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April 18, 2013

CIRCUS PAGES showed to a smaller than average first show crowd in Pekin, Il, Thursday,April 18, due to weather warnings. Although this is an indoor show, Jim Earhart, RM, said their attendance the last two weeks has been off due to adverse weather conditions in the areas they are showing. They move to Decatur, Il, Fri, April 19, Davenport, Iowa, Sat, April 20, and back to Knoxville/Galesburg, Il, on Sunday, April 21. Concession prices remain at $2.00 (most items), pony rides $5.00 and elephant rides $5.00 for kids and $8.00 for adults. The rides both seemed to do a brisk business in spite of the small crowd. Coleen introduced me to "Haven", her new white tiger cub. Haven's companion is a  large white dog. Frieda Pages had just returned from a four day visit to see Tia Coleen, her one year old granddaughter, and Mom, Vicenta, on the Cole Bros show.

Haven, new white tiger cub and her dog companion

Ride price signs  

Big and Little, Freida Pages 

Freida Pages and Joe Frisco, Sr. 

Jorge Pages and Joe Frisco, Sr.

Figi, concessions, Charlie Bellatti, Dave Williams, Jim Earhart, RM
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  Kayla Earhart, moon bounce and elephant stylist
Running order: Coleen and Jorge - Lion and tiger display, Clown- Danny Rodriguez and 4 guys/chair gag,

4 girl on lyres, Jim Earhart-dogs, Feida Logan Pages - Big and Little horses, Trampoline - Marisol Poema, Matis Rojas, Jimmy Earhart and Danny the clown, Coleen Pages - Camel display, Color book pitch, Quick Change artists-Jesica and Christian Popa,...Int... Globe of Death-Earhart motorcycle troupe, Yesenia Pages- foot juggling, Jesscia- Silks, Danny clown- rope gag, Daisy and Bambi elephants with Freida Pages and Kayla Earhart and Jorge Pages. THE END


Maine circus shows must go on without elephants
The show's producer calls it 'a bureaucratic nightmare,' but the state says all elephants must be tested for tuberculosis before entering Maine.

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Cora, a 47-year-old elephant, and her owner Cindy Morris, have previously been part of the Shriner Circus at the Augusta Civic Center.
By KEITH EDWARDS Kennebec Journal
April 20, 2012
AUGUSTA – Johnny Rocket, "Just Larry" the clown, a flying trapeze act, a ballerina on horseback, Ringmaster Peter Sturgis, and other big top performers will be at the 60th annual Kora Shrine Circus at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday.
But not Nosey the elephant.
Neither Nosey, nor any other elephants, will be part of this year's circus -- a major fundraiser for the Shriners fraternal organization -- after they were denied entry by state officials because they hadn't had a recent-enough tuberculosis test required by the state of Maine.

The producer of the circus said elephants were en route to Maine for three Shriner circus shows in Lewiston, Portland and Augusta when the order to stop was made
The producer of the circus said elephants were en route to Maine for three Shriner circus shows in Lewiston, Portland and Augusta when the order to stop was made.

"It's a bureaucratic nightmare," said Jim Hamid Jr., producer of Hamid Circus Inc., the firm providing the circus acts for the Shriners. "I've never had anything (like this happen) before. And we've been in the business 82 years."

Hamid said the specific type of TB test required by Maine was previously administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but the USDA no longer uses it.

"You can't get it done anymore," he said of the test. "So by administering this rule, Maine is saying no more elephants are allowed in the state."
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Circus World board hammers Historical Society
By Ben Bromley, News Republic
April 19, 2013
As state legislators begin budget deliberations next week that could chart a new course for Circus World Museum, the historic site’s leaders say they continue to fend off a misinformation campaign waged by the Wisconsin Historical Society.
Members of the Circus World Museum Foundation’s executive committee reported in a meeting Thursday that the Historical Society is misleading legislators about the museum’s finances. They surmised the Historical Society covets the $3.7 million it would receive over the next two years if it absorbs Circus World, as Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposes.
“It’s fascinating what the Legislature is being told,” Circus World executive director Steve Freese told the committee.
Historical Society executive director Ellsworth Brown, who wasn’t available for comment Friday, has said the state’s goal in the process is to ensure the museum’s long-term viability. He has expressed concern the foundation uses creative accounting methods to make its financial picture appear rosier than it truly is.
In February, the governor unveiled a budget plan that would roll Circus World into the Historical Society. As part of this change, the state would earmark $1.2 million in tax money over the next two years for Circus World. Plus, the Historical Society would take in Circus World’s profits.
“That’s a way for them to drag that money back into Madison,” said Jonathan Lipp, chairman of the foundation board.
Since Circus World’s inception in the 1950s, museum operations have been run by the foundation, a private nonprofit. But the site’s grounds, buildings and collections are owned by the state.
Historical Society leaders say taking over Circus World would enable them to stabilize the museum, given that foundation leaders reported in December that they might not might not be able to keep operations in the black after this performance season.
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Circus artistes seek govt help to revive industry
Apr 20, 2013
PUNE: Lack of open spaces in cities, rising cost of diesel and dwindling viewer interest are some of the many problems the circus industry is facing today.
Once a huge crowd-puller, the live circus is now a floundering industry in India - a far cry from the grandeur it once enjoyed.

Sujit Dilip, co-partner of Rambo International, the organizers of Rambo Circus, on Friday urged the government to help revive the industry. "The circus is going through a lot of problems. It is difficult to find public grounds in central parts of the city these days and the private ones are very expensive. With rising diesel prices, it is getting difficult to manage costs, but we also need to keep tickets affordable. Moreover, with children of circus families being brought under the purview of child labour, it is difficult to train them for the future. We also request the government to allow animals to return to the circus under special guidelines," he said.

The industry is doing well in the UK, US and Russia because of the subsidies being provided by the governments there. "Circus as an industry is being promoted internationally. Why can't the same happen in India too," he asked.
Meanwhile, artists from Rambo Circus have been invited to perform in eight special shows at Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai on April 20 and 21. Prithvi, known for its experimental theatre, first hosted Rambo Circus in 2012 and has decided to continue the association.

"Shashi Kapoor and Sanjana Kapoor had seen one of our shows last year. When they heard of our constraints, they offered their theatre to host the circus. This year too we have been coordinating with Kunal Kapoor and will perform for audiences there," Dilip said.

Rambo Circus will be hosting two shows daily at Pune's SSPMS Grounds, near RTO, from April 21.

With more than 30 acts, the line-up includes an acrobat performing somersaults on a Columbian wheel, flying trapeze, hat juggling, balancing on swords, pyramids, elephant cricket and a dog show. Travelling with its own band, smoke machine and laser lights, the fully-airconditioned circus is expected to be in Pune till the first week of June.

Dilip also said more than 150 artists, including those from Columbia, Ethiopia and Nepal, besides 200 staffers, like veterinarians, tailors, carpenters, animal trainers, ironsmiths and caterers, make up their troupe. Animal performers include elephants, dogs and parrots. Six clowns will also be decked up to entertain kids.

Steve Martin Is "The Great Flydini" on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" - 1992

Uploaded on Feb 6, 2011
Steve Martin appears as the magician "The Great Flydini" on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1992.


Carson & Barnes Circus comin' to Bandera

Pictured: The antics of Alex Acera, a featured performer with the Carson & Barnes Circus, are guaranteed to have everyone holding their sides during performances at 2 pm and 5 pm, Saturday, April 20, under the Big Top in Mansfield Park.
Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor
The 'biggest Big Top' in the circus world is going up in Bandera at 9 am, Saturday, April 20, and I want everyone in the county to be there to see it," said Sully Woodland, president of the Optimist Club of Bandera. As sponsor of the Carson & Barnes Circus, a portion of the ticket sales are earmarked for the club's John G. Slocomb Bandera Optimist Club Scholarship Fund.
 Performances "Under the Big Top" at Mansfield Park will take place at 2 pm and 5 pm on April 20. Advance tickets - at a discounted price of $12 for adults and $6 for children ages two through 11 years - are available at Bandera Bank, First State Bank of Bandera and Hondo National Bank, as well as at the Bandera County Chamber of Commerce.

Tickets at the gate on the day of the performances will be $16 for adults and $10 for children.

One of this year's featured acts is Alex Acero - a circus clown unlike any other. With his pointed blue hair, purple lips and oversized clothes, Acero resembles a character from a Dr. Seuss book or a Tim Burton film. Peppered with hilarious falls and spills, Acero's act spotlights his "uncanny knack for physical comedy," which always involves audience participation.
His talents include juggling and dancing, amazing tricks with a yo-yo and - as a piece dé resistancé - a turn on the trampoline. As has been noted, "This is an act you certainly do not want to miss."

A native of Colombia, South America, Acero grew up in Brazil. As a third generation performer on his mother's side, Acero hit the boards at the age of eight, quickly becoming proficient at executing "death-defying" trapeze stunts and other daredevil exploits. Prior to joining the Carson & Barnes Circus, Acero performed with the Ringling Brothers Circus. His wife is the product of six generations of circus performers.

Acero is excited to be hitting the road again with the Carson & Barnes Circus - especially since the current tour kicks off its 77th touring season.
Join Acero and a coterie of outstanding performers, along with a contingent of highly trained animals, for an afternoon - or evening - of fun family entertainment.
"This is going to be a first rate show," Woodland said. "We hope to make Bandera a yearly stop for the Carson & Barnes Circus in the beautiful Texas Hill County. See you at the circus."
And everyone is reminded that the midway - with its free petting zoo - opens 30 minutes before each performance.


  Recapturing the heady heyday of fun fairs
The Noah's Ark, Rodeo Switchback, one-armed bandits, Dodgems and Supersonic Skid are among the highlights at Dingles
Western Morning News
By Simon Parker
Saturday, April 20, 2013
It was the most anticipated event of the calendar – the day a column of brightly-painted trucks and wagons trundled into town.
 The excitement was palpable, fuelled in the preceding days by posters advertising new rides and attractions.
All the talk at school would be of the fair – what time we were going and how much cash we could scrape together.

With today's hi-tech on-screen entertainment, it is perhaps hard for some to imagine just how thrilling the prospect of a ride on the Dodgems, Waltzers or Noah's Ark could be. Then there was the food – the candy floss, toffee apples and horrible slippery hot-dogs not tasted from one year to the next.
Perhaps what attracted children most, though, was the underlying danger – not from white-knuckle rides but from the fairground youths whose lives were so far removed from their own. These travelling people – particularly the boys of our own age – seduced us and scared us in equal measure. We wanted to be them, to run away with the roustabouts, and yet we dare not even speak to them for fear of a smack in the eye.

'Our fairground art is the nation's repository of rides, shows and carved work'
Like other settings up and down the region, the gateway to Fair Field in Redruth was a portal into another world – a place of wonder, awe and horror. We gawped at a sullen, semi-naked "world's most tattooed lady" and a sheep with two heads. We flinched as blood spurted from the lips of boys a few years older than ourselves, who had lied about their age and entered the ring to try their chances with "amateur" boxers. We screamed as the big wheel jerked into reverse. We laughed all the way home, our pockets empty. 

Buoyed with bravado at having survived Fair Saturday for another year, we dreamed of the next time. Inevitably, however, as time passed and we began to consider ourselves more grown up and sophisticated, the allure of the fairground began to fade.
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Stardust Circus lion Zimbi feeling fine after vet removes toy from throat
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Stardust Circus lions Zaire and Zimbi out for a morning walk along the Torrens. adelaidenow
by Jordanna Schriever
From:The Advertiser
April 20, 2013
VETERINARIAN Perrine Neretti has treated plenty of cats but never those of the wild variety.
Stardust Circus, which is performing in Bonython Park, rang Dr Neretti's Glen Osmond Veterinary Clinic on Thursday night after their lioness Zimbi fell ill.
The four-month-old feline had apparently swallowed a piece of a toy which caused an intestinal blockage.
Dr Neretti said she initially feared the worst for Zimbi because she was so lethargic, breathing rapidly and in considerable pain.
After spending a night on a drip with antibiotics and pain medication and a little minced meat yesterday morning, she perked up considerably and was allowed home about 10.30am.
"She got a bit upset this morning and started to roar," Dr Neretti said yesterday.
"People in the waiting room were wondering what was going on with this loud roaring coming from out the back."
Dr Neretti, said she had treated numerous domestic cats but had never handled a lioness before.
"They're not unlike a domestic cat ... what is different is the handling," she said.
"Even though she was only 16kg, she was very strong with big claws and big teeth."

Four-month-old Zimbi, of Stardust Circus, is treated at the Glen Osmond Veterinary Clinic.
Circus spokeswoman Jan Lennon said Zimbi was on the mend and would rest for a couple of days as she made a full recovery.
"It was a very worrying night," she said.
"We really had no idea what happened, she just got sick all of a sudden."
Ms Lennon said she sought help from the Glen Osmond Rd clinic because it was one of the few roads in Adelaide that she knew how to find.
Stardust Circus is performing at Bonython Park, Adelaide, until May 5.


Fur flies over SMSes in circus row

One of the SMSes sent to animal rights activist Diane Easey.
Picture Cindy Waxa
By Alison Decker
April 19 2013 
Cape Town - Accusations are flying over a series of gruesome text messages sent to Parklands resident and animal rights activist Diane Easey by an employee at McLaren Circus, Duncan McLaren.
According to Easey, the exchange began when she was driving down the R27 on her way to work and spotted the circus tents and caravans of McLaren Circus.
A staunch believer that animals should not be kept in captivity, Easey looked up the number for Duncan McLaren through the circus’s website and fired off an SMS stating: “I do not support animals in the circus.”
She says that she then received the response: “Its my city too you Racist Pig.”
Easey sent back an SMS saying her issue with the circus had nothing to do with race, and that it was a personal issue with the animals.
However, she says the SMSes from Duncan continued, and she received gruesome images of slaughtered and decapitated animals, rhino horns and a scene of a hunter shooting an animal.

Diane Easey received gruesome photographs via sms after she complained to a circus about animals in captivity
Pictures: Cindy Waxa
“It just got to the point where I wasn’t strong enough,” said Easey.
“I was so incredibly upset.”
McLaren Circus spokesman Arnold Dickson confirmed that Duncan sent the SMSes to Easey.
According to Dickson, the pictures were sent as a response to Easey’s claim that animals would be better off outside of captivity, “purely sent to show her what happens in the wild”.
In a letter to the Cape Argus from Denzil McLaren, he said the initial text from Easey said: “Please pack up your equipment & GET OUT of our area and our city. You are NOT welcome in Tableview,” to which Duncan McLaren replied with the racist pig comment.
Previous reports that Duncan McLaren was a ringmaster or circus boss were incorrect. The sole owner and boss is David McLaren.
Duncan McLaren is listed on the circus’s website as a media enquiries contact.
Denzil McLaren also said in his letter that Easey had been harassing them and pointed to her activity on social media with independent animal rights groups.
Easey has been involved in many types of activism for animal rights, several focused on releasing animals from captivity.
She is a member of the Facebook group, “No to Animals in Circuses and Captivity”, which has about 150 members.
“I think it’s been scare tactics that they send these horrific pictures,” said Easey.
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Baby Elephant Navann's Outing

Published on Feb 25, 2013
Baby elephant Navann plays in the mud pit and takes a dip in the river with his mother and nanny at Elephant Nature Park in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Let's celebrate the 4th Annual World Circus Day! We are creating a History as we shall celebrate this inside the theatre!
Usually, in India, we don't expect to see Circus indoor but that's where Rambo Circus differ from others!
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India’s Rambo Circus: A Look Inside the Big Tent [PHOTOS]
By Mark Johanson
November 14 2011

A performer balances herself on the back of a horse during a show at the Rambo Circus in Mumbai November 9, 2011.

The Rambo Circus was founded in 1991 by P.T. Dilip and travels across India, pitching tent in open grounds such as the Bandra Reclamation in Mumbai. The introduction of tough animal rights laws in India and abroad have limited the use of animals in circus acts, but current organizers Sujit and Sumit Dilip have added amenities such as an air-conditioned, fire-proof tent to keep crowds flocking to the show.

An acrobat performs on a
ring held by an elephant during a show at the Rambo Circus in Mumbai November 9, 2011.
The circus has a colorful mix of performers, including clowns, acrobats, marksmen, animal trainers and their animals. Some performers come from as far as Uzbekistan and Ethiopia to be part of Rambo's two-hour extravaganza.
One group of performers walk tip toe on poles high above the circus ring. Another group of trapeze artists perform in the dark wearing glow-in-the-dark clothing. There are performers who ride upside down on horses and others who do acrobatic stunts in a hoop which an elephant holds on its trunk.

Rajiv Chatterjee, 31, a clown, gets dressed for a show at the Rambo Circus in Mumbai November 9, 2011.

A performer balances himself on a set of knives during a show at the Rambo Circus in Mumbai November 9, 2011.

Ushers stand at the entrance to the Rambo Circus in Mumbai November 9, 2011.

Siafan, 22, a clown at the Rambo Circus, applies makeup before a show in Mumbai November 9, 2011.
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An acrobat walks on a safety net after a show at the Rambo Circus in Mumbai November 9, 2011
circus jumbo

Big Apple Circus goes back in time to entertain modern

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Members of the Dalian Troupe perform acrobatic tricks on bikes routine at a matinee performance of Big Apple Circus’ “Legendarium” show.

By Kyle Kondor
April 17th, 2013
Sam Foster
Although there were no flames, no human cannonball and no lions, tigers, or bears, the Big Apple Circus’s latest show “Legendarium” offered an abundance of “oohs and ahs” to the crowds who attended when it stopped at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, NJ February 28 to March 17.

The theme of the show took audience members back in time to the early days of the circus tradition in the late 1800s. Though modern audiences, especially college students, can be a tough crowd to please, having been raised on fast-paced video games and slick movies like the most recent James Bond flick, but the Big Apple was genuinely entertaining. It was captivating for everyone from broke college students looking for an affordable night out to kids tagging along with grandparents who were re-living their fondest childhood memories.

Upon entering, you were engulfed by the rich aroma of popcorn and cotton candy, which, along with hot dogs, water and other refreshments were offered at the refreshment stand. Everything at the stand was $4 or less. The biggest hits were souvenir glow sticks, circus-logoed t-shirts, stuffed animals and other memorabilia priced from $10 to $25.

The Big Apple features a 42-foot wide single ring beneath a blue tent spangled with red stars. The transportable tent, which accommodates 1,600 spectators, was set up in the red parking lot of Patriots Park Smaller than the three ring fiasco of Barnum & Bailey, the Big Apple is more intimate and less frenetic. Even those in the seats furthest back have a good view of the action because no seat is more than 50 feet from the center of the ring.

Legendarium was lead by Kennedy Kane, a former concessionaire, magician, fire-eater and clown with fifteen different circuses. He took the The Big Apple Circus ringmaster job this year. Wearing a colorful suit and sporting a white beard that covers his Santa Claus-like rosy cheeks, Kane used his deep voice to deliver cheesy jokes for kids and jokes thick with innuendo for the adults. After his introduction, the show quickly featured wacky half-masked clowns, a passionate animal trainer who got horses and dogs to dance, and troupe of tango dancers.

The Big Apple Circus is one of the only remaining modern circuses with a live band. The seven member band sits high above the ring and accompanies the various acts.
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Boston Bombing Puts Short-Term Losses on Salons to Circus
By Brian K. Sullivan and Tom Moroney
April 18, 2013
From the restaurants and salons on trendy Newbury Street to the circus at City Hall Plaza, businesses are being squeezed in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon terror attack.
Tourism may see a short-term falloff, and the costs of increased security may be felt throughout the city’s economy. The damage isn’t expected to be long-lasting.
“We went from robust ticket sales to trickling ticket sales,” said Lynn Stirrup, executive director of the Big Apple Circus Ltd., which is running March 26 to May 12 next to City Hall. “We are expecting a significant impact overall.”
Two explosions near the finish line of the April 15 race killed three spectators and left more than 170 injured in what officials said was an act of terror. A 12-block area sealed off by police encompassed 4,000 hotel rooms and about 50 restaurants, Patrick Moscaritolo, chief executive officer of the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau. The zone was narrowed to four blocks yesterday.
Boston may see a dip in tourist dollars over the next few months as prospective visitors shaken by the news delay trips to the city, Moscaritolo said.
“It’s so difficult to get good data at this point,” he said. “But you always worry after a major incident because we’re dealing with human emotions.”
“It’s been difficult for all the business owners down here,” said Nestor Real, owner of Diego’s hair salon on Newbury Street, which is now open. “I was talking to a priest around the corner, and he can’t even get into his church.”
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VIDEO: The circus comes to Hunter Street

to see video click here--
Stilt performer Ross Brown in front of the old Newcastle post office, watched by Aiden, 2 and Owain, 6 from Lambton. Picture Natalie Grono
THE circus came to town and the children watched in wonder outside Newcastle’s former post office today.
Led by clown doctor Jean-Paul Bell, performers from the Arts Health Institute juggled, told jokes and taught magic tricks to celebrate World Circus Day tomorrow (Saturday April 20).
More than 100 people gathered from midday around the run-down post office site in Hunter Street to watch the show.
‘‘Everyone here is in favour of making the post office more theatrical and fun in Newcastle,’’ Mr Bell said.
Arts Health Institute chief executive Maggie Haertsch hopes to turn the 1903 post office into a hub for performances, exhibitions and independent films.
‘‘We need to really honour and respect the post office’s history and give it a new purpose,’’ she said.
Ms Haertsch said from the early 1900s to after WWII, the Newcastle Post Office was the place for inner-city celebrations.
The Arts Health Institute and Newcastle firm EJE Architecture have developed plans for reopening the heritage-listed sandstone building to the public.
The plans include a cafe, art house cinema, exhibition and performance spaces
The proposal will compete with other suitors for the state-government owned building, which will cost an estimated $10-$15million to repair.
The Arts Health Institute, which is based in The Lock-Up Cultural Centre next to the post office, runs nationwide programs bringing performers into health and aged-care environments.
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Raw: Circus Acrobat Survives 85-foot Fall

Published on Apr 18, 2013
Associated Press
A Kenyan trapeze artist who fell to the ground from a height of 85 feet while performing at the Moscow circus last month says he is healing and will eventually return to work. (April 18)
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Skeeter the Clown visits DUSD schools
Circus in town April 23

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Skeeter the clown shows Jazmin Berry a balancing trick with a peacock feather during her stop at Sarah Marley Elementary Monday. Skeeter was in town promoting next weeks Culpepper and Merriweather Circus which will have two shows at 5 and 7:30 p.m. on the empty lot on First Street and F Ave.
By Trisha Maldonado and Bruce Whetten
April 17, 2013
Douglas, Arizona--Skeeter the Clown made a visit to various Douglas schools on April 15.

While at Sarah Marley she showed the kindergarten and first graders how to color a coloring book using magic and she taught two students how to do a balancing act.
Skeeter will be one of the many clowns at the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus on April 23 which will have two shows at 5 and 7:30 p.m. at the empty lot on First Street and F Ave.
The event is being sponsored by the Douglas Chamber of Commerce.
Skeeter the Clown has been entertaining people for close to 30 years; 13 of which has been with Culpepper and Merriweather.
“This year is the 219th anniversary of the American circus as a whole,” Skeeter said. “We’re only 17 years younger than America itself. … We were out there entertaining people when we were wilderness, when we were territories, when we were post states and now states. Many people never saw electricity until the circus came through with their generators.”
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Charges laid against circus for cruelty
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Clowns Quasi and Carlo of the Brian Boswell circus brush Wankie and Tembe.
Picture: Phill Magakoe
By John Yeld
April 17 2013
Cape Town - The national SPCA has laid criminal charges against Brian Boswell Circus after receiving video footage flighted on national television of one of the circus’s elephants allegedly being “terrified and beaten”.
The animal welfare organisation, which said in a statement: “This cruelty is shameful!”, re-emphasised its 2011 “Celebrate the Wildness of Wild Animals” campaign and repeated its call on the government to ban wild animals from circuses. It also called on people to boycott circuses that used wild animals.
“Animals in circuses do not benefit any educational, conservational or scientific cause,” it said.
Noting that the elephant beating had been seen in footage on MNet’s Carte Blanche, the NSPCA said it had taken immediate action and that criminal charges had been laid against the handler and the circus.
“This matter will follow the legal process… It is due to these legal processes that the elephants in question remain in the custody of the Brian Boswell circus.”
It said more than 30 countries, including Austria, Greece, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, Israel and Singapore, had already banned the use of wild animals in circuses.
“The NSPCA calls on all animal lovers to stand together with them in sending a powerful message to government that South Africans abhor cruelty and that the use of wild animals in circuses must finally be outlawed in this country… Performing inappropriate tricks in the name of entertainment also does nothing to foster respect for animals.”
Brian Boswell’s Circus had not responded to an e-mailed request for comment by the Cape Argus at the time of going to press.
On its website, it said “animals are an integral part of the circus and are treated as part of the family” and that the Boswells had been working with animals for many generations.
“Their wellbeing is of utmost importance… We do not condone the ill-treatment or abuse of any animals.”
* Boswell Wilkie Circus has posted a notice on its website saying it is run by the Wilkie Family and has no connection whatsoever with Brian Boswell’s Circus or with any other circus in the country at present.
“Due to public demand and our own decision, we stopped touring with wild animals in our circus almost 16 years ago.”

Posted on facebook by Bob Cline
Robert ClineCircus Historical Society
If this will work like I think it is supposed to, you'll be able to enjoy a four minute video of a very young Gunther Gebel Williams still in Germany. You might want to hit the mute button as the added sound effects sound like something out of a Clyde Beatty thriller instead of a Gunther routine.

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Sunday, April 14 2013

This weekend of one of the most famous Czech companies - circus Humberto of family Hynek Navrátil guested in Znojmo. Humberto shows a varied program with many animal numbers (including horses, camels, zebras, bears and Lions), as well as interesting artistic performances and clown Sasha Koychev from Bulgaria. The company of Znojmo will travel to Brno where Humberto will coincide with the Italian Circo Medrano. Humberto in Poland wants to travel in the second half of the year.
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 State and county fairs chart 2013 course

By Anita Zimmerman, Regional Editor
April 17, 2013
ABBOTSFORD — Keep your feet on the ground for cotton candy and cattle judging. Or, for the overhead view, glide above the county fair on a 200-foot zipline.
State and county fair organizers across the state are mining for fresh activities that will attract crowds without straining of the finances of fairs or their patrons.
Ziplines, which cost about $10,000 to rent, will make appearances at many fairs.
Wine and beer judging, pulls, free and educational events, strolling acts and local performers were some ideas posed by fair board representatives at a Wisconsin Association of Fairs District 1 meeting April 9 at the Abbotsford City Hall in Abbotsford.
The Clark County Fair Board hosted the gathering, which was both a networking event for central and northeast Wisconsin fair organizers and a chance for them to connect with the statewide organization.
Ron Van Dyck, state fair board president from Brown County, started off by advising counties to ensure their food handlers are trained in food safety. He also addressed the importance of marketing through social media sites.
Representatives from Shawano, Taylor, Vilas, Waupaca, Wisconsin Valley, Athens, Central Wisconsin, Clark, Lincoln, Marinette, Oconto, Oneida, Price and Rosholt fairs attended. Board members from Forest, Langlade and Florence were absent.
In Athens, organizers are talking about expanding the draft horse show. Central Wisconsin State Fair in Marshfield is likely to showcase local talent and bring in DockDogs, “The world’s premier canine aquatics competition,” while Clark County is exchanging last year’s costly rodeo for a new act by Division Stunt Team from West Bend.
For the first time in 50-some years, Lincoln County won’t have a demo derby. Oneida will be adding a flea market, craft show and Friday night fish fry to its lineup. Sailing by on a zipline will cost visitors about $5 a pop at several of the fairs.
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