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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crowd builds for Wallenda walk

June 15, 2012, 6:49 PM EDT
A festive crowd started to gather on both sides of the border Friday afternoon, spreading blankets and setting up folding chairs under picture-perfect blue skies and summer-like temperatures.

Feld Entertainment head prepares to pass his empire to his daughters

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Inheriting the Greatest Show on Earth:Three sisters prepare for the day their father will hand them the reins to the famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus company.
By Thomas Heath, Published: June 15

Nicole Feld got an early jolt in the hardball world of live entertainment — where her father and grandfather built legends — with the production of the 2006 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus show.
Feld, then a 28-year-old vice president in her father’s sprawling company, had blown up the traditional three-ring circus model in favor of something hip. She threw out the tiger act. She threw out the cannon act. She threw out the trapeze artists. Even the three rings were tossed in favor of wall-to-wall music and massive, high-definition screens.
Critics savaged the show, calling it “Ringless Barnum and Bailey.” The circus salespeople rioted.

“It was a big waste of money . . . an enormous mistake,” said Dominique Jando of the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, who for years worked with Ringling rival Big Apple Circus. “Everybody was appalled. You don’t go to the circus to see technology. You go for the spectacle. It was such a poor reading of what their audience was and what [Ringling] was. Without the rings, it looked like a show on a parking lot.”
Nicole Feld’s father, Feld Entertainment Chairman Kenneth Feld, whose motto is “make your mistakes early,” stepped in. A director revamped the production. Within days, something resembling the three rings returned — along with the tigers, tread more at:apezes and tradition.
Looking back, Nicole, 34, acknowledges that “we messed with expectations.” She takes blame for the show, which came after extensive marketing research.
She chalks it up to a lesson learned on the path she and two sisters, Alana, 32, and Juliette, 28, are navigating as they prepare to assume control of the family’s Tysons Corner-based, billion-dollar entertainment empire.
read more at:
Kenneth Feld: Mayor of 'The Greatest Show on Earth'
Jul. 15, 2011 - Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment, on the 'benevolent dictatorship' needed to run the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.(The Washington Post)

Circus coming Monday
staff report
Jun. 15, 2012
FREMONT — The circus is coming to town.
Fantazia Circus will give performances at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Sandusky County Fairgrounds, according to a spokesperson from the circus based in Brazil.
The show will include acrobats, flying trapeze, a dog act, clowns, the motorcycle Globe of Death and a "special surprise for children." The show is expected to last about 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Adult tickets cost $12 and free tickets will be available for children at local businesses, according to the spokesperson.
The circus will also give shows Tuesday and Wednesday at Seneca County Fairgrounds in Tiffin.

Circus asked to create hygienic conditions for animals
Vijay PinjarkarVijay Pinjarkar, TNN
Jun 16, 2012
NAGPUR: The committee appointed by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Chennai, to inspect Amar Circus camp in the city has advised them to create hygienic conditions for animals in the circus.
The AWBI is a statutory body working under the ministry of environment & forest (MoEF) to promote animal welfare and protection.
The committee inspected upkeep of animals in the circus on June 9, following a complaint filed by Naresh Kadyan, chairman of People For Animals (PFA), Haryana, on May 25. The committee comprised assistant commissioners of animal husbandry Dr RM Bhojane and Dr KS Bhide, SN Kapoor, co-opted member of AWBI, Dr RW Rewatkar, Dr Chitra Raut, and ACF AD Anjikar.
In its report submitted to AWBI through regional joint commissioner of animal husbandry, the committee has advised to create hygienic conditions, provide ration, vaccination, proper caging and regular deworming. The panel has recommended regular exercise and check-up by qualified vet.
Chandrakant Gadge, owner of Amar Circus, said the circus animals are in good health which had been certified by city vet Dr Mrunalini Sakhre.
There are 3 camels, 17 dogs, 9 horses, 8 birds, 6 ducks, 1 hippopotamus and 1 elephant with the circus. The general health and upkeep of the animals was good and satisfactory.
On the vaccination record of these animals, the panel pointed out that only anti-rabies vaccine was administered to all the animals. However, in case of horses, vaccination against tetanus was not given. The dogs were not immunized against viral and bacterial diseases. Besides, regular deworming and multivitamin and calcium supplements were not given.
"At the time of inspection, 17 dogs were found in the camp when only 12 have been registered with the AWBI," the report pointed out. Gadge assured to comply with the vaccination programme recommended by the inspection team.
The report also says that there is no regular vet on the circus' pay roll, but Gadge said that no vet was ready to work on a regular basis.
Kadyan had approached the board complaining that the hippo working in the circus was blind which amounted to violation or rules. During its inspection, the team found that the hippo was kept in a tank full of dirty water. There was no space to for exercise. The hippo's left eye suffers from lack of vision while the right is partially affected.
Gadge said that they fed the hippo with 40kg potatoes and 20 kg spinach daily. In summers it is fed water melons. "We change the tank water every alternate day," he said. On the hippo suffering from cataract, Gadge said he was willing to pay for the operation if any vet was made available.
On feeding habits, the committee observed that horse, camel and elephant were not given green fodder, but Gadge countered the allegation saying horses were given gram and elephant was fed with jaggery and rotis.
The committee members have said that no record of periodical health check-ups by veterinary surgeons was available for any of the animals. Treatment registers were also not maintained.
Gadge slammed the authorities for not intimating them about the committee's visit to the circus. "I learnt about it through TOI. Had I been informed, I would have been ready with the records. I am yet to receive the committee's report," he said. However, TOI had reported about the committee's visit a day in advance.
Kadyan has sought explanation from AWBI chairman and assistant secretary for allowing a sick hippo and heritage animal like elephant to perform in the circus.

Friday, June 15, 2012

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Wallenda walk tonight inspires full day of 'Side Show' activities

Friday, June 15, 2012
So, you missed out on getting one of the 4,000 vouchers available to watch Nik Wallenda’s attempt to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope but still want to be part of the sideshow.
Activities – from wacky to wonderful, according to tourism officials -- are scheduled all day, leading up to Wallenda’s walk.
Wallenda, great-grandson of the founder of the famous “Flying Wallendas,” will walk 1,800 feet across the Horseshoe Falls, the largest of the three that comprise Niagara Falls. The feat hasn’t been attempted since 1896 and required collaboration between New York and Canadian governments to approve the stunt. Stunting in Niagara Falls State Park has been banned for decades, but legislation was approved to allow this one-time daredevil act.
While tickets to watch Wallenda from Terrapin Point on Goat Island sold out quickly, you can still view the feat on jumbo screens and take part in a host events in Niagara Falls that day.
Many of the extra activities are planned around Old Falls Street, USA, a newly-branded three block thoroughfare that connects with the entrance of Niagara Falls State Park and serves as a “Welcome Center” for visitors.
“If you weren’t able to reserve a ticket to view the tightrope walk in person, you will enjoy joining other residents and visitors on Old Falls Street for our Side Show,” Ryan Coate, general manager of Old Falls Street and the Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls, said in a news release. “Throughout the past few weeks, our team has organized an extensive list of family-friendly activities planned throughout the day as we mark this momentous occasion in the history of Niagara Falls.”
The day-long party – hours are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.  what is being called the “Side Show” -- will feature live music, circus acts such as aerial acrobatics and fire breathers, a magician, dance troupes, stilt walkers and family activities, including a petting zoo. Jumbo screens erected in the Old Falls Street area will show live coverage of Wallenda’s walk, scheduled to take place during a live broadcast on ABC, which begins at 9 p.m.
Earlier in the day, some of the spectators will see the wire on which Wallenda will walk from their Maid of the Mist boat tour, the famous Niagara boat tour which has been taking visitors into the mist of Horseshoe Falls for more than 150 years.
Family activities at the Falls include the popular Cave of the Winds Tour at Niagara Falls State Park which features a series of wooden walkways to the famous Hurricane Deck, 20 feet from the rushing waters of Bridal Veil Falls. The Niagara USA Discovery Pass provides admission to all the attractions in the park, including the Niagara Adventure Theater, the Gorge Discovery Center, Maid of the Mist, Cave of the Winds, and even all day transportation aboard the Niagara Scenic Trolley. Even more daredevils – performing sea lions, playful penguins, sharks and harbor seals – can be found at Aquarium of Niagara .
A schedule of Old Falls Street’s Side Show activities follows.
read more

Nik Wallenda Prepares for Niagara Falls Walk
Jun 15, 2012


The circus is coming to town
Show is June 20 at the fairgrounds
June 14, 2012

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Freeport, Il.-The Carson and Barnes Circus is coming to Freeport with a June 20 performance at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds.
read more:
Circus brings tigers, clowns and dare devils to Corpus Christi

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Contributed Photo
Brian Miser, "The Human Fuse," sky rockets 110 feet at 60 miles per hour off a crossbow while his entire body is lit on fire.
By Sarah Acosta
Posted June 14, 2012
CORPUS CHRISTI — A small town of 320 people filled with jungle animals and wacky characters with unique abilities who have a nomadic lifestyle are headed this way.
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is bringing it's "Fully Charged" show this weekend to the American Bank Center arena.
Dustin Portillo, part of the "Dus and Vas" comedy clown duo said the show travels 11 months out of the year doing 13 shows a week.
"We are our own city on wheels with no ZIP code filled with a bunch of unique characters," Portillo said.
He said the group has people from almost all 50 states and many different countries including France, China, Paraguay and Russia.
"We are our own U.N.," Portillo said. "You name it, we've got it."
This year's "Fully Charged" show has all new acts including one that rivals the human cannon ball.
Brian Miser, "The Human Fuse," sky rockets 110 feet at 60 miles per hour off a crossbow while his entire body is lit on fire.
Tabayara Maluenda, an animal trainer, gets in a cage with 13 tigers who are not trained but tamed and could lash out at any minute.
Then there's the Negrey troupe of acrobats who do about 360 flips in seven minutes.
Portillo said it amazes him that year after year Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes up with a totally new show.
"If you've ever seen a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show, it's not going to be the same one you saw before," he said.
"Fully Charged" is all about the power of the audience and the power of the performers meeting.
He said the show is a way for people to get away from every day life. As a performer you really have to have a passion for the circus life, he added.
"We have come together as a group to put on the greatest show on earth 13 times a week because you are only as good as your last performance," Portillo said.

Circus brings tigers, clowns and dare devils to Corpus Christi

 Tabayara Maluenda, animal trainer, gets in a cage with 13 tigers and performs a variety of tricks.

Clowns, ring masters, acrobats, dare devils and more will perform at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey "Fully Charged" show this weekend at the American Bank Center arena.

Every year the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes up with a totally new show.

Thirteen tigers are part of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey "Fully Charged" show

The Danguir Troupe rides bikes, jumps rope and dance 40 ft. in the air on a small wire in the "High-Voltage High-Wire" act.
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See the enormous Asian elephants parade around doing fancy tricks and footwork at The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus "Fully Charged" shows at the American Bank Center arena.
Think twice before running away to join the circus
By Brad Meyer /
June 14, 2012
With the international economy in shambles, another Middle East war potentially around the corner and government bureaucrats trying to limit the size of your next Mountain Dew, who hasn’t thought about chucking reality for a life on the road.
At one time or another, most folks have thought about ditching family obligations and responsibilities for a carefree life as a clown in the circus. The lure of greasepaint and making people laugh for a living is heady stuff.
Unfortunately, life on the road isn’t all big tops and cotton candy – and those elephants don’t clean up after themselves.
Despite the heat, hundreds of area residents flocked to the Piccadilly Circus when it came to the Lone Star Expo Center in Conroe earlier this week. In the center ring, exciting acrobats thrilled the crowds and fanciful clowns made them laugh. Backstage, the mood was more somber.
“This might have been a horrible career choice,” quipped Shane Johnson, a Dallas native who’s humorous routine about a dysfunctional car with a mind of its own – Al’s Limousine – had crowds laughing at both the early and late shows. “Maybe I should have paid more attention at school.”
Sweating through the greasepaint between performances, Johnson noted that circus life is comprised of long hours, low pay and a constant race to the next town. Even headlining performers have to help clean up after the show, pack up the gear and help set up.
“It’s hardly glamorous,” he said. “And it’s a hard way to make a living.”
Johnnie Torreblanca, a juggling clown with the circus, said life is tough being on the road 300 days a year – often being up late after a show to pack up and drive up to 300 miles to the next performance.
Piccadilly Circus performed in Corsicana on June 8 and had three shows a day in Shreveport on June 9 and 10 before rolling into Conroe for two shows the following day. After the shows here, they were headed to Beaumont.
read more at:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big top to land in Marshalltown
Circus will be Sunday and Monday

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The Carson & Barnes Circus will be in Marshalltown for four shows Sunday and Monday at the Central Iowa Fairgrounds. Shows will be at 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Sunday and 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Monday.
June 14, 2012
By ANDREW POTTER - Staff Writer ( , Times-Republican
When the big top comes to town a big show is sure to follow.
That's what organizers of the Carson & Barnes Circus are promising as it lands in Marshalltown Sunday and Monday at the Central Iowa Fairgrounds.
There will be a total of four shows with 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. shows on Sunday and 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m shows on Monday.
"It's a real, traditional American circus with elephants and performing dogs, horses and the flying trapeze," Barbara Miller-Byrd, the third generation owner of the circus, said. "It's a complete two-hour show."
The traveling group includes 70 animals and more than 100 people who join together to put on the show.
"We have a variety in the show that will appeal to children of all ages - from 2 to 102," Miller-Byrd said.
Among the animals at the show will be three big elephants, two camels and several dogs that tend to grab the attention of the younger members of the crowd. The highwire acts typically draw the most gasps from the crowd, Miller-Byrd said.
The circus puts on shows in 240 towns a year. It will be in Washington, Iowa on Saturday then loads up and heads, with its 50 vehicles, for two days of shows in Marshalltown.
"It's a pretty well-oiled machine," Miller-Byrd said.
Tickets are $16 for adults and $8 for children at the gate the day of the show. There are also discounted tickets available via downloaded coupons from

BARABOO, WI.---JUNE 4, 2012

TOMMY BARTLETT WATER SHOW, was my next stop in Baraboo,Wi. on 6-04-12. T.J. Howell and wife Gayle, invited me to see this thrilling show. I attended the 4:30 show. The 8:30 pm show closes with the
stunning Entrancing Water show. Their are Speed boats, Clown acts, Beach Barefoot, Freestyle Jump
Competion, Human Pyramid, plus others, all on Scenic Lake Dalton. After intermission, you are
TASSO (8:30 show only). Here are some photos:

T.J. Howell - juggling "three running chain saws"

 The Fausto Scorpions

Human Pyramid 

T.J. Howell and The Fausto Scorpions
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Gayle and T.J. Howell
Winter Wonder Circus 2011-2012

Published on Mar 24, 2012 by LoicMolla
Circus captivates in Rochester: Provides audience a magical time under the Big Top
John Huff/Staff photographer
 The big top is set up as preparations continue for Piccadilly Circus at the Rochester Fairgrounds this week.By LIZ MARKHLEVSKAYA
Thursday, June 14, 2012
ROCHESTER, NH — Magic was in the air Wednesday at the Rochester Fairgrounds, where Piccadilly Circus held its first of many performances this week.
Wednesday's show was packed with acrobatic feats, animal performances, and much comedy, entertaining dozens of audience members inside the Big Top, a European-style circus tent that will be stationed at the Fairgrounds through Sunday.
Families in the audience on Wednesday were heard captivated as a trapeze artist in a sparkling leotard swung high in the air above the audience, even swinging upside down and only using her feet to hold herself on the swing.
Another performer balanced a large vase on his head and made it spin to the music without using his hands.
The audience braced itself as an acrobat walked, ran, rode a unicycle, and balanced on a chair — all while high up on a tightrope.
Three zebras raced around the circus ring, and spun to the dramatic music at the command of their trainer.
Even before the camels walked onto the circus ring in the second part of the show, children were whispering in anticipation. A herd of some eight camels galloped around the ring, and then switched directions or spun around as their trainer cracked the whip to the ground.
At the end of the animals' performance, the trainer gave the zebras and camels treats, as well as kisses on the noses of some for a job well done.
While elephants, including 9,000-pound Oka, were expected to be a part of the show, Scotty Watros, the animal caretaker for the circus, said no elephants could make it to Rochester's shows this week because of a family emergency.
Still, the zebras and camels featured at Wednesday's show were a big draw for the many children in attendance.
Visit for more information


EJ Hersom/Staff photographer
 Zebras follow the command of an animal trainer at the Piccadilly Circus in Rochester Wednesday.

John Huff/Staff photographer
Animal handler Ian Garden sits with a zebra as preparations continue for the Piccadilly Circus.
 John Huff/Staff photographer
Animal handler Ian Garden checks on the camels at the Piccadilly Circus.

EJ Hersom/Staff photographer
A trapeze artist spins high above a circus crowd Wednesday in Rochester. 
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EJ Hersom/Staff photographer
Locals get in on the act Wednesday at the Piccadilly Circus in Rochester
DEL MAR: Rides fly high as thrill-seekers line up for action at fair

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Riders scream while rapidly falling on the Mega Drop at the San Diego County Fair on Wednesday. HAYNE PALMOUR IV
By DAN BENNETT For the North County Times
June 14,2012
There's something a little wild about the zip-line ride that takes passengers on a fast-moving, high-flying trip above the San Diego County Fair, with quick views of the entire fairgrounds and the nearby Pacific Ocean.

So said two Carlsbad mothers and their daughters, who took their first-ever High Fly'N Zip Line rides Wednesday.
"It was fabulous," said Heather Fogarty, one of the mothers. "Not too scary."
Anna Fogarty, 10, said the ride was just what she'd hoped.
"Once you get in the air, it's like flying," she said.
Leslie Peterson said that you get the fastest ride by running off the launch platform.
"And you can go upside down," her 10-year-old daughter Sarah said. "It's so pretty up there."
The zip-line ride is new this year, but many perennial favorites are back at the fair. The rides were busy Wednesday, as fairgoers took advantage of the first Pepsi Pay-One-Price Ride Day promotion this year.
The promotion allows visitors to pay $30 for a wristband allowing them unlimited rides, except on the zip line (where tickets are $20 each) and a few others, from noon to 8 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday through June 28. The discount wristbands can also be purchased online.
"This is one of our popular promotions, and people have been enjoying it for years," said fair spokeswoman Linda Zweig. "It gives guests the chance to ride a favorite again and again, and enjoy the rides for as long as they like."
Though the fair's many and often exotic food options may get much of the attention, rides remain a big part of the fair experience.
"We have many of the returning rides every year, because there are some people just can't get enough of," Zweig said, pointing to the ride called Speed that sends riders on a high-flying spinning adventure, something like being glued to a giant, runaway clock hand. "They love that one."
read more at:

Best bet: Tripoli Shrine Circus coming to Marathon Park

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by-Carrie Hutton, Wausau Daily Herald
Jun. 14, 2012
There are five chances to see the Tripoli Shrine Circus this weekend.
Enchanting elephants, tantalizing tigers and amazing acrobats will dazzle crowds at the Marathon Park Ice Arena, 1201 Stewart Ave. in Wausau.
The three-ring circus features a popular white tiger act, a new daredevil act and a dog act called Oodles of Poodles.
Nina Carden is one of the Shrine Circus aerialists.
“It looks like I’m dancing in the air,” she said. She has performed for four years in the Shrine Circus, about 11 months out of the year, averaging 16 shows a week.
“Every single act is a risk,” Carden said. “But I love the physicality of my job. I don’t get scared, and I feel confident in my skills.”
Carden said the crowd adds a lot to the performance, and that playing in a smaller arena helps performers put on a better show because they can see the audience members’ reactions.
This year’s show has a Broadway theme and new costumes and music.
Carden said the elephant, Bo, will play trumpet, harmonica and drums.
Members of the Tripoli Shriners have provided some free tickets, available throughout the community. It is free for children ages 2 and younger. Tickets will be $12 for up to age 12, and $16 for adults.
Showtimes are 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday. Children who arrive ahead of showtime might be invited to ride an animal or have their faces painted.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Niagara Falls | Nik Wallenda | June 15

Published on Jun 8, 2012 by listenuptv
He's the King of the High Wire and will soon cross international borders - literally. A seventh-generation circus performer, Nik Wallenda got special permission to walk 18-hundred feet across Niagara Falls on a tightrope this summer. He'll be the first to do it in over a century. So why did Nik Wallenda fight so hard to risk his life for our entertainment at Niagara? Nik joins us from his home in Sarasota, Florida.

Final preparations underway for Wallenda Niagara walk
by GlobalToronto, June 13, 2012

Ripley’s Believe It Of Not! Summer Sideshow Coming To Quassy Amusement ParkJune 12, 2012
Author: Ron Gustafson
Posted in Amusement Parks
June 12, 2012
MIDDLEBURY, Conn. – Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, step right up and see Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! ® Summer Sideshow at Quassy Amusement Park.
 Something old is indeed new again as a piece of Americana is being reinvented for daily performances July 9-22 at Quassy’s Carousel Theatre stage.
 In the works since last winter, the circus-style sideshow will feature Todd Robbins, a renowned performer, actor and author from New York. The multi-talented Robbins will eat fire, swallow swords and marvel guests with other unusual feats during each performance.
 “I hold several world records, but the achievement I’m most proud of is being immortalized in a Ripley’s cartoon for having consumed more than 4,000 light bulbs during the course of my career,” the artist said during a recent dress rehearsal at the lakeside property.
 Magician Jim Sisti of Beacon Falls, Conn., produced the show, which will be presented more than 40 times during its two-week run.
 There is no admission to Quassy Amusement Park and the free shows start daily at 1 p.m., with three performances Sunday through Thursday and four shows Friday and Saturday. There is a $6 parking fee and at the end of each performance guests may make a donation to the Connecticut Food Bank if they so desire. There are fees for rides, food, attractions and the waterpark at the lakeside facility, located at 2132 Middlebury Road.
read lots more at:
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JUNE 5, 2012
Spent the entire day at Circus World, 6-05-12, and saw the all new

TRISTAN CRIST MAGIC show and all new BIG TOP CIRCUS PERFORMANCE.....actually twice ....
plus Kids World Interactive Circus, Miniature Trick Horse Show, Guided Circus Wagon Tour, and the Slide
For Life, across the Baraboo River. Here are a few photos of the day:

Punchy Nathan Holguin) and Judy (Michelle Musser)

Cassidy and Heidi Harriott 

Louis Del Moral and MINNIE

 Cassidy Herriott, Bill Prickett, Tristan Crist

 David Rosaire and VANNA

 Lady Dancer and Heidi Herriott 

Cassidy Herrriott

George, Igor, and Tatiana Aristovs 
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 Heidi Herriott,Tristan Crist and Cassidy Harriott - completing Slide For Life 

The Wonder Circus arrives in Stafford
By Andrew Watt
Mr Fips’ Wonder Circus has rolled into town and pitched their big top on The Common, just off Stone Road.

Published on Jun 12, 2012 by StaffsNews
Mr Fips welcomes you to his Wonder Circus and introduces you to some of the acts you can expect to see at the show.
The star of the show is Mr Fips, a creation of professional clown Jan Erik Brenner, who began performing at an early age by copying the antics of his circus clown father. In a career spanning over 35 years, he has entertained circus goers worldwide as well as working alongside the likes of Robbie Williams and Madonna. Recently he appeared on the CBBC show ‘The Slammer’ along with some of the other members of his Wonder Circus.

The show itself promises to be a traditional circus experience designed to bring back fond childhood memories for the grown-ups while introducing a whole new generation to the joys of the circus through pantomime style performances, audience participation and traditional slapstick routines for the whole family to enjoy.

Family is certainly at the heart of this show with Jan’s 73 year old father, also a professional clown, appearing alongside him in the circus ring, his mother running the box office and his wife and cousins also having roles to play in the running of the show.

Published on Jun 12, 2012 by StaffsNews
The Wonder Circus performers preview some of their routines.
There is also an awareness that some children may find clowns scary and to ensure this is not the case here, the character of Mr Fips is created during the first few minutes of the show. This means the children can participate in the birth of the clown, as the make-up is added and the traditional red nose attached. This approach has proved to be successful and one which children especially have appreciated and enjoyed
Alongside Jan and his family is an eclectic cast collected from around the world, including France’s Alexandre Frenea, described as a ‘hand-balancer and juggler extraordinaire’, Denmark’s Miss Christina who performs a contortionist routine, and Matt Ryan Day – Silks who appears as The Amazing Spiderman. His fellow clown and father is German, and the circus madness and mayhem is marshalled by Ringmaster Senor Josiah Rose who before being seduced by the lure of the big top could be found jousting as a black knight.
The circus opens on Wednesday 13th June and runs until Sun 17th June.
On Wednesday, there are two performances with one at 5pm and a second at 7:30pm which are charged at a special preview price of £5.99 for any seat in the big top
Thursday also has shows at 5pm and 7:30pm with just the one 7:30pm show on Friday.

There are two shows on Saturday at 2pm and 5pm and the final day sees performances at 11am and 2pm
Prices from the second day are priced around £7-£8.To book, you can either go in person to the box office situated on The Common just off Stone Road or by phone on 07719877422 and if you can’t make any of the dates in Stafford, from the 20th – 24th of June, the circus is only a short distance away in Central Forest, Stoke On Trent.

Visitors to Bunratty Castle & Folk Park in County Clare are in for a special treat on Saturday, 16th and Sunday, 17th June when Fossett’s Circus comes to town. Commenting on this hugely popular event, John Ruddle CEO of Shannon Heritage, the Shannon Development subsidiary who manage the Folk Park, said “We are delighted to welcome back Fossett’s Circus to Bunratty Castle & Folk Park.

There are two shows daily and the entry fee includes admission to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park visitor centre. This is a wonderful opportunity for all the family to enjoy the fun and excitement of the circus in a unique setting.”
In addition to the wonderful circus acts including trapeze artists, jugglers, amazing high wire, illusionist, contortionist and Otto the Clown, Shannon Heritage will have a number of free attractions for visitors, among them funfair rides, bouncy castles and face painters.
Bunratty Folk Park recreates a glimpse of rural life in Ireland over 100 years ago on a 26 acre site with thatched farmhouses, a village street with a school, pub and speciality shops, two mills, and a village church, all nestled in the grounds of 15th century Bunratty Castle.
Admission for the Fossett’s Circus event is adult €15.00 and child €12.00 (special rate of €4 for children under 5), book on-line for lower rates and fast track admission
There are two shows daily at 1pm and 5pm.
For further information telephone 061 360788.