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Saturday, April 6, 2013

MORENO VALLEY: Circus told not to perform exotic animals

Zebras are displayed in a pen outside the Ramos Bros. Circus on Perris Boulevard in Moreno Valley on April 5, 2013. The operator's permit for exotic animals such as zebras and camels expired, so they will not be part of this weekend's performances, which will go on as scheduled.

April 05, 2013
MORENO VALLEY, CA--The show will go on in Moreno Valley, minus a few zebras and camels.
The Ramos Bros. Circus’ federal license for exotic animals is no longer valid, so the shows Saturday, April 6, and Sunday at 13250 Perris Blvd. will not include those animals.
It’s not clear why the license is not valid.
David Perle, a spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, wrote in an email that the U.S. Department of Agriculture canceled the circus’ license on April 2.

Alex Ramos, one of the brothers who operate the circus, said outside the red and white big top Friday that the license expired after the renewal paperwork he sent was lost in the mail. He said he spoke with the USDA on Friday about resubmitting the paperwork.
PETA had complained to Moreno Valley officials that the circus was illegally exhibiting the exotic animals because the license had lapsed, and Ramos said a city official told him Thursday not to perform them. The animals were still being displayed in a pen Friday.
Moreno Valley city offices were closed Friday and no one could be reached for comment. A USDA spokesman could not be reached after hours.
Ramos acknowledged that when he set up in Corona last year, he was forced to move his exotic animals out of the city because the municipal code there does not allow them to be exhibited.
Ramos denied Perle’s assertion that his circus “regularly abuses animals.” The circus also features llamas, horses and ponies.
“They are in good health. We treat them the best we can – better than my wife,” Ramos said.
The Ramos Bros. Circus is on the road 10 months a year in California, Arizona and Nevada, Ramos said. Performances this weekend are at 5 and 8 p.m. Saturday and 2 , 5 and 7:30 p.m. Sunday.
Cole Bros. Circus acts clown around the Cape Fear
Submitted by Allyson Lorick

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After taking a hiatus of almost half a year from YouTube, here are links to two new videos that I uploaded today, based on interviews with Elliana Grace, the 20-year-old human cannonball on the Ringling Red "Built to Amaze" edition, and her mother, Jessica Hentoff, a former aerialist and founder of Circus Harmony; and with Floyd "Sweets" Harrison and Kip Jones, representing the first and third generations of the King Charles Troupe.
Grace-ful cannonball

Lane Talburt·
Published on Apr 5, 2013
Elliana Grace is the world's youngest human cannonball currently on tour with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
Circus 'Fledglings'

Lane Talburt·
Published on Apr 5, 2013
Veteran performers watch over human cannonball Elliana Grace and King Charles Troupe on Ringling Bros.' 'Built to Amaze' extravaganza




Ocala, FL
April 5, 2013
Show today(April 6) at 3pm & 7pm @ Trinity Catholic High School-
2600 SW 42nd Street Ocala, FL 34471... shows now till April 14th! Tickets call 941-704-8572

Thank you to TCHS warm welcome! Great memories on this field!!! — with Chante' Demoustes.

 Such an honor to have her here at show!!! — with Manuel Rebecchi, Chante' Demoustes and Coco Kramer.

Cirque Italia special surprise performance at Brentwood!! We love putting smilies on faces thst really deserve to smile! ;-) Giving the BEST MEDICINE!!! — with Chante' Demoustes.


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Romina Micheletty performing hula hoops with contortion! — with Chante' Demoustes and Romina Micheletty.
"Everything is running smoothly in Osaka!"

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April 5, 2013

It's Tom Duffy Snr's birthday today. Born in 1929 he is 84 today. Anyone coming to the Circus today will see him in his usual seat, the 'Directors' chair, directly in front of the Grandstand!!

This is Sampson, one of our new ponies!!!
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Do you like our new poster?
 Photos: 2013 Springfield, MO  Shrine Circus
The Shrine Circus features exotic animals and acrobats. This year the circus is at John Q. Hammons Arena.

( Michael Coonrod / April 5, 2013 )
 Elephant rides are a popular intermission activity.


( Michael Coonrod / April 5, 2013 )
 The Shrine Circus features a wide variety of performers.

( Michael Coonrod / April 5, 2013 )
Motocross riders perform for the crowd.

( Michael Coonrod / April 5, 2013 )
 Several motorcyclists ride together inside the sphere.
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(Michael Coonrod / April 5, 2013 )
Motocross riders show their skill for the audience
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Photos: Carson & Barnes Circus in Kountze
By Cassie Smith
Friday, April 5, 2013

The Carson & Barnes Circus made a stop in Kountze on April 4. The city hosted the event at the Trade Days Park, 960 N. Pine St. The show featured elephant rides, a petting zoo, an inflatable slide, face painting and multiple performances. One of the featured acts was third-generation performer Alex Acero the clown, who is from Columbia, South America. Photo: Cassie Smith

The next shows will be in Midway on Saturday; in Willis on Sunday; in Rose City on Monday and Tuesday; in Pinehurst on April 10 and 11; and in Baytown on April 12

Friday, April 5, 2013


Cole Bros. Circus
Shows scheduled for today, 4/5 in Jacksonville have been canceled. Shows will go on tomorrow and Sunday.

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Circus astounds: Fun to be found in the air and on the ground

Ryan McBride/Staff photographer
Julliet Careallo, 12, shows off great agility at the Piccadilly Circus Thursday at the Dover Ice Arena.
By Michelle Kingston
Friday, April 5, 2013
DOVER, NH — The Piccadilly Circus arrived in full swing on Thursday, bringing performers, llamas, an ostrich and even a tiger to the Dover Ice Arena, providing entertainment to families of all ages.
The circus has been traveling throughout the continental United States for the past five years and brought Cossack riders to America for the first time. The indoor show, titled Blammo, also includes audience interaction, comedic circus clowns and dirt bike cage riding.
Luer Karamitrev, one of the dirt bikers, has been riding for more than 16 years. When asked if each event is always a thrill, he beamed and answered, “Yes.”
Karamitrev rides alone in the circular cage and then with another rider, traveling at high speeds upside down and sideways, all while the crowd cheers for more.
“I love dirt bikes,” Blayne Beranger, 6, of Somersworth said, adding that event during the circus was his favorite.
Kaleb Martin, 9, of Berwick, liked seeing the white tiger the most, but said “everything” was awesome at the circus. The Piccadilly Circus performance was the first he had ever watched.
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Ryan McBride/Staff photographer
At the Piccadilly Circus Thursday at the Dover Ice Arena, Julliet Careallo, 12, exhibits extreme flexibility.
Both men and women performers participated in acts above ground, with men climbing poles and women swinging from ropes to high-intensity music and bright, colorful lights.
Twelve-year-old Julliet Careallo contorted her body as if she were a human pretzel in a blue leotard on a table, bending her legs over her head, twisting into positions experienced yogis wish they could.
Her father, who is the head clown of the circus, whistled to the crowd in another act, motioning them to clap in individual sections of the arena before pulling up three men to dance in front of the audience.
Chris Kiberd of Portsmouth was one of the lucky ones chosen. Laughing as he walked back to his seat, Kiberd said, “I certainly didn't expect that coming here tonight.”
Kiberd, who was at the circus with his wife and daughter, said that was his first experience being in the spotlight.
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Circus opens today at Murray State

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April 4, 2013
Murray, KY--The old cliché about running away from home to join the circus doesn’t really square with reality.
The phrase implies that one would run away from one’s own family to make a new family with circus performers. In Cathy Carden’s experience, though, most circus performers have known the ins and outs of the business their entire lives.

Cathy performs with her husband, Brett Carden, in the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey: Fully Charged Gold Edition, which will be at Murray State University’s CFSB Center Thursday through Sunday. The two met through the circus, and both of them come from a long line of circus performers.
Cathy is a seventh-generation animal trainer and has worked with animals since she was 5 years old. She said the five Ringling Brothers brought her ancestors to America from England around 1919 when the Ringling Bros. combined with Barnum & Bailey for the “super circus.” Her parents performed with the company in the 1960s before Cathy was born.
Cathy herself became the third generation in her family to work with the company in 1998. Before then, she had worked with several other circuses.
“I’ve worked with pretty much every circus in the country,” Cathy said. “The circus business is a small business. Everybody knows everybody and it’s very family-oriented. It’s a tradition, so it’s brought up through your family. Everyone learns the family act, so it’s like the family business. It’s just passed on from generation to generation and it’s a small business, so all the kids that I grew up with, we were kids together and have worked together over the years in circuses as adults. We meet and date and get married, and it all stays within the business. It’s a small community.”
According to a press release, Brett also grew up with his family’s circus, the George Carden Circus. A fourth-generation circus performer, Brett and his brother, Larry, grew up with 14 elephants, and Brett would get up early every day as a child  to help feed, exercise and take care of all their needs. Brett is a third-generation elephant trainer.
One of the first elephants Brett trained as a teenager is Duchess, who is one of the three elephants that currently tour with Brett and Cathy. Duchess and Brett have been together for the last 18 years.
Brett and Cathy first met when Brett was visiting his brother during Winter Quarters for the 129th Edition, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents The Living Carousel, which was the first Ringling Bros. show for which Cathy worked. Their paths crossed again when Brett’s father was in search of a new act for his circus and hired Cathy. The two fell in love on the road, and they have now been married for the last decade. They have two sons, George, 5, and Cash, 3.
Although it’s a bit early to tell if George — who is called simply “G” — and Cash will continue the family tradition, Cathy said she often teases G about how his life is a bit different  compared to her childhood.
“Right now, they just express interest in their iPad,” Cathy said. “That’s what I always tell my 5-year-old, I’m like, ‘Dude, I already had a job by this time. Come on, when are you going to start helping? When are going to get a job?’ Because I was already working, I was making two bucks a week already at 5 years old.”
Another animal trainer with the show is Gala, who is originally from Russia and whose parents were also circus performers. She has worked with animals since the age of 5, starting by training dogs and cats and most recently training sea lions. She said she has also worked a lot with horses and camels. She has been with Ringling Bros. for about six months.
“I really feel like my dream as a young child came true,” said Gala, whose given name is Galina. “I always saw myself performing with horses in the ring. Literally, I would fall asleep and imagine myself in a pretty costume with horses running around me. And, hey, I’m doing it now!”
Jillian Kaplan Collett, publicist for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, said the Murray Calloway County Chamber of Commerce would host a ribbon-cutting with performers from the show at the CFSB Center 11:30 a.m. Thursday. The public is invited for a picnic lunch with the show’s three majestic Asian elephants on the lawn afterward, and animal trainers will be on site to talk about the care, welfare and training of the elephants. In case of rain, the public event will be inside the CFSB Center.
Cathy said families really should arrive an hour early to the shows this weekend to get the full experience because they can meet the performers, try on costumes and see the animals up close. The All Access Pre-show Party is free with the price of a ticket.


Circus returns to Anderson

Photo by Nathan Gray
John Winn makes adjustments to his cyber cycle before testing it at the Civic Center of Anderson. Winn will be performing at the Hejaz Shrine Circus that will start Friday evening.

April 4, 2013
ANDERSON — From camels to clowns and from bears to acrobats, families will find plenty to excite and amaze them this weekend at the Hejaz Shrine Circus in Anderson.
The circus returns to the Civic Center of Anderson for three days and five shows, with the opening performance set for Friday night.
Advance tickets are $11 for adults and $9 for children 12 and younger. Prices go up by $2 on the day of each show.

Photo by Nathan Gray, Anderson Independent Mail
Frederick Rosaire moves a barrel into the Civic Center. The barrel will be used in a bear act in the Hejaz Shrine Circus.

Derrick Rosaire, a man with bear training in his blood and the bite marks to prove it, will be showing off Chopper and Indian. The 10-year-old grizzlies were scheduled to be euthanized in Idaho when Rosaire’s family got them, he said. Chopper weighs 750 pounds and stands more than 7 feet tall.
“He’s like the Shaq of bears,” Rosaire said.
Indian, a female, weighs 550 pounds and is about 6 feet tall.
They know how to wave, play on a slide and do a pyramid trick.
“They do some other stuff, too,” Rosaire said. “But we don’t like to put it all out there and spoil the show.”
So how does a guy train a bear to do that stuff?
“Very carefully,” Rosaire said.
“We use reward and repetition,” he said. “They are a lot like dogs. They just bite harder. But when they know they will get a cookie for doing something right, they really concentrate.” 
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photo by Nathan Gray, Anderson Independent Mail
Nino Migliaccio cleans the floor mat of one of the three rings that will be used in the Hejaz Shrine Circus at the Civic Center of Anderson.

Sherwood Kaiser, the executive circus administrator, said families and children can expect “practically an all-new show” compared to the one last year at the Civic Center.
The Chicago Boyz, an acrobatic team that performed last year, are the only performers from 2012 that will be returning for this year’s circus, Kaiser said.
Kaiser has been a circus man for more than 20 years. For him, the circus never loses its luster.
“Seeing the kids — and I mean the kids of every age — is the best part of it for me,” he said. “You show them the elephants or the acrobats or the clowns and their faces just light up. The circus is for the young at heart.”
The proceeds of the Shrine Circus go toward philanthropic efforts of the Hejaz Temple.
“This is one of our big events,” said Glenn Brill, Anderson County’s director of parks, recreation and tourism. “It brings a crowd: parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents. It’s a family event, a multigenerational event, that we are proud to be part of and it’s for a good cause.”
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