesleyan College.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Circus Week Altoona, PA
From: Adam Forepaugh-Barry Lubin “Grandma” Tent No. 2 CFA
“Circus World Day” April 21, 2012 “Circus Week Altoona, PA”
Pictures taken at the Lubin Cookhouse Banquet between the 2nd and 3rd performance of the Royal Hanneford Circus. Over 45 Circus performers, staffers and workers were treated to a catered meal of Chicken and Roast beef plus all the fixings..Total CFA/Guest Registration from seven states was 45…Making a Grand Total of ninety circus personnel, fans and guest.

Forepaugh-Lubin Circus Cookhouse Banquet for circus performers, staffers and workers was the largest event of it’s kind on Circus World Day in the USA. After the third performance and After Show Cake/Ice Cream Party took place in the Center Ring.

Pictured: 2/3's of The SensationalLopez Trio formerly with RBBB Red Unit.

Pictured: Bill Troxell presenting the "Golden Grandma" to Angela and Billy Martin.
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Pictured: Mort Gamble, CFA National PR Rep., President Emmett Kelly Tent No. 41 and David Orr, Sect/Treas. Adam Forepaugh-Barry Lubin "Grandma" Tent No. 2, OABA Circus Unit Rep.

“Circus Week Altoona” events were held in conjunction with the 73rd Jaffa Shrine Circus. Bill Troxell, Shrine Circus Chairman and President Forepaugh-Lubin Tent No. 2 April 16 – 22, 2012.

PEKIN, IL. APRIL 18, 2012





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