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Saturday, January 12, 2013

From the Sayre Collection, FSU

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From the Sayre Collection at FSU

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100-year-old daredevil makes Circus Ring of Fame

Wire-walker Charles Coronas, 100, will be inducted into the Circus Ring of Fame at St. Armand's Circle on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013.
(1.9.2013)(Herald-Tribune staff photo by Elaine Litherland)
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
by By Billy Cox
January 11, 2013
SARASOTA - Hard of hearing, his gait assisted by a blue cane, questions frequently translated into his native Czech by his two daughters, 100-year-old Charles Coronas can, at times, appear unfocused.
But when asked if he would have wanted to wirewalk across Niagara Falls the way Sarasota's Nik Wallenda did last summer, the old circus veteran has no trouble making himself understood.
“Sure,” he declares softly, in English, “if I had been 10 years younger.”

Charles Coronas performs a headstand atop a sway pole in this 1928 photograph. (Courtesy Photo)
There's an image: a 90-year-old die-hard making one last stand against the inevitability of gravity. But for nearly 60 years, that's exactly what Coronas — who hit the century mark last year — did on the high wire. And on Sunday, the New Port Richey resident will be the oldest living performer inducted into the Circus Ring of Fame at St. Armands Circle.
“Charles is pretty well known in this business,” says Ring of Fame Foundation president Floyd Kruger. “He's done some rather precarious things in his day.” 
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Daredevil Charles Coronas, now 100, second boy from right, will be inducted into the Circus Ring of Fame at St. Armands Circle on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013 along with his late brother, Mathias, seen at right.
(Courtesy Photo)
Such as riding a unicycle from 45 feet up, jettisoning it while performing a forward flip over three people, and landing safely on the cable. Or cutting down slender trees in Europe and converting them into 60-foot acrobat sway poles of dubious reliability.
A third-generation daredevil who found himself on the wire at age 8, Coronas would also endure some of Czechoslovakia's darkest days, both during and after World War II.
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Elayne Kramer in Tigerpalast

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The immortal circus

By Sarah Payne, The Entertainer
January 11, 2013
The Wanderlust Circus brings a performance troupe of aerialists, acrobats, belly dancers and a ringmaster to the Majestic Theatre
Acrobats who undergo daring physical feats. Aerialists who gracefully defy gravity. A belly dancer who seduces with a flick of her wrist. These are just a few of the acts that will take the stage when Portland’s Wanderlust Circus comes to town Jan. 11 and 12 at the Majestic Theatre.
“(It’s) a theatrical circus fairytale of sorts,” said Wanderlust co-founder Noah Mickens.
According to Mickens — who doubles as the circus’s ringmaster, William Batty — Wanderlust will bring its usual caravan of performers, including two aerialists; four acrobats; a trick cyclist; Leapin Louie Lichtenstein, a cowboy clown who performs rope tricks; and the Wild Woman, a tribal-nouveau belly dancer.
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The Wanderlust Circus troupe includes aerialists who perform a number of routines. (Christopher Perez | Contributed photos)
Along with the performers, the circus brings a story: One of the circus members returns from the bayou with a mysterious woman — the Wild Woman, in fact — who possesses magical powers and causes a stir among the circus. “Chaos ensues,” Mickens said. “It’s all the basic stock conflicts of our troupe, in terms of how our characters interact from one show to the next. We’re coming into contact with this new element, the Wild Woman, and we do our very best to continue putting on a show in spite of the various complications and mishaps.”
The sideline story of the Wild Woman is just one of several fairytale elements running throughout the circus. For example, the circus is immortal.
“In the backstory of our circus, we are an immortal travelling circus,” Mickens said. “William Batty has been wandering the earth for more than 200 years under sort of a mixed curse and blessing, which is that he lives forever, but only as long as he stays on the road with his circus. And this extends to all the other members of the circus as well.”
With the circus’s backstory, Wanderlust is able to draw influence from several periods throughout history, from the Victorian age to the wild west to the 1970s.
“There’s a lot of performance happening right now that has that sort of time-travelling, sort of speculative-fiction quality,” Mickens said. “At the very same time it’s sort of Victorian, but also sort of 1920s and ’30s, but also very much like the present day or even the future.”
Mickens and co-founder Nick “the Creature” Habar developed the backstory when they formed the circus seven years ago.
“It felt kind of true. It felt sort of like a good fictional representation of our actual lives and what we were really doing,” Mickens said.
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Mclaren Circus Promo

Published on Aug 9, 2012
The McLaren Circus.
A family circus with local and international artists and beautiful performing animals.
The McLaren Circus tours South Africa, spreading the magic of the Circus to all
The McLaren Circus is filled with excitement, magic, laughter and thrills!
Come an experience the wonder of the Circus.

New Shanghai Circus

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Date 2/3/2013
Time 1:00 PM

Presented by Artbeat
 Astonishing athletes defy gravity and execute breathtaking feats as they stretch the limits of human ability, enhanced by fabulous choreography, enchanting scenery, and powerful music. Fearless performers bring boundless energy to a beautifully orchestrated presentation of Chinese circus traditions dating back 2000 years. If it's humanly possible-and even if it's not! - Shanghai's acrobats, jugglers and contortionists do it with spectacular flair.
"Feats of circus art that reach literally breathtaking heights of skill"  -- The New York Times 
 "The talents of the Shanghai acrobats are beyond compare. . .watch these acrobats and be stunned and thrilled."  -- The Kansas City Star
"Show-stopping rarities of daunting difficulty" -- Los Angeles Times
 "Fantastic!"   -- CBS News
Location Information:
Silva Concert Hall  (View Map)
Hult Center for the Performing Arts
Willamette St. between 6th & 7th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401
Come an experience the wonder of the Circus.
from Denzil McLaren 

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McLaren Circus South Africa

This Ain’t Yo Momma’s Circus

Photo courtesy of Yann Ropars
by Stephanie Richards
Jan 11, 2013
For many, the circus conjures up images of too many clowns in a car, a tightrope walker with an umbrella and women in barely-there, sparkling leotards riding on elephants. Children in the front row, stay up past their bedtimes and spill popcorn and crackerjacks onto a dusty floor. But that is not Deena Marcum’s MOTH Poetic Circus.

As the artistic director of MOTH (Movement of the Heart), Marcum has been hard at work choreographing the The Cirque Side of the Moon: A Voodoo Mardi Gras Masquerade, which opens on February 8 at Casselman’s in downtown Denver.

“This show is a collaboration with my partner. We wanted to do a music festival with circus,” Marcum says. “We both love Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ and we thought it would be cool to do. It’s a show that’s going to be about the album—the struggles we have with politics and our own deaths and life.”
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Photo courtesy of Danni G Cyr Wheel, Dream World Cirque
Born in California and now living in Boulder, Marcum studied dance (contemporary ballet, modern and hip-hop) at Marymont Manhattan College before fate intervened: after taking trapeze lessons to prepare for a role in a dance company, she was hooked, and her aerial career began.

“My feet are definitely happier off the ground,” she says.

In addition to choreographing and organizing the February 8 event, Marcum will also be performing—as the Angel of Death—and she will be hanging by chains donning leather boots and gloves. Along with other acrobats, the show will feature hip-hop dancers, pole dancers, hula-hoop dancers, a fire boy and hand balancers.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

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I'll bet there's a lot of folks up arounf Baraboo that would to
have this one!

Proceed With Caution: Circus Oz Returns to Cal Performances, February 15-17

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10 January 2013
SchoolTime: Special One-hour Performance for Students Friday, February 15 at 11:00 a.m.
“[Showcasing] some truly herculean feats of strength along with truckloads of humor and heart” (San Francisco Chronicle), Australia’s Circus Oz returns to Cal Performances’ Zellerbach Hall, Friday–Sunday, February 15–17, with its latest production, From the Ground Up. From the Ground Up is built upon a construction theme, drawing inspiration from Charles Ebbets’ 1930s photography of construction workers and Rosie the Riveter from the 1940s. Always unexpected, From the Ground Up is performed to original music from the company’s five piece band lead by Carl Polke who plays the guitar—both electric and air. The controlled chaos that is integral to every Circus Oz performance is headed up by artistic director Mike Finch and senior circus artist and founding member Tim Coldwell. The group combines a dozen longtime artists with cutting-edge new performers, allowing the troupe to reinvent itself year after year.  Last seen at Cal Performances on October 2010, the “delightful (and skillfully) in-your-face” Circus Oz was recently selected by the San Francisco Chronicle as a must see event in 2013.
Circus Oz will give a SchoolTime performance for Bay Area students Friday, February 15 at 11:00 a.m. in Zellerbach Hall.  Tickets available in advance only.

Circus Oz was formed in 1978 when two smaller independent circuses, Soapbox Circus and the New Circus, merged. Circus Oz debuted that same year at the Adelaide Festival.  By 1980, Circus Oz had begun to tour internationally. The first tour traveled to Papua New Guinea, Holland, Belgium, London, Norwich, Bath, and Chichester. During the mid-1980s, Circus Oz trained with China’s Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe, building their repertoire and adding acrobatic skills, such as pole-climbing and hoop-diving, to the circus. Circus Oz has performed across five continents and in more than 26 countries, including spots as diverse as New York City, a refugee camp on the West Bank, indigenous communities in the Australian desert, and a glass opera house in the Brazilian rainforest. Performances have been translated into dozens of languages.  Circus Oz has represented Australia at many international festivals and broke box office records at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The troupe’s philosophy of gender equality, collaboration, social justice and a good time for all remains true.  The new recruits for their 2013 season include acrobats Dale Woodbridge and Shane Witt and hip-hop and contemporary dancer Ghenoa Gela.  Rounding off the casts are popular Circus Oz regulars including Hazel Bock, Luke Taylor, Jeremy Davies, Mason West, Flip Kammerer, Ruby Rowat, Chad Albinger, Stevee Mills, and musicians Carl Polke, Ania Reynolds and Bec Matthews.  “With an energy that never flags, the performers are some of the best around, they ensure that everyone shines and share their enthusiasm of having the best jobs in the world” (Aussietheater).
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circus gatti

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Circus gatti cast 2012 Canada tour — with Angel Rivera, Matt Davenport, Tammy FireFly, Joanne Wilson, Justin Loomis, Tina Londyn, Angela Mesa, Tiff Garden, Patricia Gatti, Alejandro Mesa, Daniel Tampke and Peni Lia.
Fornasari's Comedy Matators Cirque Italia Winter 2012

Nicolette Fornasari
Published on Jan 7, 2013
Performing with Cirque Italia Winter 2012
The  Fornasari Family
Christmas 2012
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The gentleman in the purple shirt is
family patriarch Italo Fornasari.
Nicolette Fornasari Cloudswing Cirque Italia Winter 2012

Nicolette Fornasari·
Published on Jan 7, 2013
Performing with Cirque Italia Winter 2012

Free Ringling Brothers Circus Clown event Friday at Smithfield & Birmingham Central Library

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By Christie Dedman
January 10, 2013
Jamarr Ringling is an "Ambassador Clown" who will be making special guest appearances with Birmingham Public Library as part of Reading with Ringling. He'll be reading Dr. Seuss' If I Ran the Circus" on Friday, Jan. 11 at the Smithfield Library branch at 10:30 a.m. and at the Downtown branch at 3:30 p.m. Both library visits are part of Reading with Ringling – he’ll be reading to kids as part of FREE community events.
He'll be giving out clown noses and probably juggling and stuff, too.

hawaii circus

The Brand New Shanghai Circus 2013 returns to Hawaii Theatre in January!

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Friday, January 18, 2013 7:30 pm
Hawaii Theatre Center
1130 Bethel St
Honolulu, HI 96813
 (808) 528-0506
What/Why:The 2013 Brand New Shanghai Circus visits Honolulu for a limited engagement featuring breathtaking, gravity-defying, and spectacular feats that'll dazzle the mind and spirit!
This year's show brings audiences the very best of China's revered circus tradition, celebrating two thousand years of acrobatics, juggling, and contortion in a presentation that'll mesmerize the whole family.  If it's humanly possible-and even if it's not - the Shanghai Circus will do it with spectacular flair, integrating seemingly impossible dexterity with humor, tradition, and grace.
And for 2013, kids tickets are just $10.00!
The New Shanghai Circus will perform at Hawaii Theatre on Friday, January 18th at 7:30pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, January 19th and 20th, at 2:30pm and 7:30pm.  Reserved tickets priced at $45.00, $35.00, and $25.00, with kids 12 and under only $10.00, are now on sale at the Hawaii Theatre box office, by phone at 528-0506 or online at  Senior and military discounts apply on all price categories except the kids' price.
Duo Glavatskiy.Lidija and Evgeniy

universoul circus

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(spotted on facebook)

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National Cotton Candy Floss Machine circa 1925

ringling orlando

Ringling circus comes to Orlando

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The Flying Cruzados rotate the 46-foot Double Wheel of Steel to speeds of more than 15 mph by walking inside and outside of the wheel.
(Feld Entertainment / January 7, 2013)
By Tod Caviness, Orlando Sentinel
January 10, 2013
Modern audiences are used to seeing a little bit of the circus everywhere. Rock stars such as Pink have incorporated aerial acrobatics into their concerts, and Britney Spears' 2009 "Circus" tour was styled entirely around the three-ring spectacle.
But as Marvin Gaye says, there ain't nothing like the real thing.
"Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth" has been touring the country for 132 years and it remains a tough spectacle to beat. Though the smell of canvas tents has been replaced by arena air-conditioning, the circus life is still a career like no other. And while audiences may be used to the annual arrival of this menagerie, the newest incarnation of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus aims to remind its fans how much work goes into all this fun.
Dubbed "Built to Amaze," this year's show is crafted around a simple story line: The creation of the circus from the ground up.
On the arena floor, audiences in Orlando this weekend will watch as ringmaster Andre McLain turns the 13 clowns, 17 dancers and 95 animals of the circus into a makeshift (and occasionally competitive) construction crew, working to bring the "big top" to life. It's all a vehicle for nearly 100 performers from 17 countries to strut their stuff, of course. But behind the scenes, the real architects take the creation of P.T. Barnum's "The Greatest Show on Earth" as seriously as it sounds.
read more:,0,4200989.story

WEAR ABC 3 :: Top Stories - Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

The circus has come to town.
Kalie Desimone
January 10, 2012
That means elephants, acrobats and dozens of daring performers are taking over Pensacola.
Channel 3's Kalie Desimone brings you front row center with a sneak peak of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey -Fully Charged,Gold Edition.
Kalie Desimone
The greatest show on earth comes to Pensacola this weekend and it's your chance to catch the thrills of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
The circus is a 140-year tradition that combines the classics - extraordinary animal performances, captivating clown escapades and daring high-wire acts - with contemporary surprises and thrills to make the circus-going experience memorably unique.
Ringling Bros. hosts millions of visitors and travels to more than 90 cities in North America each year.
Fully Charged, Gold Edition, is an all-new powerful surge of circus entertainment!
You and your family can experience the excitement as the show's energy and power is taken to the next level.
Imaginations ignite as superhuman athleticism and displays of animal magnificence take center ring.
Arrive an hour early with your ticket for an extra special pre-show party.
Dean The Clown
"You get to see performances in the ring that you don't get to see in the actual show. You even get to go backstage and visit all our animal performers."
Maria Lopez- Knife Throwing Act
"The more exciting stuff for us is that we can meet all the people face to face. You won't see the acts from far away. We are so excited to be here in Pensacola."
Kalie Desimone
Heart stopping acts that will entertain your family for hours.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

This will give you more updated information about the annual Circus Celebrity Night at the Ringling Museum.
Circus Celebrity Night is at the Historic Asolo Theater on the Ringling Campus
This year the Museum will be honoring Trudy Strong as our 2013 Circus Celebrity and “Doc” Henderson and Dorothy Herbert as Greats of the Past
The program is on January 19, 2013

Reception begins at 6 and ceremony begins at 7
Please pass this out among the circus community.
Pete Adams
Club Will Be Open Tomorrow (Wednesday) Night With Tony "The Tiger" Estrada Celebrating.
See for details
Pete Adams

James "Jim Silverlake" Timberlake

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James "Jim Silverlake" Timberlake, 69, Medora, died at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, at Hoosier Christian Village, Brownstown.
He was born Nov. 26, 1943 in Brownstown to the late Melvin and Josephine Fisher Timblerlake. On Sept. 8, 1967 he married the former Marlyn Hochstetler in Lexington, S.C., and she survives.
Mr. Timberlake was of the Methodist faith. He was a graduate of Clearspring High School and served in the United States Navy from 1963 to 1967. He was a retired elephant handler, trainer, and circus performer. Mr. Timberlake owned Lewis Brothers Circus, Barnes & Daily Circus, and also traveled with many other circuses. His last circus years, 1989 to 1999, were spent with Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus taking care of the elephant known as "King Tusk."
Other survivors include two sons, A. Michael (Mitzi) Timberlake of Brownstown and Bradley W. (Amy) Timberlake of Atlanta, Ga.; two brothers, Marcus Timberlake of Nashville, Ind. and Melvin Timberlake, Jr., of Kingman, Kan.; sister, Myrna Ratcliff of Medora; and two grandchildren, Zachary and Meagan Timberlake.
He was preceded in death by both parents and three brothers, William Glen Timberlake, Franklin Timberlake, and George Joe Timberlake.
A memorial service will be conducted at 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12, at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to International Elephant Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, or Mt. Zion United Methodist Church through Spurgeon Funeral Home, Inc.
Spurgeon Funeral Home, Inc., Brownstown, is in charge of arrangements.