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Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Culpepper & Merriweather Circus wasn't what I expected, no exotic animals this year - great for kids
Edinburgh, IN 
28.Apr, 2012

At the beginning the announcer tells everyone not to record the acts because it is all copyrighted. I didn't understand that statement, our act is copyrighted and here is why.

The first act, Ms. April, a balancing act on a one round cylinder, bowling ball and then stacking 4 platforms while balancing on a cylinder rolling left and right. I don't see anything someone else can't do and learn and this would be exclusive to Culpepper & Merriweather circus.

The sole clown in the whole show, DJ, runs around trying to kill a fly with a oversized flyswatter. He kills the fly with a frying pan, bug spray and then sits down to eat his sandwich only to get sick from the bug spray which causes him to fall to the ground. Again not sure how this is a copyrighted act.

They bring out 2 horses which run around the circle or ring desperate to get away but stays on course fearing of being whipped by the trainer who has not one but two whips she cracks in front of the horse, I believe, on the horse at one point. The miniature horse and a large horse eventually stand on a wooden platform and jump a wooden beam to stop and stand next to each other. I don't see how a horses running around is copyrighted.

 Now it is time for the sole clown, DJ, to come back out and exercise using a jump rope. The announcer calls out commands which he doesn't follow and then falls to the ground 2 times before calling on 2 people from the audience. 
Where DJ uses a child to hold one end of a jump rope and DJ holds the other end, and they ask a grown man to come and jump blindfolded. He is told every time you hear the whistle blow, to jump, since he is blindfolded, DJ and girl just slam the rope on the ground while the man jumps to every whistle sound... this was funny to watch. Still not seeing how this is a copyrighted act...

Mr. Melray Silverlake comes out and has 2 whips (probably the ones used on the horses earlier) and uses them to hit paper from his assistants hand, pop a balloon, tear up newspaper, and hit a piece of paper lit on fire from the mouth just like they did in the ol'west.

Time for some juggling, Angel comes out juggling pins which grow into more and more, then he switches to rings where he is juggling them then catches them as they fall placing them on his head. 
He even juggles hats which was very entertaining to watch, but I'm still not sure how juggling is copyrighted, I saw some juggling when the new Commons opened.

Now it is time for some hoola hoops by Karina - entertaining...

The unicycle family, Arlise Troup from St. Augustine comes out and rides, weaving in and out of obstacles and carrying people while ridding in a circle, they even juggle fire, very skilled and talented and I enjoyed watching them. Have you ever riden a unicycle? 
It isn't easy. 

Now it is time to announce winners for the grand prize, a fine dinning experience right in the circus ring. The winners, Leslie Crawhorn (in the black and left)and Alicia Streeval (on right in green) both came down to the front of the circus ring. 
While DJ entertains them by serving them dinner for the crowd. During the dinner Leslie gets a phone call who she passes off to her child. Both ladies look to be enjoying themselves while laughing at DJ the clown.
Now it is time for the doves,Miss Paulette & Her Feathered, to come out of their dark small box and fly on command and land. They walked a ladder, was swung around, walked a disco ball, and rode on a rotating circle. I was surprised how smart the birds were by staying, well maybe that is a sign they are stupid who knows. It was fun to watch, but again not sure how this is copyrighted.
Miss. Simone takes to the air swinging from the air, she even hangs from her neck and the announcer says she will "attempt" to do it. A few times she swings almost to the top of the tent and then falls catching herself with her knees. At one time she even hangs by the back of her neck.

The High-Flying Perez Troupe use the Russian Swing and throw one of their own in the air. This wasn't anything spectacular but was neat to see him jump through a hoop like a trained dolphin. Jumping through the air and doing summersaults doesn't seem like a copyrighted act.
Overall this wasn't what I was expecting in a circus, but for the small children this was a wonderful event and If I had children would visit again. Since I don't have any, it took everything I had in me to even stay because I was so board. I don't think I would visit another Culpepper & Merriweather Circus because their standards aren't as high as I expected. 
We did send a request to Culpepper & Merriweather for the information about the copyrighted information about their acts. After an hour or so of searching the copyright office website, I was unable to locate anything about the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus. So until I can read the copyrighted info on their act, the VIDEO I took will be published. 


Franklin Solis Arial Silks
Published on Apr 6, 2012 by soli583
March 31, 2012 Jose Cole Circus, St.Cloud Minnesota

from Mike Naughton
From the MGM in Reno, Nevada...
32 years ago and it is still a riot, Mike

Uploaded by nharrington1 on Feb 16, 2012
Very funny vaudeville-style act from 1980

Aquatic in Bradenton
Thought this might be of interest, just a few minutes of Cirque Aquatic. Mike

The stage is elevated and there is a round section around the edge, like a donut, that goes almost to the top of the tent to exposes the pool and fountains.
I did not see the show.

Published on Apr 18, 2012 by intercontvideo
Italian Circus Aquatic, Bradenton, FL

Circus wows Cottage Grove crowd
The traveling Jose Cole Circus made a stop at the city's ice arena Wednesday night, bringing along acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and performing animals in a two-hour long show before hundreds of attendees.

A performer twirls multiple hula hoops during the Jose Cole Circus at the Cottage Grove Ice Arena Wednesday. The St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club sponsored the event.
By: Jon Avise, South Washington County Bulletin
April 26, 2012
There was no big top, but the circus put on a show in Cottage Grove.

The traveling Jose Cole Circus made a stop at the city's ice arena Wednesday night, bringing along acrobats, aerialists, jugglers and performing animals in a two-hour long show before hundreds of attendees.

The St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club sponsored the event, which was making its first stop in Cottage Grove. The Minneapolis-based Jose Cole Circus has been performing in the Midwest since 1975

Springfest is 'excuse to come to the beach'

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Stephen Decatur Naval Junior ROTC members are seen Thursday at the Springfest opening ceremony. / ERIC DOERZBACH/THE DAILY TIMES
Written by Scott Muska, Staff Writer 
from: Salisbury, MD Daily Times
May. 4, 2012
OCEAN CITY -- Father and son retailing duo David and Max Emmons have come from Vermont each year for the past two decades for Springfest weekend.

They keep coming back because it gives them an opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

"We love Ocean City," said David Emmons at about noon Thursday while he and his son sold hanging water gardens from their corner booth in the Inlet parking lot. "Springfest is an excuse to come to the beach, and we're always very successful here, even in bad weather."

After so many trips to the festival, the Emmons men have a pretty adequate feel for how expansive the crowd is on the first day of the four-day annual gathering that just kicked off its 22nd installment. According to Max, they were right on track for what they've grown to expect.

"Another good thing is it always seems to be pretty consistent here, crowdwise," he said.

For local businesses and residents, Springfest marks the semi-official beginning to Ocean City's summer tourism season, and it was founded in 1990 to get people into town before Memorial Day weekend.

Many of the patrons who stroll through the arts and crafts displays and food vendors, of which there are about 180 and more than 30, respectively, come to town for it just about every single year.
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From Mike Naughton
First on "Circus of the Stars"

Uploaded by glb21985 on Jan 1, 2007
....and years later hanging out at Circus Krone, video in German but you can see how tall he is here.....Mike

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\Bello with Circus Sarasota concession staff


Circus pet
April 23, 2012 
IsaBella Anton and Amber Massaglia capture a memory with JoAnn Wilson and her pet. At the Jose Cole Circus.

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Amusement parks gearing up for season

Mirror photo by Gary M. Baranec
Chris Harpster, an assistant manager at Lakemont Park, gets the milk can game ready for the park’s opening on June 2. 
May 4, 2012
By Walt Frank (wfrank@altoon­ 
The Altoona Mirror
Guests at DelGrosso's Amusement Park will enjoy a new ride while those visiting Lakemont Park will enjoy some new food choices during the 2012 season.

DelGrosso's will kick off its 65th season with two hours of free rides from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Park officials are excited about the 2012 season.

"My grandfather [Fred DelGrosso] had a simple mission statement: Provide high quality food and entertainment in a clean, safe and friendly environment at a fair price. Sixty-five years later, we are still following that same mission," said Carl Crider Jr., general manager and park president.

Lakemont Park will open May 26 for the Memorial Day weekend. Lakemont switched to a late May opening in 2007.

"We found it works better for us. It takes us longer to get ready. We have to take down all of the Christmas lights and get the rides back up," said Melissa Vyborny, general manager. "May is questionable, weatherwise. People are not into the summer mindset yet, and it just works better for us."
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Mirror photo by Gary M. Baranec
Randy Brumbaugh of Altoona, a mechanic at Lakemont Park, gets the kiddie coaster ride up and running Thursday.
What's new
DelGrosso's guests will enjoy a new ride - the "Swing Buggy" brought in from Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort in Utica, Ill., to replace the Flying Bobs.

"This is a great looking ride. I am excited to give the Swing Buggy a new home at our park. There is no doubt that it will soon become a guest favorite," said Scott Crider, vice president of operations.

DelGrosso's also "retired" the Space Odyssey ride.

"Space Odyssey was an older ride and needed to be retired. New rides are hard to find. Our operations guy, Scott Crider, is still searching for a ride. Scott is taking his time to find the best ride possible," said Amy Mearkle, DelGrosso's spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, Lakemont Park officials decided to take over their own food operations.

The new Bubba's Barbecue Shack will feature such items as pulled pork, pulled chicken and barbecued chicken, Vyborny said.
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Friday, May 4, 2012



DOVER, DE--MAY 3, 2012

Yesterday I had a Doctor's appointment at 1:10pm.
So after that I decided to ride down to Spence's Bazaar, which is
right in Downtown Dover.
I was hoping to find someone around the lot to talk to.
The only person I saw with the show was a gentleman that appeared to be
a working man. I had to take these from inside the car.
I asked him to come over but he cussed me out before I could explain to
him what I wanted!
He seemed to be worried that I might have taken his picture.
So I took what pictures I could.
Today the show moved to Rock Hall, MD. about a 40 mile jump from here.

They are playing some more dates in the area next week.
Maybe I'll get a chance to try again!

I should have know better as that time frame I know, from experience,
that most showfolk are napping!
Especially since they were tearing down last night.

Pony Ride Ponies
I'm sorry, but at least I got these pictures!

There wasn't much advertising at all ahead of the show.
And nothing on show days!
I only saw a small community events notice in one of the local weekly papers.
I'll have to ask around and see how attendence was.
I did have a few locals ask me if I knew what time the shows were.

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I beleive this is Alain Z erbini's Motor coach.
\Culpepper & Merriweather Circus wasn't what I expected, no exotic animals this year - great for kids

Edinburgh, IN 
28.Apr, 2012
The acts included: Miss Simone on the single trapeze, the Arlise Troup on their unicycles, juggler Angel Perez, Silverlake's sizzling whips, Karina and her hula hoops Miss Paulette & Her Feathered Pets and lastly The High-Flying Perez Troupe...
After reading about the circus coming to town I was excited to go, and even more excited to see the large animals they promote. I would assume they lost the licensing and can't have those animals in the show anylonger.
When I arrived at Irwin Park in Edinburgh April 28, 2012 at 1pm, I was surprised no one other than circus staff was in attendance. I admit this was my first circus and expected it to be like a carnival, but it was much, much less than that.
The circus opened 1 hour before show, selling food, tickets, and offering up their "side-shows" until the event started at 2pm. Once inside the circus, they promoted and sold things the whole time. 

Not knowing what to expect, I was hoping to see something out of the ordinary. That wasn't the case because everything I saw was nothing like you see in the movies. A trailer contained an organ that played the traditional theme music you would hear or have heard at the circus. Attached to this trailer was also a side attraction revealing the secrets of the Sea Witch for $1.00.

Pony rides were setup for a fee of $4; your child can ride 8 revolutions, this wasn't anything different than you would see at the 4H fair. However this pony ride the circus staff was breaking in a new pony (pictured below) who wasn't happy about people being around. 
Staff left the new pony chained to the ride and was escorted without a child on its back. The new pony did become irritated and jumped causing the other pony's to be upset while children were riding. I thought the children were going to fall off - staff did remove the new pony (in training) from the ride.

The final attraction was a giant box with windows, inside... a 17 foot snake and cost $1.00 to look at it.
I wasn't fortunate to win tickets to the circus and needed to buy them, I walked up to the food/ticket trailer and while waiting on staff was able to see great reading. How inappropriate  for the circus to have these visible from the window. Who wouldn't want to read about Lust in Translation?

I did speak to one of the crew who traveled from Texas and had been with this circus for 3 days... During the conversation I asked about the animals and how the show incorporates them into the act. He said "We have no Cats, Elephants this year... we only have horses and dogs in the show today." That isn't want I was expecting to hear, I can see a horse almost anywhere in the county here in Columbus and dogs, well they are dogs.
I asked why they didn't have the large cats and he said, I don't know they aren't with the circus this year.

The entrance into the tent opened around 1:50pm - show starts at 2 - by this time, there is about 50 people waiting to go inside. Once inside it looks just like it does on TV, but what is disappointing is this circus only has one clown or did at this event. ONE CLOWN!


Circus coming to Alamogordo Sunday

By John Bear / Alamogordo Daily News
For Barbara Byrd, the circus has always been a family affair. They even name the elephants after family members. 
Byrd is one of the owners of the Carson and Barnes Circus and a former performer. The circus is making a stop in Alamogordo on Sunday. 

"We're out of southeastern Oklahoma," Byrd said. "The circus was founded in 1937. They moved down to Oklahoma to get a warmer climate for the animals." 

She said the circus started in Kansas, and hit up Missouri and Arkansas before settling in the Sooner State, just north of Paris, Texas. They travel, as Byrd puts it, "coast to coast" and "border to border." 

"We have over 100 people who travel with us, set up and give performances. It's about a two-hour show. 

Animals the circus uses include several endangered Asian elephants, Appaloosa horses and a pygmy hippopotamus named Katie. 

"She is larger than a normal-sized pig," Byrd said. "We have a swimming pool we take along with us and she is quite the pet around here. Everyone loves her." 

Byrd said the circus helps breed Asian elephants and has the second-largest gene pool in the United States behind Ringling Brothers. She said the circus works with zoos to keep the animals around for future generations to learn about and enjoy. 

"There isn't really a wild," Byrd said. "Even back in India. 

The circus brings elephants on the road with them and they perform in the show. She said elephants have life cycles similar to humans and they tend to retire in their 50s, depending on the elephant. 
"I think it's important we keep elephants on exhibit so children can see them firsthand and develop a love and respect for them," she said. 

The circus also boasts another unusual animal -- the zedonk: half donkey, half zebra. It is also known as a zonkey. They have camels, alpacas and an entire petting zoo outside the tent that is free to the public. 

Speaking of tents, Byrd said a circus isn't really a circus without one. They can seat about 2,000 people underneath theirs. 

"We feel that if you don't have a tent and elephants, you don't have a real circus," she said. 

Byrd said in addition to the many different kinds of animals, the circus has a variety of human performers from all over the world -- Peru, Mexico and Europe, in particular. She said they have a hoola-hoop girl, a motorcycle act, a balancing act, flying trapeze, high wire, "the wheel of destiny" and a contortionist. 

"I can't even describe what he does," she said, referring to the contortionist. "It really blows your mind." 

Byrd said the show is tied together by a clown named Alex. 

"We have a great clown. He is kind of the star of the show," Byrd said. "He performs several acts, but he is kind of the thread that ties it all together." 

The Carson and Barnes Circus is coming through Sunday only at 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. at LaVelle Road and Alamogordo Drive. Tickets are available at the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce or for a discount at 
Circus will be Lions Club fundraiser

Circus will be Lions Club fundraiser

ThisWeek Community News
Thursday May 3, 2012 
ShareThis  Reynoldsburg's Civic Park will become a circus ground July 26 when the local Lions Club brings in the Carson and Barnes Circus for two shows under the big top.
President Kathy Baker said the performances will be fundraisers for the Reynoldsburg Lions Club. Shows will be held at 4 and 7:30 p.m., she said.
"It will help us raise funds for our projects as well as providing a wonderful community-based event," she said. "We are still in the early planning state of this great project, but plans are to have several fun events prior to the circus day."
Advance tickets are $14 for adults, $6 for children ages 2-11, and $16 and $8, respectively, at the gate the day of the show. Children younger than 2 will be admitted free.
The Carson and Barnes Circus, based in Hugo, Okla., has been a family-owned business touring the country since 1937, Baker said. She said the big top tent can hold 2,200 at capacity with the show running about two hours, including intermission.
She said the show promises to provide everything anyone would expect from a one-ring circus.
"They'll have dogs, elephants, ponies and horses, and a menagerie that includes a pygmy hippo, llamas, camels, and pygmy goats," Baker said.
Additionally, the event will offer camel and elephant rides, acrobats, a bounce house and small slide outside the tent for young children, she said.
Reynoldsburg City Council members and city officials were briefed about the event April 23.
Councilman Cornelius McGrady asked if there would be any cost or liability to the city.
Baker said there wouldn't be, adding Carson and Barnes has agreed to carry a $2 million liability policy.
Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Director Jason Shamblin said since the event is in a city park, the department will help to coordinate it.
"Any time we have a service organization or nonprofit in the community working to bring entertainment and activities to our residents, we're always excited to work with them," Shamblin said.
"We'll help with the logistical end of the event, with it being Civic Park, and try and help them coordinate that," he said.
Shamblin said although all details have yet to be worked out on traffic-control measures, the circus has agreed to pay for any police assistance, if needed.
Local businesses are invited to become additional sponsors or to purchase an advertising banner for the day of the show, Baker said.

Circus will PSY-che you out
Les 7 doigts de la main, a troupe from Montreal, will debut its new production at the Irvine Barclay.

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"PSY" is Les 7 doigts de la main's fourth creation. (May 3, 2012)
By Heather Youmans, Special to the Daily Pilot
 May 3, 2012 | 8:15 p.m.
"PSY," the newest and largest production from the Montreal-based circus troupe Les 7 doigts de la main (seven fingers of the hand), will spring into its debut at the Irvine Barclay Theatre for four performances only, starting May 10.

Most known for their international hit Traces, 7 Fingers' fourth creation, "PSY," was conjured up in 2010. "PSY" explores the surreal underworld of the human psyche, while merging acrobatics of the body, mind and soul.

Founded in Montreal in 2002, 7 Fingers' initial goal was to bring circus to a human scale. Nearly a decade has passed and they have managed to climb the international circuit, landing a debut at the Barclay.

"PSY's" novel concept alone was enough to draw in Irvine Barclay President Doug Rankin, who has had his finger on the circus's pulse for years. Since the early 1990s, the Barclay has consistently incorporated circus performances in their seasons.
read more:,0,4425358.story

The circus is coming in to town for Apple Blossom.
May 3, 2012
Reporter: Alyssa Raymond
More than 150 performers will be at this year's Cole Brothers, "Circus of the Stars." But what won't be at the circus is any animals...That's because Apple Blossom Mall owner Simon Property Group banned wild animal events on all of it's properties.
"It's a minor change. We have always had animals in our circus, but we've had this long relationship with the Apple Blossom Festival and with the Apple Blossom Mall and it had nothing to do with either of them and we wanted to continue that relationship so here we are with a new show to thrill and amaze people. It's incredible," said Cole Brothers Circus Senior Marketing Director Chuck Werner.
Cole Brother's Circus representative says they're making up for it with other performances.
"There is a whole new city that comes here and entertains us. We have a big ballet with women in the air doing all kinds of acrobatic things and then this year we've imported a new acrobatic group from Romania. This is their first time in the United States," said Werner
The circus begins Friday May 4th from 4:30.

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Learning the ropes

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Mitchell Skellie concentrates while balancing a peacock feather on his nose Wednesday, May 2, 2012, during rehearsal for a circus performance at St. Mary's - St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School. The school is hosting a Circus Smirkus artist-in-residence, who is working with students from grades 3-8 all week on a variety of circus skills, which they will put on display during a performance at the school on Friday. (Jason McKibben -
by Meg Hagerty --
GLENS FALLS -- Students at St. Mary’s/St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School have been clowning around this week.

Circus Smirkus, the traveling youth circus troupe, has been doing a one-week in-residence program for students, teaching them such skills as spinning plates, juggling scarves, balancing feathers and twirling rings.

The children in grades 3 through 8 will show off their newly acquired feats with a performance for parents and younger students Friday.

“It’s an enrichment experience for the kids,” said PTSA President Judy Lebel. “They are going to have to learn to work cooperatively instead of competing against each other, and learn patience and perseverance when learning juggling or devil sticks or balancing tricks.”

Circus Smirkus artist-in-residence Jill Fleming has been working with the student performers every day for a half-hour to get them ready for Friday afternoon’s presentation.

She believes video and computer games don’t provide the same type of interaction they get with circus entertainment.

“In circus, we have to touch each other; I teach them a circus grip. They have to support and encourage each other,” Fleming said. “It’s getting beyond fear for some and appreciating others beyond just being about oneself. There is something for everyone in circus.”
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