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Saturday, November 13, 2010


A Cowboy's Headstone
This was a real cowboy.
Headstone of Russell J. Larsen in The Logan City Cemetery , Logan , Utah
I wonder if he died knowing he would win the 'Coolest Headstone' contest?
The UniverSoul Circus, at Freedom Mart Shopping Center through Nov. 21, has about 70 performers representing 11 countries. T.ORTEGA GAINES -

Diversity soars - and thrills at UniverSoul Circus
By Théoden Janes Friday, Nov. 12, 2010

America's most diverse circus just keeps getting more diverse.

Formed in 1994 to showcase black performers, the UniverSoul Circus has expanded over 17 years to feature a multinational cast of about 70 performers representing 11 countries.

The production - founded in Atlanta by promoter Cedric Walker - combines circus arts, theater and an array of musical genres (pop, classic R&B, Latin, hip-hop, jazz and gospel). It is annually one of Ticketmaster's top 10 most-requested family events, along with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, "Sesame Street Live" and "Disney on Ice."

The UniverSoul Circus will stop at Charlotte's Freedom Mart Shopping Center next week for 11 shows over five days as part of a 500-show tour that will reach 32 U.S. cities. Here are some of the anticipated highlights, each of which adds to UniverSoul's diverse feel.

The Russian is coming

Tigers and elephants are often big draws for circuses, but the animals UniverSoul is most excited about this year are neither fierce nor massive. New to the lineup is an act called "Pampered Pooches," led by Russian dog trainer Irina Markova. Her canines - also seen on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" and the Big Apple Circus - can jump rope, form conga lines, and circle the ring on their forelegs. A professional trainer since age 9, Markova was the subject of a short film documentary, "The Poodle Trainer," that was shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival. (Note: UniverSoul Circus does have elephants and tigers, too.)

Going Dutch

If you'd like a little Harlem Globetrotters-style action, you're in luck: A pair of ball-handling wizards from Belgium and Holland will perform an act called "Double Dribble," and the Slam Dunk All Stars will perform "Above the Rim," a show that features "acrodunking" and other assorted stunts - including one involving a trampoline and a ring of fire.

Chinese imports

Also new for 2010: "Chinese Silks" by the China Soul Flyers, a troupe of 10 trapeze artists who perform a synchronized aerial dance with breathtaking maneuvers (including one in which four women move through the air while balancing teacups on two-piece crystal wands held with their mouths); and "Chinese Checkers" by the Chinese Drum Line, a group of nine female drummers/acrobats who create an aural and visual feast with drums and scarves that crisscross in midair.
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Pigs in the city! Circus pigs make a break for it

By Justin Kendall, Fri., Nov. 12 2010

First, it was a chimpanzee on the loose. Then it was a horse in the backseat of a car. Now we have pigs on the loose in downtown Kansas City -- just like Babe: Pig in the City. Fox 4 ran the photo above, taken by Erika Van Tuy, on its website.

Fox 4 reports that the pigs were spotted at 14th and Wyandotte last night around 10. The pigs made a break for it after performing in the Ararat Shriner Circus. They were eventually wrangled up by circus workers. Also check out another photo at KMBC Channel 9.

The 2010 Karem Shrine Circus Comes To Belton, Texas
5 Captivating Circus Performances,
November 19th to 21st at the Bell County Expo Center

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 12, 2010 – The Bell County Expo Center roars to life with tantalizing tigers, enchanting elephants, and dramatic daredevils as the legendary Shrine Circus rolls into Belton for three thrilling days. Passionate performers from 15 countries will dazzle circus fans with new, amazing feats in the biggest and best Shrine Circus ever.

The Shrine Circus is the only interactive circus in the world! This year’s show includes the opportunity of a lifetime, as audience members are welcomed into the circus rings before, during intermission, and after the circus to meet the stars, ride ponies and elephants, and take photographs. The Karem Shrine is throwing a Pre-Party for all who wish to hobnob with local celebrities, or for those who just love to clown around!

Michelle Audrey, is delighted to act as emcee on behalf of the Karem Shrine, “This is a show that is all about family fun and creating memories.” The Espana Family Daredevils ride custom motorcycles to conquer a tightrope and tempt the Wheel of Death. Prepare to cover your eyes! Bo the Elephant performs amazing tricks with his bevy of pachyderm babes under the celebrated direction of trainer Larry Carden. Weighing in at almost 6 tons, Bo is a big star! Lloyd’s Old English Sheepdogs are anything but a dog-and-pony show. Combining comedy and renowned animal training, this act is a crowd favorite, paws and hooves down. The Georgettes are a talented troupe of showgirls who weave dance and music into artistry. Literally, these beauties wrapped only in aerial silks will soar to the very top of the arena. Never wanting to leave the best for last, the Shrine Circus opens with an adrenaline pumping tiger act from Bruno Blaszac’s Bengal Tigers. How do you make 8 tigers dance and jump through a fiery ring? “Very carefully,” explains Bruno.

The Karem Shrine Circus is the hottest ticket in town! The Shriners are pleased to offer affordable family entertainment, and many past attendees call the show a perfect “stay-cation.” Tickets are $12 (for children 12 and under), $16 for Adult General Admission. Facility fees may apply. More details on show times and tickets are available at

About Our Hosts: The Shrine Circus is a fundraising event for the Karem Shriners, and helps to promote philanthropy and civic service in the community. Shriners International is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world. For more information on Karem Shrine, visit Net proceeds from the Shrine Circus benefit the Karem Shriners, and are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.


All the fun of a circus and fire for free
Home » News » Dunedin, New Zealand
By Nigel Benson on Wed, 10 Nov 2010

The circus is coming to town.
A free circus arts spectacular will be held at Sammy's Entertainment Venue in Dunedin this weekend.

"There will be hula-hooping, acrobatics, juggling, unicycling and even a live fire show at the entrance by Highly Flammable," production manager Logan Elliott said yesterday.

Circus in Circus will include the Twisty Twins, Jola and Nele Siezen, who appeared in the recent Otago Festival of the Arts production The Butler, and master of ceremonies, comedian Vinyl Burns (Kim Potter).

"They're all professional performance artists from New Zealand and Australia. We'll have about 15 performers from New Zealand and five from Australia," Mr Elliott said.

"Circus arts are becoming big in New Zealand. People are taking it a lot more seriously and they're getting a lot more professional about it," he said.

"It's completely free and will be a real family show. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the fun."

The circus performance is part of the annual Circulation Festival, which will be held at Whare Flat from Friday to Monday.

More than 50 performers and musicians from the festival will attend the circus performance.

Circus in Circus starts at 7pm.

Admission is free.

Maui circus producers taking show on the road

This act wowed the Alaskan crowds last month.
By Erika Engle Honolulu Star
Nov 12, 2010
Lifelong circus man Cornell "Tuffy" Nicholas and lifelong marketing man Doug Harris of The Harris Agency LLC have formed Nicholas Harris Entertainment to expand the scope of Maui's Cirque Polynesia to audiences abroad.

While the Maui show continues its performances at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa where it will mark two years in June, the co-impresarios created a new show, "The Great American Circus," and sold 28,000 tickets for 34 shows performed by a traveling troupe in Alaska last month.
Another performer who wowed the Alaskan crowds last month.
The next show will roll out in a traditional circus tent at the Agana Shopping Center on Guam later this month, though the show uses only people -- no animals. It will then travel to the Philippines for 34 performances at Manila's SM Mall of Asia.
Nicholas was born to circus folk and gave his first performance at age 3. While a popular adage has kids running away from home to join the circus, Nicholas ran away from his circus home twice, only to return to produce the more modern Cirque du Soleil-inspired style of shows.
A descendant of composer Arthur Sullivan (of theatrical production creators Gilbert and Sullivan) and originally from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Harris drew from his heritage to help develop the music, costuming and haka (war chant) used in the Polynesian-themed shows. Little-known fact: The never shy or retiring Harris performed a haka at his own wedding in 1992.
Another performer who wowed the Alaskan crowds last month.
A Christmas-themed version of "Cirque Polynesia" will be performed by another troupe in Indonesia next month. The set is a Polynesian village built in the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall in Jakarta, an upscale retail center measuring more than 2.7 million square feet.

"The economy in Hawaii was part of the reason that forced me to look further afield to other markets," Harris said. He became convinced there was a much larger market for the shows he and Nicholas produced "after doing a couple events on Guam," he said. He made six or seven presentations throughout Southeast Asia, and with the positive overall response, "it was pretty easy to put together deals."

One of the acts in "The Great American Circus," produced by "Cirque Polynesia" creators Cornell "Tuffy" Nicholas and Doug Harris
The "better margins outside Hawaii are sort of helping us with our presence across the board," said Harris.
"I think Hawaii entertainment is definitely world class," Harris said.
"Obviously, we're performing to the gamut of the world every night," promoting Hawaii to the world. Dates are booked
through spring, but "the more we play, the more opportunities are opening up," Harris said, predicting further bookings may take the shows through August or September of next year.


Posted in Around Town, Kids by Amy Carr on November 12th, 2010

I never wanted to run away and join the circus. Living on a train isn’t really my cup of tea. Still, I find myself intrigued every year when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train pulls into town. Maybe I’m drawn to the quaint, retro appeal of the fact that the circus continues to travel by train 138 years after P.T. Barnum first loaded his Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan and Circus onto a series of flat cars. Maybe it’s the desire to live out the adventures of Jacob from the novel Water for Elephants, or the images my imagination stirs up about life aboard a train filled with clowns, trapeze artists, lion tamers and snake dancers. Or maybe it’s the fact that the circus won’t let outsiders on the train…or at least they wouldn’t, until now.
Earlier this week, I was invited to lunch on the “Pie Car,” the refurbished dining car where chef Michael Vaughn prepares meals for 350 people from six different continents every day for 11 months out of the year. Running away to join the circus for an afternoon is more my style and, for one spectacular afternoon, I did just that.

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Friday, November 12, 2010


Area events rely on local tourism

Sharon Culpepper, of Shreveport, pushes Olivia Strickland, 4, in a stroller down the midway of the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport on Sunday afternoon. (Val Horvath/The Times)

By Bobbie J. Clark November 10, 2010
While tourism officials work diligently to draw folks from outside the 318 area code, the local population is the driving force behind the area's signature events like the Louisiana State Fair and Red River Revel.

For example, the State Fair of Louisiana just wrapped up one of its most successful seasons, and much of that success was due to the support of locals, according to Chris Giordano, the fair's president and general manager.
"We had a very good season," he said. "This is going to be one of our top two fairs ever."
The best fair in terms of attendance and revenue was in 2008 when slightly more than 430,000 people came through the gates and spent $1.2 million on rides alone.
This year's numbers weren't ready as of press time, but Giordano said they are going to be up there with 2008.
"We draw people from all over, but our general attendance is made up of folks from northwest Louisiana," he said. "They are our base."
Shreveport resident Will Elias and his family go to the fair every year.
Elias tries to attend as many events as possible, especially when the weather is nice.
"If we can catch a festival, we try," he said. "We do it more because of our daughter. She's an only child, so we want her to interact with other kids."
He said there are plenty events to keep people busy, but added there could be more, especially in the summer, when it's too hot to be outside.
"It's hard to find something to do with kids during the summer that doesn't get too expensive," he said. "There are so many hot days. The skating rink gets old. Movies get old after a while."
Shreveport native Jennifer Watson agreed that there should be more activities and events for kids.
When she was growing up, Hamels Amusement Park was a popular destination.
"I had a lot of fun times there," she said. "I'd like to have something like that for my nieces and nephews and future kids. There are casinos and a lot of different things for adults, but not many for kids, other than just walking around the Boardwalk."
The Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau wants to change that perception. They have recently launched a campaign called "Fall in love with Shreveport-Bossier," where they are encouraging locals to take advantage of all the areas events, like the Revel, State Fair, Holiday Trail of Lights and Independence Bowl.
Jessica Herrington, marketing and community relations manager for the bureau, said they offer all kinds of resources to help people find events, like the Shreveport Bossier Fun Guide website and Facebook. They are even working on new ways people can access event information, she added.
According to the Fun Guide, there are 16 events this weekend, including the Highland Jazz & Blues Festival, the Zonta 63rd annual Antique Show and Sale and ALA National Gaming Day at the Hamilton South Caddo branch of Shreve Memorial Library.
"There are so many things going on," Herrington said. "People need to get out of the house and step out of their comfort zone to try new things."


Circus to raise funds for Sabina pool


After having the law director review the contract, Sabina, Ohio Village Council on Thursday approved the idea of bringing a circus to town as a fund-raiser for the public pool.

The Kelly-Miller Circus is a fund-raising circus that will provide the promotional flyers and print the tickets. The village of Sabina will have to pay the circus a non-refundable $290 upfront, be in charge of selling tickets, and provide police and dumpsters during the event.

The village will get a percentage of the ticket sales, said Sabina Director of Law Melissa Upthegrove.

In examining the circus’ contract, Upthegrove described it as a standard contract that is “fine” from a legal standpoint.

“I don’t know whether this is going to make you money,” Upthegrove said at one point.

Village council members unanimously approved going ahead and contacting the circus to finalize matters.

The circus is scheduled to be in Sabina, Ohio next May 17, 2011. Further details will be announced later.

'Stars of the Russian Circus' Take the Stage for a New and Unique Experience

Thu, 11 Nov 2010, 08:59:17 EST

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Moscow Circus on Stage rolls in on December 11, 2010 at 3 p.m. at the Wilshire Ebell Theater, announced today. Tickets are $40 to $60 and can be purchased by visiting The Moscow Circus on Stage has a new show for both children and adults created by Victor Shulman.

For a quarter-century, impresario Victor Shulman has introduced some of the biggest names in music, dance and theater from the former Soviet Union to audiences around the world.

"Stars of the Russian Circus" is a rich combination of excitement, entertainment and drama that can only be created by some of the greatest circus performers on earth. Many of the critically acclaimed acts are pushing the boundary of human physical ingenuity to its limits.

This show will offer aerial circus acts, amazing clowns, gymnasts, jugglers, contortionist, one of a kind musical instruments, jump roping dogs and so many more of the best acts in the two hundred year history of the Russian circus.

"People should not confuse this with a 'Disney on Ice' or some other circus show," Shulman said. "These are circus performers audiences would find in shows like the 'Cirque du Soleil.' We have found the greatest gymnasts and finest circus acts and put them on stage."

This is not the first time Shulman has put circus acts together. Several years ago, he put together a show, "Russian Circus on Ice," which toured Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Tickets to the concert are being sold on, a local California based ticketing company with a box office located in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd. staff has over nine years of on-line ticket sale experience. "We are a customer-oriented company that works hard to maintain accuracy, timeliness, and satisfaction," said company representative, Alex Durmashkin.

For more information, please contact Alex Durmashkin at at (818) 377-2103, via e-mail at, or at the box office located at 14044 Ventura Blvd., Suite 310, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Zing Zang Zoom' Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus
7:30 tonight;
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.Friday;
11:30 a.m., 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday;
1 and 5 p.m. Sunday
The Palace of Auburn Hills 6 Championship Drive, Auburn Hills
Tickets $12.50-$82Call (800) 745-3000'
Zing Zang Zoom fun factS
Animals: 82 animals travel with the show, including 10 horses, four miniature horses, five zebras, six white doves and 33 performing dogs. The total weight of all 11 Asian elephants in the show is almost 100,000 pounds. Each Asian elephant eats an average of 160 pounds of food per day. The total amount of pressure of a tiger’s jaw is 300 pounds. The average span of a tiger’s paw swipe is 5 feet. Clowns: The average size of a pair of clown shoes is 28EEEEE. The clowns use more than 2 pounds of greasepaint makeup each year. Clowns that perform pie gags get 1,120 pies in the face each year. Performers: The international cast and crew hail from 11 countries, including Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Scotland, South Africa and the United States. Snacks in each city: 1,000 pounds of popcorn are consumed. 15,000 pounds of ice are produced to make snow cones. 750 pounds of sugar are used to spin cotton candy. Source: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey produced by Feld Entertainment
From The Detroit News:
Circus flies high!
Ringling Bros.'s latest adds wonder to a cell-phone world
Daniel Raffo tames a tiger during a performance with the circus.
(Emmanuel Dunand / Getty Images)
November 11. 2010
Ursula Watson / The Detroit News
Nowadays adults and children alike tend to keep themselves entertained with the newest tricked-out cell phones and bloody videogames, making the idea of live entertainment a distant thought at best.But can your gadgets make your parents levitate or a four-ton elephant disappear?
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus plans to provide just such excitement and more now through Sunday at The Palace of Auburn Hills.In "Zing Zang Zoom," Ringling Bros.'s new show, magical Zingmaster Alex Ramon and his assistant Levitytia battle Mr. Gravity and his crew, called the Heavies, who are on a mission to keep folks down.But Mr. Gravity will have a hard time executing his blues-ridden plan as "Zoom" will have 27 acts — many of which will keep audiences looking up — from human cannonballs cutting through the air at 65 miles per hour to the breathtakingly dangerous fire swing that sends acrobats crisscrossing two-stories above ground.There is even dancing in this show. Dance captain Fabiana Santos, who admits she was surprised that a dance routine was woven into a circus show, heads the troupe of 14 dancers who shake it up to the contemporary sounds of hip-hop."I don't know — it is kind of weird," she says. "Dance and the circus? But this show is about innovation; they always come with something new."And no circus is a circus without its biggest stars: an assortment of exotic animals, such as Bengal tigers, Arabian and Friesian horses and a herd of Asian elephants.With all this hoopla, one has to wonder if a circus really can compete in a world filled with almost endless ways to grab people's attention?"Zing Zang Zoom" boss clown Dustin Portillo is pretty confident in the show's ability to keep audiences enthralled.
The circus isn't some stagnant relic, he says. "It is just as colorful, vibrant as any show in Vegas or on Broadway," and he says it changes in the same way technology changes. "Unlike an iPad or a Kindle, which are just one dimensional, the circus is a break from the monotony of TV and cell phones."Los Angeles media psychiatristCarole Lieberman says the circus is perhaps even more relevant today than in the past.She says the circus represents our humanity, along with its fantasy and its flaws. And there's something very real about it, unlike so much of our modern world.

"It's a piece of Americana, and it satisfies our nostalgic yearnings for warmer and fuzzier family times," Lieberman says. "As long as each generation communicates its love of circuses by continuing to take the next generations to see it, we will perpetuateits relevance."
From The Detroit News:
Circus coming to town
Circus owner son of Crestview mom
November 11, 2010

When the Loomis Brothers Circus comes to town this Friday and Saturday, Crestview resident Paulette Loomis will be sure to attend.
Loomis’ son, Justin Loomis, owns the circus. Her son knew from a young age what he wanted to do with his life, Paulette Loomis said.
And when Justin felt the call of the Big Top, Paulette Loomis, not only said “sure,” she signed the permission slip.
“I took him to the circus when he was 7 years old and that’s all he ever wanted to do since then,” Paulette Loomis said. “I took him to all the other circuses. We met the performers and the owners.”
To bide his time, Justin and his sister Cerise performed a clown act and made occasional appearances at store grand openings and kids’ birthday parties in their childhood hometown near Miami. Then one day, fate planted a circus proprietor in the audience.
“When he was 16, the owner of a circus saw him and asked permission to take him on the road,” Paulette Loomis recalled. “I couldn’t say no. This was what he always wanted.”
Justin packed his bag and went on the road with the Wonderland Circus, performing as a clown or doing whatever was needed as he learned the art, craft and culture of circus life.
Justin Loomis didn’t just want to be in a circus. He wanted to own a circus. In 1996 when, after several years of honing his circus craft and learning about circus management, Justin founded the Loomis Brothers Circus.
“He’s been doing shows as the Loomis Brothers Circus ever since,” said Paulette Loomis proudly. “He started out with one ring, then added a second ring, and now he’s up to three rings.”
Justin Loomis is the circus’ ringmaster, and as he’s taller than 6-foot, with his gleaming black riding boots, black-and-gold-trimmed red tailcoat, white pants, white gloves and top hat, he’s as grand and impressive a ringmaster that ever strode into a circus ring, his mother believes.
The Loomis Brothers (actually it’s just Justin, and sometimes his cousins) Circus is based in Bushnell, located in central Florida near Ocala where there is more than 50 acres for the circus animals, which includes elephants and tigers. Performances are held throughout Florida and well into Alabama and Georgia.
This Friday and Saturday the Loomis Brothers Circus comes to Crestview Old Spanish Trail Park, hosted by the Main Street Crestview Association.
“He has a great show!” said Paulette Loomis proudly. “This is all he ever wanted to do.”
The Loomis Brothers Circus will open at Old Spanish Trail Park in Crestview at 7 p.m. Friday. Two performances are slated for Saturday, at 2 p.m. and at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the gate. Each ticket also includes two free kids’ entrance coupons for children 12 and under. Advance tickets are available throughout Crestview, Baker and Laurel Hill. For ticket locations, call Main Street Crestview Association member Cal Zethmayr at 240-4053.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


CIRCUBA / Circuba's interview

Berrien County Youth Fair


All 8 of these photos taken in Myakka City, Florida, March 1997 home of the stables & practice area

Photo 01 Col Otto Herrmann
1:01 Gabriella Lester and Col. Herrmann
1:02 Sebrina Herrmann
1:03 Tanya Hermann

1:04 Tanya, Linda, Sebrina Herrmann
1:04:57 Lipizzan Stallion
12:45 Sign at entrance
12:59 End of one barn

Jetman's first public air display, in front of all the aviation fans at JIAD 2010!

Thanks again to all, and hoping to see you again next time!
Info and news:

Jaw-dropping acts in Great American Circus

The spectacular event will happen at SMX Convention Center on Dec. 21
(The Philippine Star) Updated November 09, 2010

MANILA, Philippines - Nicholas Harris Entertainment, in cooperation with Great American Circus Manila, Inc., presents the Great American Circus. For a limited period only, the spectacular event runs from Dec. 21 to Jan. 4, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center. Featuring an astounding roster of acts that is sure to rivet the kids and the kids-at-heart at very affordable prices — truly the must-see event this holiday season.

The Great American Circus is a 90-minute breath-taking, high-energy entertainment for adults and children that showcases internationally-acclaimed daredevils, aerialists, dancers and acrobatic artists. The jaw-dropping acts and side-splitting comedic antics is something to marvel at. Cornell “Tuffy” Nicholas, producer and show maker of the Great American Circus explains, “This is a huge, modern day circus, with everything from the best clowns in the business to trapeze artists.” Some of the acts featured in this circus are the Montalvo Troupe who shows off their synchronized acrobatic skill on a 30-foot human-powered “Wheel of Death” and also displays strength, courage and excellent timing on “The Flying Trapeze.” The circus also pays homage to the late Michael Jackson with a performance by entertainer Michael Kiss whose uncanny resemblance and powerful vocals are nothing short of a Thriller.

The Great American Circus adheres to a modern circus format which started in London in 1768 that became widely popular in the 19th century. It is a circus about people performing for people. Aside from providing great entertainment, Great American Circus prides itself on being the circus providing “sustainable” entertainment. The circus initiates green awareness by interweaving green concepts and materials in their production such as energy-efficient lights and environment-friendly costumes.
read more at:

The Big Apple Circus' Grandma the Clown
Monday, November 08, 2010,
Melissa Chapman

I am not a huge fan of the circus-- it's not that I fear those face-painted creepy looking clowns it's more that I just don't feel comfortable watching animals paraded around a circus ring purely for my amusement. The thought of these animals being herded from town to town- most likely in cramped quarters, with not much of a voice in the matter- has quite frankly turned me off to those kinds of spectacles. I just don't think it's fair or natural to force a lion to jump through a ring of fire...
So when the tent goes up at the Big Apple Circus, a traveling show at Lincoln Center- I make it a point to go-- whether or not I'm invited.

I'll be honest -- there are two acts with animals- one with dogs and the other with horses and goats-- (or more specifically goats standing on horses as they trot around the ring)- which are quite literally impossible to comprehend unless you see them with your own eyes. And while I'd rather a circus with absolutely no animals acts- at least the Big Apple only has two- and they are truly tongue n cheek- and more about joy and humor than a trainer standing around cracking a whip.

The human acts which include; performers contorting, flying through the air and taking the human body to forms one couldn't possibly imagine possible-- are the real heart and soul of this circus. In fact they even had even my slightly jaded nine year old with her mouth agape in sheer amazement.

And those creepy clowns-- well they simply don't exist at this circus .Their two clowns Grandma and a newcomer are just all humor and sweetness and get the audience goers in on their pranks and good natured fun.

So if your kid is ITCHING to get to a circus- this is the one to take her to this year.
And as a special treat for Kids in the City readers- you can get a special discount code when ordering your tickets! To purchase your discounted tickets to the Big Apple Circus: Online: and submit the code MOMMY11 in the Promotional Codes box in the lower left of the page.
By Phone: Call 888-541-3750 and mention code MOMMY11

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The tent got set over night,I drove by after work today, I'm hoping on going to the show Wed. night. Feel free to post on your blog. The show is set up in the parking lot of the Sarasota Kennel Club.
Scott Bundy

Fire Department Teams Us With Elephant To Educate Children
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte Fire Department teamed up with “Judy” the giant elephant on Friday to encourage children at Tuckaseegee Elementary School in West Charlotte to change their clocks back and change their batteries in their smoke detectors.

"Judy" is a 50-year-old, 6,800 pound, Indian elephant from the UniverSoul Circus that put on a show for the children performing amazing elephant sized stunts. The children "oohed and ahhhed" as she lifted one leg at the request of her handler and even layed down allowing a member of the fire department and the school to ride on her back.

The children watched in amazement as the mammoth elephant walked slowly in a straight line up and down the parking lot so that each and every kid could touch her head or trunk.

Fire and Life Safety educators and members of the Charlotte Fire Dept. took advantage of this event and talked to the children about fire safety and what to do in case of a fire at their home.

All the children received homework for the weekend … change their clocks back and change the batteries in their smoke detectors.

It might have taken a gigantic elephant to get the message across, but it's a message that could save lives in the event of a fire.

The UniverSoul Circus is coming to Charlotte for some great family entertainment Nov. 16-21 at the Freedom Mart Shopping Center located on Freedom Drive.

Circus Vargas comes to town - without animals

Circus tents from Circus Vargas have gone up at Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance Tuesday. The new circus has no animals in the show. (Sean Hiller / Staff Photographer)
By Donna Littlejohn Staff Writer

By Tuesday afternoon, the blue-and-yellow Big Top was raised and the cotton candy stand was assembled on the parking lot of the Del Amo Fashion Center.

Still, there was something missing - something like the circus mainstays of lions, tigers and elephants.

This year marks Circus Vargas' first show without any animals - none. It's a culmination of the new management's efforts over the past several years to phase out first exotic animals and finally even the horses and dogs in the show.

"Every year we try to change the show and this year the show we envisioned didn't fit with the animals," said Katya Quiroga, who owns Circus Vargas with her husband.

Protests from animal welfare groups have dogged circuses for years, although Quiroga said the animal-free show this year reflects a conceptual change in direction.

Circus Vargas sets up camp at Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance Tuesday. (Sean Hiller / Staff Photographer)

Want to go?
What: Circus Vargas, an all-new show with no animals

Where: Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, Nov. 4-15; Ports O' Call Village in San Pedro, Nov. 17-21

When: Opening night 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Torrance

Information:; 877-468-3861


05. Nov, 2010
A special offer has been added to Carson & Barnes Circus ticket sales—free elephant rides.
Wal-Mart in Marble Falls has been added to locations where the advance reduced price tickets are available this weekend and next.
The first 25 people to purchase tickets there on Nov. 7 will receive free passes for elephant rides at the Nov. 15 circus.
Elephants are an honored tradition with the nationally touring Carson & Barnes Circus.
“Isla, Isa, and Kelly, are Asian elephants, still endangered in the wild,” said Wendy Ingwerson of the circus promotion team. “We consider them ambassadors for their species and for the Endangered Ark Foundation.”
Children under age 1 are admitted free at the big top performances at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. Tickets purchased locally before Nov. 12 are $6 for children age 2 to 11 and $12 for circus goers age 11 and older.
On circus day, adult tickets range from $18 to $22 and children’s tickets are $12. All tickets can be upgraded to preferred seating for an additional charge on-line or at the box office (
Tickets can be purchased at the Marble Falls H.E.B. Food Store, Texas Country Bank in Granite Shoals, and American Bank of Texas, N.A. in Marble Falls and Kingsland; Llano, Granite Shoals, Marble Falls/Lake LBJ and Kingsland/Lake LBJ chambers of commerce, at Granite Shoals City Hall, 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road, or by contacting David Holder, director of the event, at 830.832.2799.


Trained elephants will be one of the main attractions at the Carson & Barnes Circus, which will be in Granite Shoals on Monday, Nov. 15.

Event to benefit Andy Roddick Foundation tennis center

The Andy Roddick Foundation has announced it will host the 74th edition of the Carson & Barnes Circus on Monday, Nov. 15 in Granite Shoals.

Show times will be at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. at RR 1431 and Phillips Ranch Road to help raise funds to build the Andy Roddick Foundation (ARF) International Tennis Center in Granite Shoals.

Carson & Barnes Circus is the only remaining one big-tent circus operating today in America. They travel with their city-block long tent, almost hundred performers and animals to some 200 towns and cities each ten-month season. While many circuses have reduced their size and schedule, Carson & Barnes is still the only organization capable of moving such a large show to a new site each day, sponsors said.

Cuba’s Circus Performers in Venezuela

November 8, 2010

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 8 — Whenever I go to the circus I can’t avoid getting a little nervous. I don’t know, maybe the child that almost all of us carry around inside comes out. I always feel like this, laughing at any silly routine they do, as long as the clown doesn’t put on a dramatic face and doesn’t try to make people laugh at the expense of someone in the crowd who has a “defect.”
I suppose that’s why we have circuses, to make us forget what’s outside the big tent —whether it’s visible or not— and to leave us sitting there squeezing each other’s hands with our mouths open in laughter or amazement. If we don’t walk inside willing to forget that we’re mature, it’s better not to go to the circus.

Here in Venezuela I again found myself before a group of Cuban circus performers. It’s been a while since I’ve had the luck to see them, maybe because it’s increasingly rare for a circus company to move around Havana, like they did when I was a little girl.

In any case, I sat down along with the others —children and “adults”— and from time to time I let go of their hands so I could take some photos, though I’m sure they don’t do justice to expressing the great time we had with this small band of Circo del Sur (the Circus of the South).

Cuba’s Circus Performers in Venezuela #2

Cuba’s Circus Performers in Venezuela #3

Circus Juventas trapeze team wins gold at Swedish competition

Pioneer Press
After four international events in five years, the Circus Juventas Triple Trapeze Team took home gold for the first time at the Circus Ring of Friendship Festival in Norrköping, Sweden, last weekend.

The team includes Kate Cieslowski, 18; Brigid Fitzgerald, 16; and Avery Young, 17, all from Minneapolis, and Heather Snyder, 17, from St. Paul. After submitting a DVD of their routine, the four girls, with their coach, Sun Yan Hong, were selected from hundreds of applicants to represent the United States. The festival included about 30 acts that were evaluated by a tuxedo-clad panel of judges from all over the world.

"What Americans don't understand about these festivals that have been going on for hundreds of years is they're very much like the Olympics," said Circus Juventas founder and executive director Dan Butler. "We can't believe our first medal was a gold medal. Everybody was completely stunned."

The team returned on Sunday, just in time to prepare for the annual Circus Juventas Gala on Friday.

At the Gala, guests will eat a four-course meal while Circus Juventas students perform this summer's blockbuster production "Sawdust." All gala proceeds benefit the Circus Juventas Scholarship Fund. Circus Juventas, which is based in St. Paul, is the largest performing arts circus school in the country.

"Our students come for fun," Butler said, noting that most teams go to international festivals simply to try to win a medal. "We go for the experience and the
opportunity for young people to travel and to meet new people."
The gala starts at 6 p.m. at Circus Juventas, 1270 Montreal Ave., St. Paul. Tickets are $125. Info at 651-699-8229 or

— Erica Tasto

Circus in 2011 may benefit Relay for Life effort

Alex and Douglas Ramos promised the Rowe family they would aid Manteca’s Relay for Life cancer research fundraiser when they return with their Ramos Brothers Circus next year. With Lisa and Les Rowe are their children David and Sophia.
By Glenn Kahl
Nov. 8, 2010
It’s a year away, but when the Ramos Brothers Circus comes back to Manteca next fall the owners are promising to dedicate their opening show to honor and celebrate the lives of Manteca area residents who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost as well as those who are fighting back against the disease.

Lisa Rowe of Give Every Child a Chance and a member of the Relay for Life movement set the wheels in motion for the circus to focus on the cancer fundraiser.

Rowe said that a generous portion of the special gala performance in the community will go directly to the Relay for Life effort. She said she hopes the non-profit group will be able to raise some $10,000 during the show. The circus tent boasts a 1,000 seat-capacity.

Rowe added that the show based out of Las Vegas is a “really clean” show with an array of family acts especially for children of the community.

The circus was located on the open land to the east of McDonald’s on East Yosemite Avenue for about two weeks beginning in mid-October.

Anyone wishing to be part of the circus gala next year may call Ayla Flemming at (209) 679-8593.