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Monday, December 30, 2013


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December 29, 2013
A contortionist from the “Circus Der Sinne” performs at the CBS 2 studio. (credit: CBS 2)
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — “Circus Der Sinne” mixes modern circus acts with traditional African dance and music.
The show is running on Broadway through Jan. 5.
“Mother Africa is basically bringing Africa to New York,” one of the show’s stars, Theresa Makaita Muteta, told CBS 2′s Jessica Schneider in an interview Sunday morning. “We have circus acts. We have acrobats. We have music and dance going on. We have a lot that we’re bringing to you guys from the New Victory Theater on 42nd Street.”
The show is running on Broadway through Jan. 5.
“Mother Africa is basically bringing Africa to New York,” one of the show’s stars, Theresa Makaita Muteta, told CBS 2′s Jessica Schneider in an interview Sunday morning. “We have circus acts. We have acrobats. We have music and dance going on. We have a lot that we’re bringing to you guys from the New Victory Theater on 42nd Street.”

The performers come from all over Africa, Muteta said.
“What has basically happened is our producer and director have come together and they did form a school in Tanzania, and this is where many of the artists, many of the acts have gone through, have the platform to practice, to rehearse, to have the grilling and the drilling of how the acts should be going,” she said. “And from there, they put the show together, and it’s been seven years now we’ve been on tour.”
“Circus Der Sinne” is being performed at the New Victory Theater on West 42nd Street. For showtimes and tickets, visit the theater’s website.


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PREP: Members of Zirka Circus L-R: Lilly 17, Chelsea 16, Cherry 16 and Jade 14 put on their eye make up before the performance.
December 30, 2013
Send in the Clowns!

The Zirka Circus is in town, with 17 young performers from China putting on a show of acrobatics, magic, contortion, juggling and clowning.

The show is now in Christchurch, with the tent located at Kyle Park on Waterloo Rd, behind The Hub at Hornby.

The show runs twice daily until January 12, with its next stop in Rolleston.

Tickets range from $19 for a child to $38 for a VIP adult seat. Family passes for four are $84.


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from: leamingtoncourier
The circus owner and ringmaster are pictured along with a small crowd of children and adults admiring the huge animal.

Jeff, who used to be a town guide, lived with his family in Union Walk at the time.

He said: “They used to weigh the elephants at the weighbridge next to the railway along the Old Warwick Road.

“The site now houses Jewsons builders merchants. I believe the weighbridge hut in the background is still there.”

Jeff says that his sister, who now lives in Hampshire had to have a bath after sitting on the elephant because of the oil which was smeared all over it.

Reader Jennie Haynes remembers elephants parading through Leamington in the 1960s. She said: “My journal from 1966 quotes ‘April 7. Took boys (our sons Greg age 4, and Keith age 3) into Leamington Spa to see the elephants on the Parade.’

“As I recall they walked from the station too. Hope others have memories too.”

Sunday, December 29, 2013


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Posted by PicasaAnimal activists protest against the use of animals in circuses
circus says that their animals are well taken care of and trained.(REUTERS)


Jurie Blignaut

Saturday 28 December 2013

The circus is in town, but not everybody is going. The McLaren circus has set up the Big Top in Port Elizabeth and the show that is put up includes wild animals like tigers and lions, raising the ire of animal rights activists.

Groups of activists held a silent protest against the use of animals in circuses and animals in captivity. The protesters say they are not just targeting this circus but captivity of wild and cruelty against animals in general. They want the public to become the voice for these animals.
However, it is more than just taking a stand.
" We are trying to make people aware of this with the hope that if it is done countrywide, like it is, that we can eventually address it with legislation. Now we are a leading country with legislation, we have gay marriages, women's rights, we need to take a lead on animal rights,” says animal activist Linda Lewis-Swan.
The animals are an integral part of the business.
McLaren Circus says their animals are part of the family and receive excellent care. The circus says they are trained through positive re-inforcement and not by instilling fear and that they are running their business within the prescripts of the law. Circus owner David Mc Laren says he is not considering getting rid of any of the animals.
“The animals are an integral part of the business. The people who are against the circus are against all zoos, against all animals in captivity and not just the circus. But the paying customer who supports the circus enjoys seeing our animals and understands our animals are cared for and loved and are part of the business,” he explains.
Animals, especially the big cats, have always played a central role in circus shows. Even to this day it remains a big draw card.
Some of the local people say that the circus helps children in knowing different kinds of animals.


Bristol roller derby team visits Gerry Cottle's CircuS

roller skaters at Gerry Cottle's Circus in Bristol

By The Bristol Post

Posted: December 28, 2013Bristol’s roller derby team literally met circus performers head on at the weekend.
The roller derby players showed the performers on skates how to bump and shove each other out of the way in complete safety.
One of the Gerry Cottle circus acts is based on roller derby - Britain’s fastest-growing sport.
And Mr Cottle himself thought it would be a good idea to get some members of the team to pass on their skills and advice to his performers.
Roller derby referee Rachel Britton, 39, from Portishead, said: “The circus performers are elegant and graceful - we are all about knocking each other over.”
She said the rules were strictly enforced so that players were not seriously hurt.
Tilly Latimer, 34, an ecologist from Long Ashton, said: “Gerry watched our loat game and realised there was a lot more to it than he first thought.
“He invited us along to show some of our skills.”
The circus, which is based near Wookey Hole in Somerset, is currently putting on shows at Creative Common, next to Bristol Temple Meads until January 5.
Animals are no longer used in the circus but roller skating has now become one of the most popular acts.
Mr Cottle said: “I sold all my animals 20 years ago and now we give the circus a more modern look.”
When the circus finishes in Bristol, it will be moving on to Swindon as part of a national 37-week tour.

Read more:


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The long-running Shrine Circus parade has run its course. Insurance liability concerns prohibited elephants from participating in the parade which was a main draw for many people. The circus will still occur on June 28, 2014. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson


By: Jaci Conrad Pearson

December 28, 2013

DEADWOOD — Deadwood Mayor Chuck Turbiville announced that there was no need to hold a public hearing for the Shrine Circus parade portion of an item which appeared on Monday night’s agenda. There won’t be a parade.

When the Shrine Circus has its day in Deadwood June 28, 2014, the Main Street parade which traditionally precludes the afternoon and evening performances to kick off the event, will not be held.

“One of the big draws for the Shrine Circus parade each year was seeing the elephants parade down Main Street,” said Northern Hills Shrine Circus committee member Dave Ruth. “But circus officials have informed us that their animal handler insurance won’t cover the liability of them being paraded anymore. They don’t want the liability of having them walk down the street and be startled by a dog on the sidewalk or a loud noise from a car and having something unfortunate happening. That, consequently, has caused us to not have the parade anymore up Main Street.”

Former Shrine Circus Chairman Paul Holtsclaw, who along with John Jackson instituted Deadwood’s Main Street parade in 2005, was saddened by the decision to pull up the stakes on the parade.

“I’m very sad,” Holtsclaw said. “Deadwood is a parade town. People love it. People support it. It hurts that it’s gone. That was mine and Jackson’s baby.”

The Northern Hills Shrine Circus began 78 years ago in Deadwood and in 1995 was moved to Belle Fourche.

Holtsclaw became parade chairman in 2003 and explained that his committee felt that the parade belonged back in Deadwood.

“We moved it back in 2005 and said, ‘What can we do to promote it?’,” Holtsclaw explained. “John Jackson of Belle Fourche suggested a parade. So I called up Jody Jordan, owner of the circus and asked if we could do it. He gave me a long list of reasons why not and we argued back and forth, but in the end he agreed to it. After it was over he said, ‘This was fantastic.’ I said, ‘Does that mean you’ll do it again?’ And he said, ‘yes.’ I went off the circus committee in 2011, so what happened after 2011, I don’t know.”

For eight years, the elephants, circus performers, other animals, Shriners and clowns paraded down Deadwood’s historic Main Street, unaware they were making their own type of history.

“It was really a unique situation they allowed us to do,” Ruth said. “It hasn’t been done anywhere else in the nation. Unfortunately, the insurance companies take over and say, ‘We aren’t going to cover this.’”

This is actually the second year the elephants won’t parade in Deadwood.

“They did not notify us of the inability of the elephants to participate until the night before the parade last year,” Ruth said. “Because they were such a draw, without the elephants, we ultimately decided that it was more prudent not to have the parade.”

Ruth said the elephants will still be at the parade grounds, located at the Days of ’76 arena.

“The way we want to focus on it is that kids can still see the animals up close at the circus and they can even ride the elephants before the circus and at intermission, which they couldn’t during the parade,” Ruth said.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013
Circus Giant's Insurance Fight Takes Another Hit
WASHINGTON (CN) - An insurer has won access to documents that could help it avoid paying legal fees that a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey heir racked up in a drawn out battle with his sister.
Karen Feld sued her brother Kenneth in 2008 for $110 million, claiming that he had his lackeys beat up her and her service dog while their family was sitting shiva at an aunt's memorial service in 2007. She claimed Kenneth had "large, aggressive men" grab her and her dog, tossing them out of the service.
The law firm Fullbright Jaworski helped Kenneth beat the lawsuit, but Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. covered just under half of the nearly $4.5 million tab that the circus heir racked up in fees.
Feld sued Fireman's Fund last year for the rest, but his case took a hit in discovery when U.S. District Judge John Bates ordered Feld to produce all nonprivileged materials relating to any discussion of hourly rates and the reasonableness of fees and expenses. Feld also had to produce draft invoices, fee agreements and documents reflecting evaluations of coverage under the Fireman's policy.
Fireman's Fund filed its second motion to compel documents withheld by Feld, and the judge granted the motion in part Monday, nearly a year after discovery in the case began.
Bates expressed puzzlement at the insurance company's motion to have Feld produce a more detailed version of an already adequate log of materials protected by attorney-client privilege, but ultimately ruled that some of the document Feld refused to disclose in discovery contained communications between he and his attorneys during his case with his sister, and the not the underlying dispute.
The judge ordered those documents to be released as part of discovery to Fireman's.
"By filing a lawsuit seeking indemnification for attorney's fees, Feld necessarily placed the work of his attorneys directly at issue," Bates wrote.
In the complaint against her brother, Karen Feld claimed that "the two, large, aggressive men violently twisted the arms and legs of plaintiff, Karen Feld, pushed her in to a corner of the floor of the elevator, ripped her right ear lobe until it bled, and repeatedly violently banged her head against the elevator rail."
Kenneth Feld had countersued his sister, claiming she desecrated their aunt's memorial and committed trespassing.
According to Karen Feld's complaint, her brother runs Disney on Ice, Disney Life!, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, and the Greatest Show on Earth among many other family-oriented shows, taking over for their father, Irvin, who died in 1984. She said Kenneth's company, Feld Entertainment, pulls in $1 billion annually.
The siblings' relationship reportedly became unsalvageable after freelance journalist Jan Pottker ran an expose on the Fields that quoted Karen Feld discussing her father's affairs with men and other family scandals.
Eight years later, Pottker learned that Kenneth had hired Clair George, the former deputy director of operations for the CIA and head of covert operations, to keep tabs on her as part of a plot to ensure she stopped writing about the Felds and shelved her plans for a book deal.
Pottker said she obtained proof about the scheme through an affidavit from Clair on file with a court where Kenneth Feld faced an employment dispute.
Bates' ruling means Feld will have to turn over more documents that could let Fireman's Fund off the hook for the nearly $2.5 million in additional legal fees Feld wants. Bates asked Feld to adhere to the ruling in good faith.
"Based on a review of Feld's privilege log, the court expects that a large number of documents that have been withheld will need to be produced, including (but not necessarily limited to) virtually all of the documents that are marked as work product in anticipation of the underlying litigation," the ruling states (parentheses in original).

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crazy! Circus Circus’ new roller coaster El Loco to open in January


A rendering of the roller coaster El Loco once it’s completed inside Adventuredome at Circus Circus.


By Andrea Domanick (contact)

Dec. 10, 2013

It twists, it turns, and it is sure to make even the most seasoned roller-coaster rider scream. The anticipated thrill ride El Loco inside Adventuredome will begin operating in late January, Circus Circus announced today.

The final piece of the 1,300-square-foot track will be laid this week, and one of the electric yellow cars is already on display inside Adventuredome as a sneak peek for fans.

The high-thrills coaster, which replaces Adventuredome’s flume ride Rim Runner, will feature a 90-foot Runner, will feature a 90-foot ascent with a “beyond vertical drop” producing a negative-1.5 vertical g-force, as well as a 45-degree outwardly banked curve and a 180-degree turn into a barrel roll on the track

Sunday, December 8, 2013


These photos were taken just days ago. 
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November  6, 2013
Hi! to all the Friends of Dick Dykes
Well it's been a long haul since Sept. 10 when I was admitted to the hospital
4 times to be exact!
But as I write this note to you the Big Shots are holding a patient revue
Word has it from thye front office that a favorable report is going to
be presented on my record.
Yesterday was a great day
Also thanks to many of you for your letters of support and help!

Monday, October 28, 2013

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

by McKoye Mecham
September 6, 2013

The Good Day Crew got a little taste of the Utah State Fair Friday in studio.


Circus brings fun, more to town Monday
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By Pete Terlaje
September 8, 2013
Even if you’ve seen the Shrine Circus before, Monday’s performance guarantees you’ll see something you’ve never seen before.
When the world famous three-ringed 2013 Shrine Circus comes to life Monday at the Val Verde County Fairgrounds, it will do so with Michelle Audrey as ringmistress. She is currently one of only three known ringmistresses in the circus world.


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8 Valley residents injured in Missouri traveling circus crash

Osorio family acrobats
by Action 4 News Staff
Harlingen residents were injured on a Moberly, Mo. highway after another man rear-ended them in the vehicle he was driving.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the eight people involved in the accident, including a teenager, are from Harlingen.
The accident happened on a U.S. 24 around 11:00 p.m. on Thursday.

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Ruben Osorio
The eight people were traveling with a caravan of Whirling Brothers circus performers, according to CBS St. Louis (KMOX).
 The eight Harlingen residents were transported by ambulances to local hospitals after sustaining moderate to minor injuries in the crash.
According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, no safety restraints were worn by the eight Harlingen residents.
They were traveling about 45 MPH when the accident happened.
The other driver involved sustained minor injuries after the vehicle he was driving came to a rest in a ditch.


Circus to give free tickets to Cleveland students with perfect school attendance

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The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus will give free tickets next month to students in the Cleveland school district who have perfect attendance. (Courtesy of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus)
By Patrick O'Donnell, The Plain Dealer
September 07, 2013
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Perfect attendance in the Cleveland school district this fall will earn students a free ticket to the circus.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus will give a free ticket to an upcoming show at Quicken Loans Arena to any student that has perfect attendance from the start of school Aug. 19 through Oct. 14.

The offer is open to up to 20,000 students from kindergarten through sixth grade attending any Cleveland Municipal School District school. It does not include tickets for parents to go with their children.

“It’s important to get students in a routine of regular attendance at the beginning of the school year,” Michelle Pierre-Farid, the district’s chief academic officer, said in an announcement of the reward. “When you do this, you find that they maintain a good attendance record the rest of the year.”

“The incentive of a free seat at the Greatest Show On Earth is attractive to both students and their parents, and will help keep students in their seats as we begin the school year,” she continued.

Tickets will be good for performances of the Built to Amaze! circus at Quicken Loans Arena on Oct.23 to 27.

John McCauley a publicist working for the circus said its owners regularly try to offer promotions that help non-profits or civic groups in cities where the circus travels. In the past, he said, it has offered tickets in return for donations to food banks but chose the school district this year.


The Texas Trick Riders are a highly skilled group of entertainers.

The show features:
Roman Riding
Trick Roping
Whip Cracking
Horse Tricks
Trick Shooting

Check out The Texas Trick Riders at


Utah State Fair returns for 158th year

Trenidy Lewis hammers a stake while setting up a tent in preparation for the Utah State Fair at the Utah State Fairpark in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013. The fair runs Sept. 5-15.
Laura Seitz, Desert News

By Emilee Eagar, Deseret News
Wednesday, Sept. 4 2013
SALT LAKE CITY — Booths and carnival rides came to rest in their designated areas. Food carts rolled in, and pens were set up for animals.
"After 158 years, it's still a completely new fair every year," said Judy Duncombe, director of the Utah State Fair.
Duncombe said the variety comes largely from Utahns' participation in events such as the Living Arts exhibit, where people enter their jam, photographs and knit items. It's one of her favorite events of the fair.
“I’m just amazed at the talent of the people of the state of Utah," Duncombe said.
Among this year's highlights is the return of the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show and the state fair debut of Great American Duck Racing, she said.
"We've had racing pigs (and) we've had racing goats, but this is the first time we've had racing ducks," Duncombe said. "I'm looking forward to seeing that show and having people enjoy that."
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The fair opens Thursday and runs through Sept. 15, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday at Utah State Fairpark, 155 N. 1000 West.
read more:
A Day Trip To The Minnesota State Fair
Lots of video to take with the IPhone 4S and ProCamera App at The Minnesota State Fair.
Sept. 8, 2013


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Ringing in the 138th Western Fair

2013 Western Fair
Mike Maloney

London Community News
ByMike Maloney
Sept. 7, 2013
Fall fairs can be found scattered across the countryside throughout September and October but southwestern Ontario’s biggest and best — London’s Western Fair — opened its gates to the public on Friday (Sept. 6).
Celebrating 138 years of tradition, fair organizers welcomed representatives from the Forest City’s "red ribbon" champion teams — the London Nationals, Knights and Lightning — to perform the ceremonial bell ringing to officially kick-off the 2013 edition of the fair.
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Later in the evening, the first of a week-long procession of performers, the band Hanson took over the main stage, filling the air with their pop-rock sound to the delight of a very appreciative crowd.
Open daily Sept 6-15, a full list of attractions and schedule of events can be found at