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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Great time at Tin City in Naples, Italy with friends Johnny and Monica Welde of The World famous Welde Bears and John Prestiani of the Florida State Fair
and Fair Entertainer Dennis Lee.

Ringling Circus prevails in 14-year legal case; collects $16M from Humane Society, others

By Thomas Heath, Published: May 16 E-mail the writer
A number of animal rights groups including the D.C.-based Humane Society of the United States ended their long-running litigation with Feld Entertainment this week by paying nearly $16 million to settle unproven allegations that Feld’s Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus was mistreating elephants.

Feld chief executive and owner Kenneth Feld said the verdict by the U.S. District Court in Washington ends the 14-year litigation and vindicated his circus’s treatment of the animals it uses in its act.

The settlement covers the legal costs incurred by Feld Entertainment defending the allegations. The company, which began decades ago in Washington and recently moved most of its operations to Florida, was represented by the law firm of Norton Rose Fulbright.

“Just to get this thing done, to settle this with all the parties, was a great relief,” Feld said in an interview. “The important thing is it’s behind us. We can focus on our entertainment business and on the welfare of all the elephants, here and in Sri Lanka and also at our Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida.”

The win by the privately held Feld comes as the company is recovering from a circus accident this month at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, R.I. Nine acrobats were severely injured when rigging collapsed, causing them to fall 40 feet to the floor.

The company has not resumed the aerial act since the accident. Two of the nine have been released, but two reportedly sustained severe spinal injuries, according to news reports. The injured performers and their families have asked that no new information on their medical condition be released, according to a Feld Entertainment spokesman.

Feld called the accident “an absolute tragedy and devastating.”
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Circus Mojo holds International Festival

Updated: Friday, May 16 2014,
LUDLOW, Ky. (Perry Schaible) -- Run away and join the circus this weekend at Circus Mojo. It's hosting its second annual International College Circus Festival. Circus Mojo is a training facility on Elm Street in Ludlow. Paul Miller, a former Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus clown, started it in 2009. The festival is three days of  workshops and panel discussions for people interested in the circus or considering a career. They say people from around the world come to participate. Instructors say they have a passion for the art and they love to share it. "We work a lot with kids or people with emotional or behavior disabilities. We also go to nursing homes and we like to bring the circus to unexpected places, where people don't really expect to have a good time and accomplish something new, and we use these circus skills to surprise them, bring a little bit of joy and happiness, and then teach them confidence, self esteem and make good life choices." A big performance is part of workshop on Saturday. 

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Circus Comming to Moundsville

May 16 2014
MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. -- For the first time since a circus accident injured 11 people in Rhode Island, a live show is coming to the Ohio Valley. The Lucas and Clark circus is at Grand Vue Park for six shows starting tonight. Following that accident, safety is on the minds of many. "Unfortunately what happened in that show is that a metal part completely broke so we try to check everything everyday just in case," Ariel Valeiras of the circus said. Tickets to the show are available online. And parents can take two kids to the event free. Tickets can also be purchased at the door or at Grand Vue Park's main office at a discount. 

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'Barnum' Brings the Circus to Chatham

Liz Keill
May 16, 2014
CHATHAM, NJ – Prepare yourself for a rollicking roller-coaster ride for "the greatest show on earth."

Yes, Barnum & Bailey Circus has come to town in the exuberant production of “Barnum” at the Chatham Playhouse. With lyrics by Michael Stewart, music by Cy Coleman and a book by Mark Bramble, the musical is all about humbug and larger-than-life entertainment.

The story of P.T. Barnum and his slight-of-hand is great fun for kids of all ages. The story centers on Phineas Taylor Barnum’s rise from owner of a museum (which burns down) to bringing Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, to American audiences, to running for mayor and the Senate and, finally, to his partnership with Bailey’s circus.  Barnum’s flair for show business and ‘hoodwinking’ the audience makes for hilarious hijinks. (Remember this way to the egress?)

Chris Abbott is the multi-talented Barnum, with juggling skills, a strong singing voice, a balancing act, dancing and more…all while in character and never losing his focus. He’s ably matched by Kathleen Campbell Jackson as his wife, Chairy. She’s both lovely to look at and possesses a lilting soprano.

Ray Guy as Tom Thumb pulls off a delightful number with “Bigger Isn’t Better.” The scene is cleverly staged with two performers on stilts at his side.

“Black and White” is also a highlight, when Barnum decides to run for office. But he’s finally convinced he needs color and action. . And the ‘Black and White’ number is stunning, with sleek, stylish looks for the women and tux and tie for the men. Shannon Ludlum adds pizzazz as the Blues Singer.

Sarah Kuhns makes an appealing Jenny Lind. Everyone in the cast gives it their all, and the results show.

Special note should be made of costume design by Fran Harrison. Not only does the large cast have multiple costume changes, everything from rugged backstage wear in the 1830s to the 1880s,  to outfitting clowns, acrobats, period ball gowns for the women and frock coats for the men.  Chairy’s cloaks and dresses are especially lush

What made the project even more challenging were several changes in cast, some because of spills during rehearsals.

But you’d never know bout all that upheaval from the smooth, smart production directed by Jeffrey Fiorello.  Music director Jack Bender enhances the high spirits with the five-piece ensemble.

Some songs are romantic and quiet, such as “The Colors of My Life.”  But it’s the razzle dazzle that has the audience cheering, especially with such numbers as “One Brick at a Time.”

Before the play begins, youngsters and everyone else are entertained with juggling, magic tricks and more, all overseen by Michael Healy, who plays the Ringmaster.

Well, what more can you say. The simple, fluid set design and lighting convey the aura of a circus (Robert Lukasik, Richard Hennessy.) Hair and makeup are by Raven Dunbar and Jessica Phelan, another attention to detail that makes a difference.

For a delightful diversion, you’ll have pure pleasure at “Barnum.” Performances continue through May 24 at The Chatham Playhouse, 23 North Passaic Avenue in Chatham. For tickets, call 973-635-7363 or visit 

World's Fair festival will feature original Batmobile, Mrs. Met, and videophone on Sunday

Bell Systems hostess with the Picturephone in 1965. The device was introduced at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair in Queens. (Credit: AT&T)
May 16, 2014
It isn't a party unless you bring the Batmobile.
The original car from the 1960s hit TV show will be on display at Flushing Meadows Corona Park on Sunday as Queens celebrates the 75th and 50th anniversaries of the two World’s Fairs that were held in 1939 and 1964.
The one-day festival will feature memorabilia, including the original videophone that wowed visitors at the 1964 fair, roving magicians, tours of the New York State Pavilion featured in the “Men in Black” film and Belgian waffles.
Even Mrs. Met is making a rare appearance to celebrate the fairs that brought the world to Queens.

Industry decided to make 1964 the year of color television, and bring it to the masses via the massive commercial platform of the New York World’s Fair. RCA spearheaded the effort, creating a splash at its pavilion with its color TV studio where attendees were taped “live.” (Credit: Cotter)

It’s also an opportunity for visitors to learn about the history of the fairs.  
AT&T will be showing the original videophone known as the Picturephone that was introduced at the fair in 1964 alongside newer technologies.
Unfortunately, visitors won’t be able to make calls on it: the technology that allowed it to magically transmit video images of callers no longer exists.
However, visitors will be able to see how it worked. 
The free festival begins at 1 p.m., and culminates with 10 minutes of fireworks and concerts by a Beatles tribute band and the Queens Symphony Orchestra beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Safety measures questioned as circus arrives in Louisville
By Cedra Mayfield
Posted:May 15, 2014

Moscow State Circus returns to Southsea

May 16, 2014
The Moscow State Circus brings its unique blend of quirky theatricality and athletic showmanship to Southsea Common next week.

The internationally renowned circus introduces a new production, 
set in the mystical centre of Moscow’s cultural and artistic quarter Park Gorkogo (Gorky Park).

Superstar Clown Val Defun invites the audience to this wondrous and mysterious space, a place of romance as lovers stroll and take in Moscow at sunset.

The loveable Val Defun reminisces about past times in the Russian capitol as he is surrounded by a talented cast of flying, back flipping, juggling and roller skating performers

The ever-changing relationship of Moscow’s inhabitants with Gorky Park form the basis of the new concept behind Park Gorkogo, reflected in the new show’s dynamic approach which swings from performances on the ground to acts high above the audience’s heads in breath-taking succession.

Park Gorkogo features a variety of dazzling acts including the award-winning flying trapeze of Aliev’s White Birds, unbelievable roller-skating by the Veslovskis and the unique Yakovlev Vertical Pole Jugglers.

Circus fans can also enjoy feats of strength from Vladislav Khostik, the Kozak whip crackers and the revolving Russian Swing which catapults performers high above the crowd at breakneck speed.

The Moscow State Circus: Park Gorkogo comes to Southsea Common from Wednesday, May 21 until Sunday, June 1 – show times vary.
Call 0203 375 3970 or visit 


Lew-E the Clown, of Cole Brothers Circus, entertains kids at the YMCA After school program at Beverly City School, Thursday, May 15, 2014. 
(PHOTO Bryan Woolston)
by: Sean Patrick Murphy
May 15, 2014.
By Sean Patrick Murphy Staff Writer
BEVERLY — For Lew-E, a performer with the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars, it’s all about clowning around because, well, he is a clown.
He was at the Beverly City School on Thursday, telling jokes, juggling, and doing magic tricks for about 25 kids from kindergarten to fifth grade who are in the YMCA after-school program.
Lew-E’s show also was about promoting the circus, which is coming to Burlington County on Wednesday and Thursday at the Burlington Center Mall on Route 541 in Burlington Township.
The circus is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year.
“I think the upcoming show in Burlington is going to be fantastic, because it’s the world’s largest circus under the big top,” boasted Lew-E, who has been a clown for 20 years. “It’s a time for families and their children to come together as one and just spend time together and forget about the worries that they have in life for two hours.
“From a performer’s standpoint, it’s an  amazing opportunity to be a part of that,” he said.
Lew-E said the circus has everything one could expect from an old-fashioned circus, “the way it’s meant to be seen.”
He said the tent is “amazing,” in part, because it is the world’s largest, almost as long as a football field.
Lew-E also pointed to the fact that Cole Bros. boasts the largest tiger act in the country. Other notable acts include Fassio’s Flying Canines, the Elephas Maximus elephant show, the Ponce Family aerial acrobats, a human cannonball and, of course, clowns.
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Thursday, May 15, 2014




arriving and setting up in Brisbane 

A film of Wirth's Circus & Zoo arriving and setting up in Brisbane, the capital of Australia's 'Sunshine State', Queensland. This short film, titled 'The Circus Comes to Town', was filmed and produced by, Harry W. Poulsen.

'Sneak Peek' series continues with Brinley Circus
Phyllis A.S. Boros
May 14, 2014

Pieces from the handmade Brinley Circus, started in the 1930s, will be the focus of a "Sneak Peek" lecture Wednesday, May 21, at the Barnum Museum. 
Photo: Contributed Photo
One of the Barnum Museum's most popular displays, Brinley's Miniature Circus, will return -- albeit partially -- to public viewing on Wednesday, May 21, as part of its monthly "Sneak Peek" series.

The circus exhibit "has been carefully tucked away since the tornado in 2010," said Kay Page Greaser, a museum spokeswoman. "At the request of our many guests, we will bring selected pieces of the handmade circus model out for all to see. William Brinley began making his circus model as a child growing up in the 1930s, using a variety of `found' materials.

"For example, he transformed the common wooden cheese boxes that were used at the time into circus wagons, and remnants of plain cotton cloth were stitched together to become tents. He learned to carve animal figures from blocks of scrap wood; examples of elephants in various stages of carving will be shown."

Pieces from the handmade Brinley Circus, started in the 1930s, will be the focus of a "Sneak Peek" lecture Wednesday, May 21, at the Barnum Museum.
 Photo: Contributed Photo

According to Kathy Maher, museum executive director, "The `Sneak Peek' series of informal lunchtime lecture programs began to keep our visitors engaged and curious about the museum as we move into our exciting re-envisioning process."

The landmark structure, owned by the city of Bridgeport, is still undergoing repair following a 2010 tornado that struck the building. All programs and exhibits are now offered in the People's United Bank Gallery that is situated behind the historic museum and is attached to the bank building.

"We have so many visitor inquiries about the collections and Barnum stories, and they are eager to learn and explore more about some of the museum's vast and extraordinary history. These `show and tell' discussions began in February of 2013 and have continued every month offering visitors a firsthand opportunity to experience behind-the-scenes aspects of the museum and have a truly unique opportunity to see the rarest artifacts in the collection. Each month we pick a theme and feature some fascinating, rarely seen items from the museum's collection."

Maher noted that since the museum just opened "The Lost and Found Circus," an exhibition of sculpture by Bridgeporter Susan Tabachnick, "It was perfect to feature selected pieces from the William Brinley Miniature Circus. The full model has more than 3,000 painstakingly hand-carved circus performers, animals, tents and wagons."

The Barnum Museum is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday through the summer from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Barnum Museum, 820 Main St., Bridgeport. Wednesday, May 21, 12:15 p.m. $3, free for 11 and younger.


Australian tightwire wizard (USA, c.1939)

When a circus convention comes to town

CFA Inc. Convention, 2014
The Circus Fans of Australasia Inc. Biennial Convention, 2014 will be held at
Murray Bridge, South Australia
from Saturday, 17 to Tuesday, 20 May, 2014.
May 15, 2014
MURRAY Bridge will host the Circus Fans of Australian and New Zealand over the weekend for the 42nd circus convention.

Rural City of Murray Bridge Mayor Allan Arbon will open the convention at the Murray Bridge and Districts Community Club at 3pm on Saturday.

A swap session and auction of historic circus memorabilia will take place on the same day as well as a performance from a 65-year-old contortionist.

Perry Brothers Circus’ Robert Perry said circus members were coming from around Australia and beyond to share their stories and souvenirs.

“Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, New Zealand, Tasmania; they are coming from everywhere,” he said.

“It’s just a good chance to get together with all the circus people.

“And it’s good for Murray Bridge as they will all spend a bit of money here.”

A circus convention is held in a different location at least every two years, with this year being the first for Murray Bridge.

Details: The Circus Fans of Australia and New Zealand will be in Murray Bridge from Saturday, May 17 until Tuesday, May 20. The public is invited to the Murray Bridge and Districts Community Club from 2pm until 4pm on Saturday, May 17 to view some of Australia’s circus history.
Come one, come all: 72nd Yaarab Shrine Circus & Fair starts Friday

The Wade Shows Carnival at the Yaarab Shrine Circus features more than 35 rides for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. 
Special to the MDJ/Courtesy 2014 Yaarab Shrine Circus
by Rachel Gray
May 14, 2014
MARIETTA — For years, Cobb residents have embraced their childlike spirit by marveling at circus acts, lining up for thrill rides and eating carnival food — all as an effort to enable Shriners to support children’s hospitals.

Starting Friday, Yaarab Shrine in Atlanta will present the weeklong 72nd Annual Yaarab Shrine Circus & Fair at Jim R. Miller Park.

The festivities begin with Friday’s “SNEAK-A-PEEK-RIDE-A-THON,” which serves as an opening day for the carnival with food vendors.

Patti Zerbini rides in the mouth of an African Elephant.

For $15 that day, patrons will enjoy an unlimited number of turns on the 35 rides, including the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Wacky Worm roller coaster and the Wade Shows Attraction’s Giant Wheel, a Ferris wheels that spins high above the midway. 

New this year will be the Miss Shrine Circus Beauty Pageant, which will be Friday at 6 p.m.

Nan Wages has been collecting entry fees for the pageant to raise funds for the beautification of the Atlanta temple. Her husband, Bill, has been a Shriner since 1997.

The pageant will be divided into seven age groups, from the Tiny Miss category for 3- to 4-year-old girls to the Miss Shrine Circus group of 18- to 24-year-old women.

There will be a title placement given for each category, as well as an overall Miss Photogenic selected from a photograph submitted for judging, Wages said.

Each group is allotted 30 minutes of stage time, and the focus will be on the contestants’ formal wear, Wages said.

On Tuesday, Wages was still collecting entry fees for families entering their children. The cost is $65 in advance or $75 at the door to participate.

The circus and fair will see a return of a petting zoo and the crowd favorite, Red Devil Clowns.

Richard Burke of Buford, this year’s president of the Yaarab Shrine, said the group of Shriners donning clown makeup and costumes on the weekends should be 20 to 25 strong.

“We of course are famous for our circus clowns,” said Burke, who has walked the circus midway in costume a couple of times in his 11 years as a Shriner.

Under the big top at this year’s Yaarab Shrine Circus & Fair, guests will see the return of Doug Terranova’s Big Cat Extravaganza, which shows the natural behavior of the tigers on command. 

Patty Zerbini will also demonstrate her skills working with both Asian and African elephants in the arena.

This year also comes with many new acts. 

For the first time in Marietta, Rick Wallenda of the world-famous Wallenda Family will be walking a tight rope.

Also performing high above the arena for crowds each day will be Robinson Cortes completing trapeze and aerial stunts.

Daredevil Shawn Ives, who for 30 years has perfected motorcycle jumps and summersaults, will be on hand as well.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Come one come all 72nd Yaarab Shrine Circus Fair starts Friday

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Circus operator claims King’s Lynn is ‘circused out’ as visit is cancelled

May 13, 2014
Lynn is at the heart of a circus war after one operator claimed it had been forced to cancel its event because a rival is coming to the town first.

The Uncle Sam’s American Circus is due to open for a five-day run at the Knights Hill farm shop site on Grimston Road tomorrow.

But managers of the rival Circus Wonderland, which had been due to come to the Walks next week, say they have had to scrap their plans because of it.

Director Paul Carpenter said that, although they have managed to secure an alternative site in Hinckley, Leicestershire, it was a major disappointment for them not to be able to come to the town.

Many relatives of Mr Carpenter’s partner Kriss Freear, who appears alongside him in the show as one of the Popolino clowns, still live in the Lynn area.

And Mr Carpenter said: “It has always been his dream to bring the show to his home town.”

The circus would also have been the first to be staged in the park for three years following talks between the operator and West Norfolk Council, whom Mr Carpenter thanked for its support.

But he claimed it would have been “financial suicide” for them to follow so soon after another circus in such a popular area for the art.

He said: “It’s a luxury going to the the circus and if people have been the week before they won’t think ‘lets go to another’ straight away.

“The council have said that we can speak to them about alternative dates but I know another circus is already booked at Knights Hill in September and another at East Winch in October.

“It’s a nightmare. King’s Lynn is just totally circused out.”

Paul Martinez, the manager and ringmaster of Uncle Sam’s American Circus, said he would have also have been forced to find an alternative site, or take a week off and leave almost 70 staff without pay, if the roles had been reversed.

He said: “Sometimes it can be like that. That’s why we prefer to go somewhere where no-one else has been.”

Although this is the first time he has visited Lynn with the American circus company, Mr Martinez has been with other events and said circus entertainment is still popular with audiences in West Norfolk.

He said: “We find the reaction is always really good. The people of King’s Lynn still like the circus.”

He said he also understood Mr Carpenter’s fears that promotional material for his circus would have been torn down by rivals.

He said they had experienced a similar problem in Hunstanton, though the issue was resolved amicably.

Cole Bros. Circus celebrates 130th anniversary
Cole Bros. Circus, which is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, will bring its show to North Brunswick from May 16-18.

North Brunswick Fire Co. No. 3 will host the performances on Route 1 north at Milltown Road, next to the DeVry University in North Brunswick.

The Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars features Chris Connors as the ringmaster. Also performing are the Fassio Family, acrobats from South America; Lana & Co., the mother-and-son handbalancing duo; Corps De Ballet, showcasing aerial ballet; Petya Milanova, an aerialist; Circus Clowns; Masters of Comedy; and the Flying Ponce Family.

The Royal Bengal Tigers, presented by Vicenta Pages, and circus elephants will also be featured.

Other thrillers and daredevils include the ThunderDrome, where motorcycle riders Eric, Wendy and Anthony cross paths inside of an spherical dome.

The Human Cannonball features Jose Bermudez and the world’s largest cannon. Dale Thomsen bursts from the barrel and travels a treacherous trajectory across the Big Top toward a safe landing.

The show starts at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. May 16; 1:30, 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. May 17; and 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. May 18.

Visitors may come an hour before the show for elephant and pony rides. Face painting will also be available.

Circus Pages in Covington Georgia

Published on Feb 5, 2013 by
The Best Family Circus around was in Covington Georgia! It was fun for the whole family! Come and see the 2013 edition of Circus Pages bringing with us all the splendor and glamor of international circus stars, exotic animals,
and heart pounding action!
Stardust Circus coming to the Whitsundays
14th May 2014
CIRCUS TALENT: Lion trainer and clown, Matt Ezekial, will be ready to dazzle local audiences when the Stardust Circus comes to town next week.
SHOW SPECTACULAR: Stardust Circus ringmaster Adam 'Warney' Presland is looking forward to their Airlie Beach shows from Thursday, May 15 to Sunday, May 18.

AUSTRALIA'S largest animal circus is coming to town for five exclusive live shows in Cannonvale, starting next Thursday, May 15.

The circus has performing animals including African lions, mischievous monkeys, six magnificent Liberty horses as well as miniature trick ponies that will entertain the whole family.

Audiences will also witness a large flying trapeze troupe, a spectacular 10-person Hungarian trained Teeter Board (springboard) act, dynamic aerialists high above their head, enthralling jugglers, acrobatic comedy and of course many crazy clowns.

Stardust Circus is operated by Janice and Lindsay Lennon, along with five brothers and sisters from the West Circus family.

The family have been in the circus industry all their lives and are proudly bringing up the next generation of performers among a supportive family structure.

Lion trainer and clown, Matt Ezekial, said all animals had been trained with the reward method and were treated as a valued part of this large family.

The circus travels on 22 motor vehicles including semi trailers, 14 trucks and many 4WDs - all towing caravans and equipment trailers for live performances in various outback towns as well as all major cities in Australia.

The show is approximately two hours long including interval and tickets cost $20 per child and $30 per adult for gallery seating, $25 per child and $35 per adult for elevated chairs, $30 per child and $35 per adult for second row ringside and $35 per child and $45 per adult for first row ringside.

Children aged 2-and-under are free if they can sit on the lap of an adult, with children aged 3-15 included in the child pricing cost.

Those aged 16-and-over require adult tickets.

Shows will start next Thursday (May 15) at 7pm, followed by performances on Friday (May 16) at 7pm, Saturday (May 17) at 2pm and 6pm, with the final circus extravaganza On Sunday (May 18) at 11am.

Mother Africa circus brings special brand of entertainment to Brisbane

Contortionist Lazarus Kitu bends over backwards for Mother Africa circus at QPAC
. Picture: Jeff Camden Source: News Limited
by--Paige Carfrae
May 14, 2014

AFRICAN circus Mother Africa made its 2014 Australian premiere at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre last night, with an upbeat, invigorating performance.

The show features 26 artists from nine African countries, performing a colourful display of traditional song and dance, acrobatics and amazing contortion acts.

Creator Winston Ruddle said he wanted to produce a show that cast Africa in a positive light.

“We try to show a different side of Africa, the joyful side,” he said.

Ruddle hunted talent from across the continent, giving some of Africa’s most talented performers the opportunity of a lifetime.

Arguably the most flexible man in the world, Lazarus Kitu was the sole contortionist chosen to join the circus.

“He was a street performer with a lot of talent, the only one I chose from 2000 auditioned because his talent is so unique,” Ruddle said.

The show is an entertaining mix of new content and crowd-pleasing favourites.

Mother Africa will play at QPAC until Saturday then, after touring other parts of the country, return next month.
see and read more at--

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Circus is coming to the valley

Tina 'Skeeter' Bausch counts down how long Sylith Waltz can balance an ostrich feather to win a free ticket to the circus. Parker Swihart also won a ticket. / Dave Polcyn/News Journal
Written by: Ginnie Baker
May 13, 2014  
BUTLER,OH — Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the big top is going up in Butler for the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus.

The Butler Lions Club is bringing the circus back to Clear Fork for a second time. The last visit was in 2012.

“The Culpepper and Merriweather Circus was here two years ago and will be back, including the lions and tigers,” said Butler Lions Club President Gary Mathes. “The two owners, Simone and Trey, have a strong love for animals and own three rescue dogs and a rescue cat. They used the money for their honeymoon to provide radiation treatments for a tumor discovered in the cat. We’re pleased to be able to bring them back.”

Skeeter the Clown made appearances in advance of the circus at Bellville Elementary and Butler Elementary schools and at Clear Fork Christian Preschool.

The Culpepper and Merriweather Circus will be at Butler Elementary grounds May 19 for two scheduled 90-minute performances at 5 and at 7:30 p.m.

The midway will be open at 4 p.m. with pony rides, a moon bounce and concessions.

The one-ring big top circus is in its 30th year and has been featured on National Geographic’s Explorer and Nickelodeon’s Nick News.

On the morning of the circus, everyone is welcome to come out and watch as Butler is transformed into “Circus City.”

You’ll see the animals being unloaded and the big top being erected between 9:30 and 10 a.m., followed by a tour that gives everyone an opportunity to learn about the circus. The tour includes information on the care the animals receive, including grooming and veterinarian care.

It takes 40 employees, two dozen animals and a fleet of nearly twenty vehicles to bring the circus magic to life each day in a new community.

The tent weighs 3,600 pounds and is 120 feet long by 80 feet wide. It is 30 feet tall at its highest point and is divided into three sections.
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Circus Fun At Dalma Mall Promises Unmatched Entertainment & Thrill
May 12, 2014
It is a well-known fact that Circus is an ageless delight for young or the old, rich or poor. In a move aimed at bringing together the community with its share of entertainment, fun and thrill, Dalma Mall – a community lifestyle and entertainment destination in Mussafah Abu Dhabi, has announced Circus Fun at Dalma Mall.

The Circus Fun at Dalma Mall will run on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout May 2014 with various shows between 6pm and 10pm. Not to leave the young ones behind, there is a special Kids Area for Arts and Crafts activities geared on Circus Fun, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of May 2014 between 5pm and 10pm.

So, if you are looking for crazy fun, be it the floor acrobats, or the contortionist, or added thrill such as the hand balancing or the treasure box acrobat show with spinning ring act, it is time to go to Dalma Mall. For added adrenaline rush, there is the rolling balancer act or the rotating ring acrobat show.

The Illusion show is set to keep everyone spellbound while the Dual Bubble clown act show and the Mime act is set to have everyone in splits. To add to the fun, the unicyclist and jugglers’ act as well as the circus parade band with stilt walkers will have jaws dropping.

On the other hand, the Kids’ Arts and Crafts Area will have an array of circus related arts and crafts like Puppet Theatre, Shadow Puppet Making, Cutie Clown Doll Making, Personalized Mask Making, Maracas Making and Socks Puppet Making. The Kids Saloon Workshop includes Face Painting, Nail Art Painting, Hair Braiding and Colouring and Temporary Circus Tattoo Art.

Hussein Ali Ahmad, Marketing Manager at Dalma Mall, said: “It is crazy, it is fun, it is original and it is innovative. No matter what kind of entertainment we are exposed in today’s modern world, the Circus always offers its share of thrill and excitement. The talent, the dedication, the performance and the acrobatics is set to have everyone at the edge of their seats. Catch the Circus Fun at Dalma Mall this May for a memorable time of pageantry, skills and clown acts. It cannot get any better.”

Dalma Mall currently has over 250 tenants, offering the best of international brands and lifestyle choices for its discerning customers.


Where world-class productions prepare for the world stage
Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the global headquarters of Feld Entertainment® is home to the largest and most innovative facility of its kind in the world. No one does what we do, and no other facility delivers such true integration and remarkable industry production standards. With more than 580,000 sq. ft. under one roof, we have the unique ability to set up the tour, design and build the set, create the show and pack it for the road. Our one-stop-shop offers an exceptional 50,000 square-foot rehearsal space, on-site design and fabrication, in-house operational expertise and administration support services, all for ultimate cost efficiency for both celebrated Feld Entertainment productions and for producers looking for a staging and rehearsal venue to take their production to the world stage. Feld Entertainment Studios, quite simply, offers the quality and operational expertise you would expect from the world leader in live-action family entertainment.
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Big Apple Circus Clowns Create Smiles At Boston Children’s Hospital

By David Robichaud WBZ-TV News
May 12, 2014
BOSTON (CBS) – Even though the Big Apple Circus has pulled up its tents for the season, the clowns stay behind all year round to entertain chronically ill children at Boston Children’s Hospital.
These clowns are not volunteers.  They are specially trained to deal with young people suffering from major illnesses.
“We wait for the signals from the child, not the parent but the child to say we can come a little closer,” Bob Widdop, a.k.a. ‘Nurse BB’ told WBZ-TV.

Katie Murphy with Big Apple Circus clown Dr. Dazzle at Boston Children’s Hospital. (Photo by David Robichaud – WBZ-TV)

During our visit to the hospital, they spotted their first patient, three-year- old Avery, clinging to her mom Stacy.
They sing “Tiny bubbles, tiny bubbles, bouncin’ on my head, bouncin’ on my head” and slowly gain Avery’s trust.
After they inch closer, the next thing you know, Avery’s playing along.
Eight-year-old Angelina is very familiar not only with these clowns but with the Big Apple Circus.  She was actually the ringmaster one night, something that made her very happy.
“They bring joy, they bring silliness, they bring laughter.  They just add this unique other dimension,” said Beth Donegan Driscoll, the Child Life Specialists Director at Children’s.
Six-year-old Katie Marie Murphy of Amesbury and Dr. Dazzle are BFF’s.
Hair-raising! Daredevil circus performer hangs from the ceiling just with her long locks
A DAREDEVIL circus performer has insured her long locks for £1million after becoming the UK's only person to practice the ancient art of hair hanging.
By: Dion Dassanayake
Mon, May 12, 2014

Anastasia IV has a world record for the heaviest weight lifted with just someone's hair[CATERS]

Anastasia IV makes a living from using her waist-length blonde barnet to hang from the ceiling and swing or spin so fast her face becomes a blur.

The 26-year-old, who uses two bottles of conditioner a day, also holds the Guinness World Record for lifting the heaviest weight with her hair. 

The performer, whose real name is Joanna Sawicka, discovered her unique talent after she quit studying biochemistry in London to join a circus.

She said: "The idea of running away to the circus was romantic.

"I had no idea I would end up doing something so crazy. But I've found my calling and it feels fantastic!" 

Ms Sawicka has spent four years perfecting her act and has even managed to pull a 2.5 tonne car 20 metres down Shaftesbury Avenue in the capital.

In preparation for performances with the Circus of Horrors she undergoes a lengthy hair care regime lasting an hour and a half.

Her mane needs to be brushed thoroughly as any knots or tangles could weaken the rope-like structure her hair becomes.

She originally came to the UK from Poland to study but when she met circus performer Hannibal Hellmurto in a pub she decided to join him.

Mr Hellmurto later became her husband and Ms Sawicka started her circus act by lying on beds of nails and sword swallowing.

But within two years she was practicing hair hanging, an ancient tradition that is believed to have originated in China.

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'Duck Dynasty' coming to the Bloomsburg Fair
By Ashley Wislock
May 12, 2014
BLOOMSBURG — Bloomsburg Fair officials have booked classic rock stars and the reality TV family from “Duck Dynasty” for the 159th event.

They announced via Facebook Monday that Willie and Korie Robertson, of A&E’s smash hit “Duck Dynasty” will host a question-and-answer session at the grandstand Sept. 21 while Southern rockers ZZ Top — whose song “Sharp Dressed Man,” coincidentally, is the “Duck Dynasty” theme song — will perform Sept. 25.

The Robertsons will discuss their show, their daily lives and will also take questions from fans, said Carey Howell, superintendent of the grandstand. The talk format is something “more and more fairs are looking into, rather than just having bands,” he said.

Tickets will most likely go on sale in late July or early August, Howell said. Pricing has yet to be determined. ZZ Top tickets will also go on sale around the same time.

The Robertson have been doing shows at various fairs and are scheduled to make a similar appearance at the Iowa State Fair in August, with fellow “Duck Dynasty” star Uncle Si. Tickets for that show, “A Conversation with the Robertsons,” are $32, according to the Iowa fair’s website.

“Willie, Korie and Si Robertson, stars of A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ will entertain fans of the reality show and outdoor enthusiasts alike as they share insights into their family life and the filming of the show,” the show description reads.

Members of the Robertson clan are also headlining the entertainment line-up at the Alaska State Fair, according to the Associated Press.

Opinion on the “Duck Dynasty” grandstand show were mixed on the Bloomsburg Fair’s Facebook page.

“ZZ Top and now this,” Matthew Susnoskie said, “(it’s) going to be a great fair this year.”

Meanwhile, others were not as enthusiastic about the controversial stars, who have publicly come out against homosexuality, citing their evangelical Christian views.

“Listening to them talk for a few hours is not entertainment,” Kim Kitchen Derr said. “I realize the fair board is giving the people what they want, but I think, with this being the only venue for bigger scale entertainment, thought should be given to providing quality, not some controversial reality stars whose only claim to fame is that they are famous.”

The fair works with a promoter to bring acts to the grandstand, Howell said, though the event also tries to listen to Facebook feedback. However, scheduling often dictates what acts come to the fair.

“Jay Leno, for instance, wasn’t available,” Howell said. “We tried several times to get the Zac Brown Band, but at first they didn’t want to do fairs. Now that they are, they weren’t available.”

Darius Rucker was another requested act, but at the time of the fair, he will be touring California, Howell said.

“It’s difficult,” he said.

The fair, whose acts often cater to country music fans and older audiences, has tried to bring in rock acts to attract younger audiences, but found that those shows were unprofitable, Howell said.

“We have to break even,” he said.

Other performers will be announced in the coming weeks on the Bloomsburg Fair Facebook page, Howell said.

Monday, May 12, 2014

At The Shore Today: Cole Bros. Circus comes to Vineland for two days of performances

Monday, May 12, 2014
Circus in Vineland
Cole Bros. Circus, the oldest, American circus performing under the big top, celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. Cole Bros. Circus comes to southern New Jersey today and Tuesday with shows at the U-Sell Flea Market in Vineland.
This event will reprise legendary circus acts of the past along with the talents of newer circus artists. In Mexico's Angels in the Air performance, daring young men and women on the flying trapeze soar high above the hippodrome track. Circus daredevils cast caution aside in ThunderDrome with the zany Cole Bros. clown crew arriving in the nick of time to provide comic relief. Elephants and acrobats, tigers and teeterboard artists take their turns in the spotlight, and the human cannonball gets fired at every show.
If You Go: Performances are 5 and 8 p.m. today and Tuesday at the flea market, 2896 South Delsea Drive, Vineland. Tickets are $21 general admission, $25 reserved and $28 VIP. Buy tickets online at For free tickets for children age 12 and younger, also visit

The circus comes to Mason City

Children enjoy an elephant ride during the Shrine Circus pre-party Sunday at the North Iowa Events Center
May 12,2014
MASON CITY | Dozens of lucky moms and kids spent Mother's Day under the Big Top at the North Iowa Events Center Sunday.

The pre-party for the 2014 North Iowa Shrine Club Circus brought many families out about an hour before show time for rides on an elephant, camel and ponies. The adventurous had their picture taken with a three-year-old red tail boa constrictor.

A trip to the circus is a tradition for twins Taylor and Leah Brown and their parents, Jessica and Brian, of Swaledale.

"We come every single year," Jessica Brown said. "We've been coming since they were about 4 years old. It's something they enjoy coming to. They love it. They love the elephants and they love riding the ponies."

The girls talked about riding the elephant. 

"It was a lot of fun to be up high," Taylor said.

Charlie Marie Larsen, 5, from Fertile, participates in a dance competition lead by Lenny Hoops, the circus master of ceremony, during the circus pre-party Sunday at the North Iowa Events Center.

"It feels kind of scary, but once you get moving it doesn't feel very scary," Leah said. She added that the seat, "doesn't hurt your butt or anything."

Donna Hammen, Mason City, brought her great-granddaughter Charlie Marie Larsen, 5, of Fertile, to the circus.

Charlie, her face painted like a cheetah, munched on pink cotton candy.

"I haven't been to the circus since I was a small child," Hammen said. "She spotted the ad in the newspaper and asked me to bring her. 

"This is the best time. This a wonderful thing to do and on Mother's Day."

The circus' master of ceremonies Lenny Hoops entertained the kids with music and games. Kids jumped up and down as he played a drum and sang "What time is it? It's party time."

The proceeds support Shriner's Hospitals for Children.

Taylor Brown, 7, left, from Swaledale, and her twin sister Leah hula hoop during the circus pre-party Sunday at the North Iowa Events Center.

Jennifer Lawson from Thompson and her two boys, Leighton, 3, and Jase, 11 months, take an elephant ride during the circus pre-party Sunday at the North Iowa Events Center.