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Saturday, May 29, 2010


St. Mary's Polish Country Fair
Friday, 28 May 2010,
A Michigan Memorial Weekend tradition for 39 years, held on the beautiful, Orchard Lake-side campus of St. Mary’s Prep, our Fair has it all:
More than 45 Carnival Rides: An 80-foot rollercoaster and plenty of Thrill rides, plus Merry-go-round, an expanded Kid Zone and crafts for youngsters.
Authentic Polish and All-American Favorite Food: Pierogis, stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, sauerkraut, hambugers, corn dogs, fresh baked goods, smoothies and ice-cold adult beverages.
Entertainment: Each year the St. Mary’s Polish Country Fair features a wide variety of musical acts each afternoon and night. Stayed tuned for this year’s entertainment announcement! New for 2010! Bigger dance floor and more seating closer to the entertainers!!!
Sharkwater Liqueur Vegas Tent: Black jack, casino games and more!
Unique shopping: From polish pottery and t-shirts to tattoos and handmade jewelry handbags
Bingo: Come laugh and win with us!
Raffle Tickets: chance to win $10,000.00, it could be you


Half-clad activist grabs notice
Friday, May 28, 2010 ,
Caroline Slocum, of Michigan, left, an activist with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, sits topless at the corner of Third and Florida streets Tuesday while fellow PETA activist Virginia Fort of Norfolk, Va., speaks with Alan Crawford, of Baton Rouge, far right. The women were protesting alleged animal abuse by the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which performs at the River Center on June 3-6.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Circus is not coming to town

By CELIA NISSEN, Staff Writer
There will be no Human Slinky, Clown Swinging or jugglers on unicycles in Milford next weekend.
Vidbel’s Olde Tyme Circus, a family owned and operated circus, was scheduled to be in town June 5 thanks to a sponsorship from the Milford Knights of Columbus. The circus was canceled last week after organizers learned of the town’s requirement to put circus personnel through criminal background checks.
The town informed circus manager Mike Goci on May 19 about the need to run background checks on everyone in the circus dealing with the public – everyone from ticket- and souvenir-sellers to concession people and wandering vendors. The town wanted the background check completed by noon May 21, according to Goci.


Circus Flora
Balancing babies. Roping cowboys. Climbing acrobats. "It's the best talent, circus talent, in the United States."

With acts like these, it can only be Circus Flora. "We are St. Louis' own circus."
This year, a new story unfolds under the Big Top. "It's about Don Quixote, the legend of Don Quixote, and his adventures," Ivor David Balding, Artistic Director.

This European-style circus takes place in an intimate setting. No audience member is farther than 40 feet away.
Circus Flora is located in the parking lot of Powell Symphony Hall.

The show runs June 3rd through June 27th.

Show times are Tuesday through Thursday at 7 pm, Friday and Saturday 2 and 7 pm, Sunday at 1 and 530 pm.

Tickets are $8 to $39 dollars, on sale at or by phone at 314-289-4040 and all metrotix outlets.
from ksdk-St Louis


Shriners’ 65th annual circus to be at county fairgrounds over 2 days
By Staff Friday, May 28, 2010
Kids of all ages will be thrilled at the sights of lions, tigers, clowns and trapeze artists during performances of the Western Colorado Shrine Club’s 65th annual Shrine Circus.
The circus comes to town Friday and Saturday, May 28–29, at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, 2785 U.S. Highway 50.
Shows will be at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. each day.
Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for ages 3–12. Children younger than 3 are free. Advance tickets are available at City Market stores and from Western Colorado Shrine members.
Tickets at the gate will be $12 for adults and $6 for children.
Proceeds from the shows benefit the work of the Western Colorado Shrine Club, a Masonic organization.
— Compiled by
Tammy Gemaehlich


Coffins belonging to the victims of a tragic circus train wreck fill the mass grave at Woodlawn Cemetery
The show must go on:
Memorial Day site home to mass circus burial ground
By Jennifer Zimmerman/ from The Chicago Tribune

Every year on the Saturday before Memorial Day, a team of volunteers from the Showmen’s League of America gather on the verdant grounds of Woodlawn Cemetery in Forest Park to walk their usual route along the historic graveyard.
They come outfitted with the standard stack of American flags to place alongside the final resting places of more than 400 people in preparation for the traditional remembrance service. Only it isn’t war heroes and decorated servicemen marked by the stream of red, white and blue.
These tombstones belong to a different type of veteran: a circus veteran.
“I’d like to think that many of them have been of service by entertaining the children of the world and the people of the world,” said Joe Burum, executive director of the Showmen’s League of America.
People gather around one of the elephant statues at Showmen's Rest. (Photos submitted by the Showmen's League of America)
Known as Showmen’s Rest, the area is composed of 455 graves that belong to some of the most famous acts under the big top such as clowns, aerialists and animal trainers.
Despite having no direct tie to the military, Showmen’s Rest has been used as the site for the Memorial Day service for years because of its appealing beauty and easy to spot location, said Diane Burmeister, a member of the Showmen’s League and in-house historian.
The site is owned by the league, a Chicago-based organization that caters to the needs and wishes of carnival people.
“We have always taken care of our own and that is what the Showmen’s League was set up for,” she said.
Located near Cermak Road and Des Plaines Avenue, the site hardly blends in with the quiet backdrop of Woodlawn’s massive trees and aging headstones. Five majestic elephant statues made of granite stand abreast with their trunks pointed downward, a symbol of mourning and sadness, Burmeister said.
Showmen’s Rest was created in 1918 just months before a fatal train accident that left more than 85 members of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus dead and another 170 injured. Burmeister said the group was four miles outside Hammond, Ind. when their train was struck by an oncoming locomotive, splitting the first five cars in half.
A fire broke out from kerosene lamps inside the train cars causing a blazing inferno that took four hours to put out.
“No one really had a chance to get out,” Burmeister said.
After hearing of the tragic accident, members of the Showmen’s League donated their cemetery plot and financial resources to ensure the dead were properly buried and the injured were taken care of. Freezer trucks were used to transport the dead from Indiana to the Forest Park cemetery.
Contrary to popular belief no elephants or animals reside at Showmen’s Rest, but the area continues to serve as a final resting place for some of the country’s most famous big top performers. All 50 states are represented and another 310 cemetery plots remain under the ownership of the league for future use.
Each December the dead are honored during the league’s annual meeting, as well as in August by the National Clown Association as part of National Clown Week.
Burum said despite the often-humorous nature of the circus, the Showmen’s League is nothing to laugh at. Formed by the legendary William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, the league has continued to support traveling circus and carnival performers for nearly 100 years.
Scholarship funds have been set up, medical and burial services paid for and numerous care packages have been sent overseas in support of those who traded the bright lights of the big top for the trenches of war during World War I and World War I
“We are not all what the public thinks we are,” Burum said. “There are exceptionally sharp businessmen and businesswomen (in the league).”
For more information about the Showmen’s League of America, go to The Memorial Day service will take place at 1 p.m. Monday, May 31st at Woodlawn Cemetery, 7750 W. Cermak Road.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Day at the circus Lisa, a 38-year-old Asian elephant, uses her 9,000 pounds to raise the four main poles of the Kelly Miller Circus’ big top.
May 27, 2010
Cumberland, Md- Times-News
May 28-Mt. Savage, MD
May 29-Hancock, MD
May 30-31: Olney, MD


The Carson and Barnes Circus was at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds in Elkton on Thursday. Elephants, a trapeze act, clowns, dog and pony shows, and other circus acts were performed during two shows By RENEE UNSWORTH, CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN , St Augustine Times, Posted: May 28, 2010


The tent for the Cirque du Soleil: Kooza show went up on Thursday afternoon. (Photo Courtesy Cirque du Soleil)What's blue, orange and leaves you feeling like you need a corn dog or something equally greasy? A circus tent. In this case, the one at Marymoor Park set up for Cirque du Soleil: Kooza.
The tent went up earlier this afternoon as crews prepare for the jaw-dropping acrobatic show that will start next Thursday in Redmond and run through July 10.


Grandma the Clown interacting with the Circus's ringmaster.

Premier Circus Show Wows Packed Crowd

By Barbara Arnstein, Queens, May 27th, 2010

Gravity can't stop him and neither can anyone earthbound! He bungee-bounces down into the ring, snatching a hat from an unsuspecting performer's head, rebounds high above and then, savoring the moment like a child gone wild, he boings back below and - wheeee! - unexpectedly lifts an entire clown off the ground.
He's Bello, star of the new Big Apple Circus show, "Bello is Back!," now at Cunningham Park in Fresh Meadows, offering various morning, afternoon and evening shows until June 6.
As he performs his many breath-taking feats and hilarious audience-interactive antics, Bello Nock not only laughs in the face of danger but could surely make danger laugh. As he cavorts on a whirling girder, he seems to always be just one single step from disaster, while his solo clowning scene in the ring, featuring an audience member, is a masterpiece of mirth and timing. In the first show of the Queens season, the woman he chose inspired laughs on her own when he gestured to her to turn around the prop she was holding and she, instead, turned to face the audience.

Bello Nock bungee-bounces in his return to the Big Apple Circus.

Grandma the Clown (Barry Lubin) intersperses the acts with fresh and funny, modern and traditional gags and audience-interactive bits and has a solo scene as "Daredevil Grandma," which cleverly parodies the acrobats' actions. Picaso Jr. does his incredible plate-juggling all around the tent, bringing extreme but safe excitement all around the rows.
Unlike Bello, Regina Dobrovitskaya defies gravity in a different way, gracefully winding and unwinding herself in silken fabric in mid-air. Like Bello, she displays surprising versatility, appearing later on in the show to help present the dog act. Annaliese Nock, 13, Bello's daughter, shares his circus spotlight at the show's beginning, gracefully striking precarious poses inside a high-up hoop during the introduction of the cast.
Trapeze artists the Aniskin Troupe offer the eternal elegance and daring of "the man on the flying trapeze" (though nowadays, it's "the people"), plus the novelty of the various unique and amazing ways each athlete descends to the net.
To see all these great performers and more, buy tickets online at or call (888) 541-3750.
A practical tip: If you would prefer an alternative to the portable toilets just outside the tent, at intermission you can saunter over to the nearby, permanent Cunningham Park restrooms.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Circus Smirkus

Tomi Leible and "Nosey"
Picadilly Circus 2010



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Meadowlands State Fair helps kids smile State Fair at the Meadowlands Fairgrounds, East Rutherford, will donate up to 2,000 State Fair entry tickets to underprivileged children in Middlesex and Monmouth counties this spring, for use during the 19-day fair, slated to run daily from June 17 through July 5. “State Fair Meadowlands — New Jersey’s largest annual family-friendly event — is close to home, and we want to make sure that all kids, regardless of income, have a chance to come and share the fun,” said Al Dorso, president of State Fair at the Meadowlands Fairgrounds. “For our Tix 4 Kids program, we are looking to partner with nonprofit organizations throughout the state to identify children who could benefit.”
Interested outreach professionals may email, with the name of their organization in the subject line. All requests must be submitted by email (no phone calls).
The fair will feature 50 food vendors and over 150 rides and attractions for all ages. This year’s fair will feature four new shows — Piccadilly Circus, with acrobats, clowns and circus animals; Sea Lion Splash, a splashy and educational summer show featuring the antics of sea lions; an Aerial Stunt Show featuring the original Batcopter from the “Batman” TV series and movie; and the “Hell on Wheels Trilogy” BMX show. Entertainment to these and other shows is free with entry ticket.
In addition to this year’s new shows, free nightly entertainment will include hypnotist Steve Bayner, racing pigs, Festival of Magic, World of Wonder/Palace of Illusion and free concerts. Families can relax in the Kid Zone, a grassy area with picnic tables, umbrellas, and space for parents and kids to unwind.
This year’s special events will include Batcopter rides, a Jersey Tomato Fight on June 26, and a “Record- Breaking Bubble Wrap Popping Event” June 27. Fair patrons are invited to participate in these events and make history. The second annual Auto and Bike Show will take place July 2 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., and July 3 from 2 to 11 p.m. The annual fireworks displays will be held July 3 and 4.
State Fair Meadowlands is delighted to bring you Piccadilly Circus with daring acrobats, hilarious clowns and majestic circus animals. Come one; come all to one of the greatest shows on earth with laughs and thrills from beginning to show-stopping end! FREE with your admission ticket


Northern Berkshire Healthcare presents Circus Smirkus
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. - Northern Berkshire Healthcare (NBH) is pleased to present Circus Smirkus, the 2010 Big Top Tour on Sunday, July 11, and Monday, July 12, hosted at Mount Greylock Regional High School in Williamstown. Greylock Federal Credit Union is the inaugural Platinum sponsor of this fundraising event.
“Greylock Federal Credit Union is a shining example of just how generous northern Berkshire businesses are, and how concerned they are about quality health care in our community,” said Bruce Grinnell, chairman of the NBH Board of Trustees.
Proceeds from the Circus Smirkus event will benefit NBH’s community health programs, particularly REACH for Community Health’s Wellness Screening and Growing Healthy Gardens programs.
The Big Top Tour will perform four shows during its Williamstown stop: Sunday, July 11, at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., and Monday, July 12, at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. The afternoon performance on Monday, July 12, will be a “Magic Matinee” – 250 tickets will be given away at no cost to local organizations that work with children, elders, and other individuals who might otherwise be unable to attend the event.
Ticket prices are $18 for adults, $15 for children (ages 2-12); $14 for seniors (age 62+), and $13 for groups (15 or more individuals of any age). Children under age 2 are free. Tickets can be purchased via, 1-877-SMIRKUS, or (413) 664-5073. Please also check local stores for Circus Smirkus posters with the “Tickets Sold Here” tag.
Circus Smirkus is a non-profit, award-winning international youth circus that promotes the skills, culture, and traditions of the traveling circus. The circus will perform 69 shows this summer, from the mountains of Vermont to the shores of Maine, with stops along the way in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and upstate New York. Thirty stars, ages 11 to 18, bring youthful exuberance and polished skills from all parts of the country and the world. The theme-based show is a fun-filled celebration of the great outdoors, entitled Wilderness Wonders: Outdoor Adventures Under the Big Top.
For information on sponsorship, to reserve a block of “Magic Matinee” tickets, or to host a pair of Circus Troupers (youth performers) in your home on the nights of July 10, 11, & 12, please call the NBH Development Office at (413) 664-5073,


Tilting at the big top
(by Kara Krekeler - May 26, 2010)
The tent is up and in just a few days, Circus Flora will once again return to Grand Center.

This year’s production, Ingenioso, plays off the classic tale of Don Quixote, although according to Artistic Director Ivor David Balding, the show will be “more of a romp than a classic retelling.”

“We’d been looking for a Spanish theme for a while, and Don Quixote seemed like a good theme this year. His dream, his world seem to fit,” Balding said. “The Don Quixote theme couldn’t be more perfect for showcasing all the best of Circus Flora. In typical joyful fashion, what appears to be may not be and the world in the circus ring tends to change right in front of your eyes.”

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Attorney general bans circus promoter from N Dakota
The Associated Press - BISMARCK, N.D. Published Wednesday, May 26, 2010
A circus promoter has been banned for doing business in North Dakota.
Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem issued a cease-and-desist order against American United Entertainment LLC, also known as Great American Circus of the Stars of Gainesville, Texas.
A new release from Stenehjem's office says the promoter failed to share a percentage of ticket sales with the cities of Park River and Grafton from last summer's show.
The release says in one instance, the circus left town in the middle of night without paying.
A phone listing could not be found for American United Entertainment LLC, which is not related to California-based American United Entertainment.
Information from: Bismarck Tribune,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The annual Mountain Festival begins with a bang.
Story by Doug FritzEmail

BLUEFIELD -- The 27th annual Cole Chevy Mountain Festival kicks off with carnival rides on Tuesday, May 25. Also on the schedule of events for opening night was The Miss Mountain Festival Pageant The festival has some thing for everyone, from fireworks to live entertainment and, of course, carnival rides. There are ride specials almost every day. Many of the people who were at the Festival's first day have been enjoying it since they were kids..
"I've been coming here since I was about 3," said Aaron Dalton of Bluefield.
Donna Hughes said, "anyone that has kids should com out and have family time. It's good clean fun."
The rides are open from 4-11 p.m. The Festival runs from through Memorial Day weekend.
Circus World Museum open again
By Christie Taylor, Capital Newspapers
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
BARABOO - Circus World Museum opened this weekend in Baraboo to throngs of visitors, and staff members are anticipating a good 2010 season, with a new lineup of international talent in the circus arts.
The season began with a Wild West show Saturday and Sunday, complete with a stage coach robbery and appearances by actors portraying Annie Oakley and Theodore Roosevelt, which more than 2,000 people attended. In comparison, executive director Steve Freese said, last year's opening weekend had about 1,000 visitors.
The museum is introducing a new lineup of regular acts this year, ranging from a British dog act to twin Argentinian jugglers to a Siberian aerial artist. Program director and ringmaster Dave SaLoutos said the international choices were intentional in a year that marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum, who did much to bring international talent to America, as well as turning the circus into a viable business in the 1870s.


Two of the Bolivian lions jetting to San Francisco following Bolivia’s ban on animals in circus acts.
May 25, 2010
Circus Lions Plan San Francisco Getaway
Paging four retired circus lions from Bolivia! Your new flight plan to San Francisco has been approved.
The soon-to-be-expatriate lions are the first to arrive in States in the wake of Bolivia’s 2009 ban on circuses using animals in their acts. Peru and Brazil are now considering similar prohibitions.
The kings of the jungle are now scheduled to take a jet out of Cochabamba, Bolivia at 6 a.m. on Thursday morning, refuel in Panama and arrive at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday afternoon.
After the big cats deplane, they will travel to the ARK2000 sanctuary in San Andreas, Calif., which is run by the Performing Animal Welfare Society, to take it easy for the rest of their more:


Klowning at Circus for fun and charity
At least 20 volunteers will suit up in their “Klown” costumes, perch their red, round noses center-face and prepare for two days of magic tricks and balloon animal-making at the LuLu Shriners Circus Memorial Day Weekend.
For its 69th year, the circus will be coming to the LuLu Shrine Arena in Plymouth Meeting. It will present seven three-ring shows from May 28 through May 30 that feature elephants, trapeze and sway poll acts in a facility that can hold 4,000 spectators.
It’s a family-friendly event, said Harry Reiter, who serves as recorder of the LuLu Shrine Club. In addition to the big top show, during intermission and after each showing, there will be elephant rides for the children and a moon bounce among other activities.
“They love it — especially the young ones — they’re just mesmerized by the whole thing, they really are,” he said. “There’s just so much going on, — all the lights, the music and the sounds.”

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Fifty eight year old mahout Nasru sits on the tusks of his 60 year old elephant Rajan
Swimming elephant takes man for a dip
By Stephen AdamsPublished: 8:00AM BST 24 May 2010
Fifty eight year old mahout Nasru sits on the tusks of his 60 year old elephant Rajan Photo: BARCROFT It was taken in the Andaman Islands, a remote archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, where Rajan, a 60-year-old elephant, lives.
The six-ton elephant learnt to swim 40 years ago to help work for logging companies there. .
But in 2002 logging was banned in the islands and most of the 200 elephants were sent back to the Indian mainland.
However, Rajan was kept on by a wealthy owner who had no desire to see him leave Havelock Island, and enjoyed a blissful existence eating bananas and swimming in the crystal clear water.
Two years ago a Kerala temple offered £40,000 for the elephant and Rajan almost had to leave, before a tourist lodge launched a campaign to raise the funds to keep him. Since then Rajan and Nasru have become something of an attraction.
The photograph, taken by Italy-based Cesare Naldi, won first prize in the National Geographic International Photography contest last December.
Naldi told National Geographic: "When I was in the water with Rajan, I was really surprised by how fast he could move his legs to swim. Most of the time he had his head under the water and used his long nose to breathe, like a submarine uses its periscope."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010





It’s showtime on the showboat!
The popular Sunday circus series returns to the Waterfront Museum, a restored barge on the Red Hook waterfront, with a whole new season of acrobats, aerialists and jugglers in “Showboat Shazzam.”
For families acquainted with the barge and its variety show CIRCU Sundays, have no fear: this is the same show, but with the name changed for fundraising purposes (apparently, state agencies aren’t so keen on giving grants to anything with the word circus in it).
As in past years, the show will include a variety of acts for a full circus experience — right at your feet.
“It’s the closest parents and children will be to circus performers,” said Karen Gersch, artistic director of the show, now in its 14th season on the barge. “It’s that proximity and intimacy that makes our series so successful.” (Successful, indeed. Last year, Brooklyn Paper reviewer Thurston Dooley III couldn’t stop raving.)
This year’s series starts on June 6 with the comedy trio Fidget, Loon & Tater; eccentric juggler Will Shaw’ acrobats Rudy & Lea; aerialist Hilary Sweeney, who does her act on a hammock and a rope; and Rudi Macaggi, a winner of “America’s Got Talent” who performs comedy acrobatics.
Other highlights of the month-long series include a pirate — Billy Bones the Good Pirate! (June 13) — Professor Phineas Feelgood’s Flea Circus (June 20), and David Sharps, caretaker of the barge, performing a Chinese vase manipulation act (June 13).
“It’s always great to see the barge fill up with folks who had never been to Red Hook or the barge, as well as those who return every year,” said Sharps.
Because luckily, this showboat isn’t going anywhere.
Showboat Shazzam at the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge [Pier 44 at Conover and Beard streets in Red Hook, (718) 624-4719], Sundays in June at 1 pm and 4 pm. Tickets $16 for adults, $12 for kids (in advance). For info, visit



Herts County Show 2010...
SATURDAY 29th and 30th May 2010
The Festival Circus brings the magic of the circus alive, with a brand new show each year! There are up to five hours of circus entertainment per day inside a real circus Big Top, presented by Britain's most successful Gala and Corporate Circus company. The fast-moving and spectacular show features a host of circus skills like daring trapeze, amazing juggling, dazzling acrobatics and, of course, the circus clowns! It's an all-human show in the traditional circus style, guaranteed to delight young and old alike, with laughter, thrills and spills!
There will also be opportunities to have 'hands on' experience and earn some circus skills !
Location: Third Avenue Time: Four performances Saturday and Five performances Sunday
Win £150 for your primary school plus a visit to Willow Farm in London Colney

King of Circus Comedy stars
May 24, 2010
The Carson & Barnes Circus reported to local Historic City News that they will be appearing Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds located at 5840 State Rd. 207 in Elkton.Each performance lasts about two hours with two show times scheduled; 4:30 p.m. and again at 7:30 p.m.
Freddy “Alex” Acero, will be staring in this year’s all new 74th edition of the circus with his hilarious high bounding feats on the trampoline. Alex is recognizable as the award- winning “King of Circus Comedy”.
Alex reveals that his fun loving athletic character was inspired by his friends and a love for the sport of soccer, which he plays whenever he gets the chance. Both of his parents and one of his brothers have also worked in circuses in South America, so Alex grew up surrounded by clowns and performers and was drawn to them from the start.
He cites his father, whom he describes as “his hero,” with instilling in him, the willpower and desire to “become famous”. These traits have helped Alex to bring his talents to America where he first achieved recognition as part of “Clown Alley” on the Ringling Brothers Show.
Alex feels that one of his important contributions to the Carson & Barnes Circus and its audiences is his abundant joy. He is thrilled to be a part of this new first-of-its-kind tent concept and show presentation, which blends over eight decades of circus tradition with up-close audience viewing, achieving a new height in quality family entertainment.
When Alex is not working or playing soccer, he enjoys going to Latin Clubs and has a passion for digital photography. He uses his computer to edit his shots and record some of his performances, journeys and once-in-a lifetime adventures.
Alex is very articulate and fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, appearing with many celebrities on national TV & Radio. He has lived and worked throughout Colombia and Brazil and is very appreciative for the opportunity to work and travel in the United States
Written by Local St. Augustine News