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Saturday, March 16, 2013


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A circus that you see — and hear
By Bill Wundram
March 16, 2013
SARASOTA, Fla. — Long live the beautiful lady on the flying trapeze in the big arena and the magic of a Sunday afternoon in a world upside down — a circus performed with a 150-voice chorale and a symphony orchestra.
There is no sawdust on the floor and no pink lemonade for Cirque des Voix. Missing is a circus band blaring “Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite.” Instead, a semi-circle of violins and cellos and French horns plays the music of “1492: Conquest of Paradise” for a hand-balancing act.
This is taking the circus to a new level. A packed crowd of 1,000 cheers and gives the performance a standing ovation. Some paid as much as $45 for their seats.
HERE IS AN EXCITING, enchanting show. It is bringing the soul of “The Greatest Show on Earth” to a remarkable level of class. Performers like this can only be assembled in a circus city like Sarasota; nowhere else is there such a gathering of talent.
It would be difficult to assemble the circus-minded Sarasota Key Chorale at the i wireless Center in Moline to sing John Williams’ “Themes From ‘The Lost World’” while four members of the Flying Wallendas are walking a thin cable and risking their necks high above the audience heads.
There are moments when you are so thrilled by a lovely aerialist’s cloud swing that you cannot pay attention to the combined symphony and chorale music, “Dark Night of the Soul.”
All through this performance I keep thinking how — in its circusy way — it reminds me of the Holiday Pops at the i wireless — the choir, the symphony, the performers, the color, the adoring crowd. Steve Jobman, the Quad-City “Pops” director, should fly down to Sarasota next holiday season when Cirque des Voix is to be performed with a Christmas theme.
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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Comes to Barclays Center on March 20
Lords of the rings

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By Will Bredderman
March 16, 2013
The Greatest Show on Earth is coming back to Brooklyn.
Almost three years after taking down its tent in Coney Island, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus — elephants, clowns, acrobats, and all — will parade into the Barclays Center.
This year’s show, titled “Built to Amaze,” combines two elements every Brooklynite can relate to: the battle of the sexes and construction, incorporating front loaders, dump trucks, huge wrenches, and giant paintbrushes, with male and female teams of performers striving to outshine each other in dazzling feats of athletic prowess.
“It’s absolutely crazy what these ladies can do!” ringmaster Andre McClain said of the female performers in particular.
McClain pointed to the Duo Fusion and Duo Solys hand-balancers as a perfect example of what audiences can expect. The two husband-wife teams bring domestic tension to a whole new level as the women lift and poise their men atop their heads and shoulders — all while wearing three-inch pumps.
Another fantastic marital pair are the comedic animal performers Alex and Irina Emelin, just arrived from Russia, whose act features 18 tigers, along with 16 black-and-white poodles.
McClain, whose only circus experience in New York City came several years ago at Madison Square Garden, is especially excited to make his Brooklyn debut.
“I’m more thrilled about coming to Brooklyn than I can imagine or say,” said McClain. “Since this is the first year we’re playing at the Barclays Center, I think I’m more excited about performing there than I was at the Garden.”
A former rodeo cowboy from Kansas City, the ringmaster serves as the audience’s guide to the excitement, hyping each act while he rides around the arena atop his horse Comanche.
“I’m like the President, I’m the guy everybody looks up to, but I’m also the biggest fan,” he said.
And no performance would be complete without Ringling Bros.’ legendary elephants — who will be accompanied by music and teams of male and female dancers.
“Once the elephants come out, the show’s over, they don’t even see me,” said McClain. “Guaranteed during that elephant act, everybody’s going to be on their feet dancing.”
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Barclays Center [620 Atlantic Ave. at Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights, (917) 618–6700,]. March 20, 7 pm, starting at $20.
Top historian says state budget proposal ‘Best offer Circus World has ever had’

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Ellsworth Brown, executive director, Wisconsin Historical Society
from:  Baraboo News Repulic
by Ben Bromley, News Republic
March 16, 2014
Circus World Museum supporters have accused the Wisconsin Historical Society of orchestrating a takeover plot behind their back, but the timing of the state budget process dictated immediate action, the state’s top historian says.
Leaders of the Circus World Museum Foundation, the private group that has run the Baraboo historic site since its inception, were surprised to see included in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal a plan to give Circus World state money, roll it into the Historical Society and terminate the foundation’s operations contract. They lashed out at the Historical Society for failing to inform Circus World boosters of a possible state takeover.
But Ellsworth Brown, executive director of the Historical Society, said he didn’t know until the budget was released that funds were earmarked for Circus World. He felt bound to step in after a December meeting of the Circus World Foundation board in which a financial report revealed the organization would survive this summer season, and perhaps the calendar year, by using cash reserves and short-term fixes. But the outlook for 2014 looked bleak, and the foundation resolved to request state aid.
Given that the governor was at that time crafting his proposal for the two-year state budget, Brown said he felt compelled to inform the Walker administration of Circus World’s plight. If the site was to need state funds in the next two years, the best time to make that request is during the budget-writing process, rather than requesting emergency funds later. “That’s not the environment in which the state likes to consider such questions,” Brown said Thursday during a visit to the News Republic.
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The circus comes to town
By Tom Russo, Photographer
March 15, 2013
Greenfield, Indiana-- Instead of the usual sheep, cattle, pigs and other livestock which parade through the doors of the Hancock County 4-H Fairgrounds, Friday was set aside for more exotic species, including white lions, tigers, camels and a tandem of pachyderms that took to the ring as the Circus Pages came to Greenfield for two shows Friday.

Greenfield Daily Reporter & Pendleton Times-Post: The circus comes to town &emdash;

Greenfield Daily Reporter & Pendleton Times-Post: The circus comes to town &emdash;

Daniel Rodriguez, 22, puts on the finishing touches to his clown make-up as he gets for his performance with the Circus Pages at the Hancock County Fairgrounds.(Photo/Tom Russo/Daily Reporter)

Greenfield Daily Reporter & Pendleton Times-Post: The circus comes to town &emdash;
Kayla Earnhart, 10, gets ready for her performance with the Circus Pages at the Hancock County Fairgrounds.(Photo/Tom Russo/Daily Reporter)

Greenfield Daily Reporter & Pendleton Times-Post: The circus comes to town &emdash;

An aerial artist performs with the Circus Pages at the Hancock County Fairgrounds.(Photo/Tom Russo/Daily Reporter)

Greenfield Daily Reporter & Pendleton Times-Post: The circus comes to town &emdash;
Daniel Rodriguez, 22, puts on the finishing touches to his clown make-up as he gets for his performance with the Circus Pages at the Hancock County Fairgrounds.(Photo/Tom Russo/Daily Reporter)

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Miniature Circus

Postcard from ... Massillon: Miniature circus is popular display at museum

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About 400 elephants were carved by Robert Immel for his miniature circus.

By Gary Brown, staff writer
Mar 15, 2013
A big top has been placed over the little circus displayed at Massillon Museum.
 The clear, acrylic bubble covering the recently cleaned and restored Immel Circus display, protects the miniature three-ring circus from dust and other destructive elements. It also allows museum visitors to better view the tiny world that includes tents, animals, performers and circus workers.
The dome, paid for through visitor donations and community contributions, preserves for future generations the pieces that Robert Immel carved between 1946 and 1995 using tools from his Massillon dental practice.
“The 100-square-foot miniature circus contains more than 2,600 pieces,” notes text near the exhibit. “Dr. Immel donated the miniature circus to the Museum in 1995, along with more than 1,400 artifacts of circus-related memorabilia.”
Some of those artifacts are displayed surrounding the Immel Circus. And on the wall leading to the room in which the miniature circus is exhibited, placards hawk the display with circus barker enthusiasm.
“This Way to the Immel Circus! You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!”
Indeed, it is difficult to comprehend the creative talent that Immel possessed. He carved most of the pieces, save for a few that were hand-crafted by friends and retired circus performers. Much of the circus is wood, but some items are metal and plastic.
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Tommy Breen-sword swallower

Lane Talburt
Uploaded on Jul 1, 2010
From college grad to sideshow performer, Tommy Breen captivates fair-goers on World of Wonders.
Circus coming
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March 15, 2013
Prescott, AZ--The Nevada County Fair Association has signed a contract with the Kelly Miller Circus for the exhibition of an all new 2013 show. The circus will roll into town on Tuesday, April 9. Everyone is invited to come out and watch the animals being unloaded and fed, and the elephants raising the big top. Activities will begin at 7:30 a.m., and the tent will be raised at 9 a.m. Guides will be furnished for school groups and anyone attending.
The traditional “old style” circus will present performances at 4:30 and 7:30. Support the Nevada County Fair Association - buy your tickets in advance and save. Ticket available: Style by Heather in Prescott, Prescott-Nevada Chamber of Commerce in Prescott, and Southwest Arkansas Equipment in Hope.
Prices are $10 for adults 12 and up, $6 for children 2-11 and FREE for children under 2. If you wait until circus day, tickets go up to $15 for adults and $7 for children.
The 2013 season promises to be more exciting than ever with many new acts and entertainers to amaze and amuse you. Come on out and enjoy a day of fun filled excitement at the circus.
For information, please visit Nevada County Fair Association on Facebook or you may email
UniverSoul Circus Returns to Los Angeles March 16th-31st
15 Mar 2013
UniverSoul Circus presents an unforgettable global experience of circus arts, music, dance and style in their 2013 “Mash it Up” tour.

UniverSoul Circus has created a big top thrill-ride infused with an unparalleled global mix of circus artistry, music, dance and style – all inspired by reflections of today’s global culture. The 2013 edition of UniverSoul Circus – the MASH IT UP tour – featuring a head balance act from Viet Nam, seven beautiful bone-breaking contortionists from Ethiopia, and a dazzling ice skating act from right here in the USA – will be performing from Saturday, March 16-31 at Hollywood Horse Park in Los Angeles.

“At UniverSoul Circus, we’re one big happy family – and that includes our fans,” said Founder and President Cedric Walker. “This year’s production is entitled the MASH IT UP tour because it fuses a special blend of cultures, music and styles with world class acts from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas to create an unforgettable entertainment experience for the entire family.”
Creative Team
The show’s creative team includes Walker, who regularly travels the globe to find amazing talent, and award winning live entertainment production designer Tom Marzullo. Marzullo has designed and/or managed the production of major international tours for some of the biggest names in show business, including T-Pain, KISS, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Prince. Marzullo designed, produced and managed the
production for Justin Bieber’s international My World Tour, which earned Marzullo the 2010 Tour Link Top Dog Award for Production Manager of the Year.
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S. Lombardi &Associates gets awards for work on fairs
By Julia Hickey
March 15, 2013
A San Luis Obispo-based marketing agency was recently honored for its work promoting fairs.

The Western Fairs Association presented S. Lombardi &Associates with eight first- or second-place awards in its annual award program, according to a recent news release.

In the large fairs division, S. Lombardi’s work for the Santa Barbara County Fair won first place for television advertising, radio advertising and color newspaper ad, and second place for its fair logo and poster.

A television commercial for the Santa Cruz County Fair produced by S. Lombardi won second place in the medium-fairs division.

For small fairs, the firm’s billboard for the Salinas Valley Fair won first place for outdoor advertising, and its radio commercials for the Santa Clara County Fair took second place in radio advertising.

The Western Fairs Association is a nonprofit trade association representing fair-related businesses, management, boards of directors, festivals and industry associations.

S. Lombardi & Associates this year is celebrating 40 years in business.

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Friday, March 15, 2013


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Views clash over future of Circus World

By Ben Bromley, News Republic
March 14, 2012
In a tense meeting marked by pointed accusations and contradictory claims, the Circus World Museum Foundation board voted Thursday to take its fight for the historic site’s future to the state Capitol.
By a 17-2 vote, the board authorized Steve Freese, the Baraboo museum’s executive director and a former legislator, to lobby lawmakers that preserving the attraction’s long-standing public-private partnership — rather than rolling Circus World into the Wisconsin Historical Society — would best ensure its long-term viability.
“I think the Legislature is entitled to all the information,” said state Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison. “I don’t think we should in any way tie Steve’s hands.”
Circus World representatives typically would be required to rely upon the Historical Society to serve as emissary to the Legislature. But relations between the organizations frayed last month after Gov. Scott Walker unveiled a budget proposal that included providing state aid, absorbing Circus World and ending the state’s lease and management agreement with the Circus World Foundation, which has run the museum privately since its inception.
Thursday’s vote to mobilize Freese hardly marked a sea change, as he and foundation representatives already have been lobbying state officials against the proposed takeover. The meeting served primarily to give both organizations a chance to promote their visions for Circus World’s future, a testy exchange that belied the cheery circus calliope music piping in from the visitor center lobby.
Foundation leaders accused the Historical Society of distorting Circus World’s financial standing and orchestrating a clandestine takeover. Freese said they have presented “a completely different picture than what really exists.”
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Video: Shrine Circus opens in Hamburg
March 14, 2013

Acrobat falls 85 feet during Moscow circus show, breaks back
March 14, 2013

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News Summary: Marvel, circus, team up on live show
By The Associated Press,
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
CENTER RING: The people who bring you The Greatest Show on Earth will be taking Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor and the Fantastic Four on a worldwide road show. Feld Entertainment Inc., which produces the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, announced a partnership with Marvel Entertainment to produce a live arena show featuring the Marvel universe of characters.

SUPER GROWTH: Feld Entertainment has expanded in recent years to acquire several motor sports and monster truck shows aimed at expanding its appeal beyond the young children who go to the circus and girls who flock to the Disney shows.

DON'T TRY THIS ON BROADWAY: Trying to bring superhuman characters to life in a live show can be daunting and even dangerous, as evidenced by the run-up to the Broadway musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." Several performers suffered injuries ranging from concussions to fractured skulls in what became the most expensive show in Broadway history. Feld says his company is at home in that environment.
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About World Circus Day
Celebrated on and around the third Saturday each April, World Circus Day is a special day for families all over the world to celebrate the magic of the circus. Stage a special event, take a kid to a circus, throw a circus party, dress up like a clown, join a circus fans association, or create your own circus, complete with your family pets.

The Fourth World Circus Day will be celebrated on and around Saturday 20 April 2013.

Online registration open now!
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Welcome to the Circus Dinner Show Monte-Carlo
In summer 2013, the International Circus Festival presents for the second year the Circus Dinner Show Monte-Carlo.

Enjoy a fantastic new show with world famous circus artists, a big band and a delicious gourmet dinner in Monaco. The four-course menu will be prepared by Chef Philippe Joannes for Private Dining by Fairmont Monte-Carlo.

Our magic location, the Chapiteau de Fontvieille in the heart of Monaco will be beautifully decorated and air-conditioned for this event. True entertainment for the whole family.

Shows every day* from 24th July till 18th August 2013 at 9 pm.

Nearly 300 people are massed under the Fontvieille chapiteau, to attend the first of the Circus Dinner Show. A clever mix of dinner gourmet and circus numbers, performed by the best artists, from all over the world. A frank success according to the admiring comments from the audience at the end of the evening. Venue all Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 21: 00. Reservations on
Acrobat falls through safety net during circus show in Moscow

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March 14, 2013
from: Associated Press
Friday, March 1, 2013: In this photo provided by The Great Moscow State Circus on Thursday, March 14, 2013, a group of acrobats, one of them, Karo Christopher Kazungu performs during a premiere show at The Great Moscow State Circus in Moscow. The Great Moscow State Circus said Kazungu fell through a safety net during a show Wednesday night and was rushed to a hospital with severe injuries including a fractured vertebra. (AP/The Great Moscow State Circus)
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Dogs parade their circus skills for Japanese school children - video
March 14, 2013

Dogs show off their circus skills at the Wow Wow Dog Circus in Japan. The show is touring schools in the country in an attempt to teach children the importance of being a responsible pet owner. The animals entertain pupils from Tachikawa city in western Tokyo with tricks such as group skipping, beam balancing and even walking aloft a giant multi coloured circus ball

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Our new banners! Coming soon to a shopping centre near you!

Elvis trying on his new harness! — at Circus Royale Rockingham.
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All set up ready to open tonight in Rockingham! — at Circus Royale Rockingham.
Red Stuart, Sword Swallower

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Circus World reaches out

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A group of joggers runs past the entrance to Circus World Museum along Water Street on Wednesday in Baraboo. A pair of meetings will be held today that could help shape the future of the historic site.
By Ben Bromley, News Republic
March 14, 2013
Debate over Circus World Museum’s future takes the center ring today with two important meetings.
The first is a gathering of the Circus World Museum Foundation board, set for 9 a.m. in a theater inside the museum’s Irvin Feld Visitor Center. At 6 p.m., Circus World will host a town hall-style meeting in the same location.
Steve Freese, the museum’s executive director, said foundation board meetings don’t allow for public comment. The town hall meeting was set up to foster dialogue between Circus World leaders and the museum’s supporters. “Then they have a forum to ask questions,” Freese said.
The foundation board meets monthly, but this meeting carries special significance. Last month in his budget proposal, Gov. Scott Walker proposed rolling Circus World into the Wisconsin Historical Society. Since its inception, Circus World’s buildings and collections have been owned by the state, but its operations have been run privately by the foundation.
Walker’s proposal would make Circus World staff state employees, put the museum’s revenue in state coffers and end the state’s 54-year-old lease and management agreement with the foundation. It also would earmark $1.2 million in state funds over the next two years for Circus World operations, an infusion Historical Society leaders say would help secure the museum’s financial future.
But many Circus World supporters counter that while state support is necessary to ensure the site’s long-term viability, the museum should continue to operate independently.
The board meeting agenda includes discussion of Walker’s proposal and a request for the state Legislative Audit Bureau to audit the foundation and the Historical Society to resolve a disputed debt between the two organizations.
The meeting then will adjourn to a closed session for discussion of fundraising, employee performance evaluation, contract issues and potential litigation. The meeting later will reconvene in open session, with possible action to be taken then.
The evening meeting is designed to inform donors, circus fans and area residents how Walker’s proposed budget might affect Circus World. Freese and Jonathan Lipp, chairman of the foundation board, will make presentations and take audience questions. Freese said local businesses and organizers of a summer circus parade downtown have exhibited concern. “Everyone knows this is going to affect their business if there’s a dip in attendance,” he said.

by: Amy Snyder
March 13, 2013
Circus Smirkus is back: You don’t have to run away to join this circus – you just have to be in third, fourth, fifth or sixth grade. Cirkus Smirkus is back for a second year in a row offering a weeklong after-school circus “boot camp” for kids in grades 3 through 6. (Read about their program last year here.) Students who sign up will learn juggling, tight wire, diabolos, devil sticks, acrobatics and much more – all from a professional Circus Smirkus coach. The program runs from March 18 to March 22 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at Hanaford Elementary School. The final performance takes place there on Friday, March 22, at 6 p.m. Cost of program: $100 per student. Use the application attached here, or contact Amy Synder at


Not Just The Circus: Ringling Bros’ Nicole Feld Talks Juggling Life With Motherhood

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By Joanna Mazewski
March 13, 2013
As I’m sure most working mothers out there know, it’s not easy trying to juggle your career while taking care of the kids at home, and it’s especially not easy when you work with a bunch of clowns (I see you raising your hand!). When it comes to clowns though and the juggling act called life, Nicole Feld knows a thing or two about what it takes to get the job done and not lose your balance in the meantime, too.
As one of the driving forces behind the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey’s circus acts, the mother-of-one works in an unusual, fun and mostly male driven industry where anything can happen at anytime, literally. And while her job might have its high’s and low’s (it is the circus, after all!), she’s just like us when it comes to not being able to put her cell phone down throughout the day. But then again, what mom can’t, right?
As the Executive Vice President and Producer of Field Entertainment, Inc., Nicole was born into the family business and at an early age she embarked on an ambitious road show throughout the company, immersing herself in every aspect of the business from creative and production to sales and marketing.  For the next few years she focused on talent scouting, a unique skill that is intrinsic to the success of all Feld Shows, which also include Disney on Ice and Disney Live! shows.
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Kenya Acrobat Falls During Circus Show in Moscow
by AP
March 14, 2013 (AP)
MOSCOW-- A Kenyan acrobat fell through a safety net during a show at a Moscow circus on and was rushed to a hospital with severe injuries including a fractured vertebra.

An amateur video aired on Russian television showed 22-year-old Karo Christopher Kazungu falling through the safety net and onto the arena floor during the Wednesday evening show.

The Great Moscow State Circus said on its website on Thursday that Kazungu was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. Russian news agencies quoted the director of that acrobatics show saying that Kazunguwas diagnosed with fracture of one vertebra and was in intensive care.

Kazungu was one of a dozen Russian and Kenyan performers who were taking part in that highly complex acrobatics show.

Edgard Zapashny, director general of the circus, told Russian television that the circus had never had any incidents of this kind and that the German-made safety net had been rigorously tested at the circus before it was used.


'Greatest Show on Earth'
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to Chattanooga


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Three members of the Lopez Troupe perform a bicycle/splits ride across the high wire.
Photo by Contributed Photo /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

by Casey Phillips
March 14, 2013
In the typical office, the greatest danger workers face is running out of coffee or putting up with tedious Muzak in the elevator.
Shifts for Maria Lopez, 29, on the other hand, are a bit more exciting.
As a performer in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Lopez starts her day 22 feet above the ground on the high wire with her husband, Jonathon, and brother-in-law, Johan. There, they perform vertigo-defying tricks such as handstands and unicycle rides, all without benefit of a safety net.
Later, Lopez's father-in-law, Alfonso, throws knives with 12-inch blades at her and her sister-in-law, Erika.
Before she can clock out, however, she joins Jonathon and Johan behind the handlebars of three motorcycles, which they race around inside the Globe of Steel, a 12-foot-wide cage that is the world's smallest for this sort of act.
Although she is quick to point out that she must maintain absolute focus during all three of the family's acts, Lopez says it's hard to see what she does as work.
"It's my hobby, my passion," she says, laughing. "It's like you're on vacation all year long, and even better, they pay you for it."
The Lopezes are one of a dozen acts that will be featured today through Sunday, March 14-17, when "The Greatest Show on Earth" sets up in McKenzie Arena.
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Landmark of the Season: The New York State Fair

Posted by Keith Nave, The Post-Standard on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 1:49PM
We asked local musician Connor Thuotte to write us a song about the state fair, and he came through with this wonderful tribute. Added to the song are some of our best fair photos The Post-Standard photo journalists taken over the years. Enjoy.


Patsy Rosales

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Patsy Rosales spins multiple hula hoops during a Kelly Miller Circus performance. The circus is based out of Hugo, Oklahoma, USA, but travels extensively.
Photo by Rick Purdue. A Photo of the Day.
by Noora H.
March 12, 2013

New York State Fair 2012: Walker Brothers Circus
Posted by Stephen D. Cannerelli, The Post-Standard on Thursday, August 30, 2012


Another Jewish clown headlines Big Apple Circus

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Seth Bloom, who performs with his wife Christina Gelsone in the Big Apple Circus, dons a half-mask and wig as “Monsieur” of the Acrobuffos.
Photo by Florence Montmare

by Elaine Durbach, NJJN Staff Writer
March 13, 2013
 Could “my son, the clown” become the new refrain of proud Jewish mothers? A Jewish boy from the Jersey Shore, Barry Lubin, won acclaim as Grandma, the beloved mainstay of The Big Apple Circus. He retired last year and has been replaced by Seth Bloom, who also happens to be Jewish.

The two met on the circus circuit in Europe and became friends. In an interview from his home in New York, Bloom said he had wanted to be part of the show “since I first saw the Big Apple when I was 19. I’m 38 now, and I’m delighted that it’s worked out.”

It was Lubin who first urged Bloom to apply to join the circus five years ago, and he did. But he and his partner — in the circus ring and in marriage — Christina Gelsone, have a particular style, using half-masks and period costumes. It wasn’t until this year’s old-style show, Legendarium, that the couple — known as Madame and Monsieur of the Acrobuffos — found their place in the Big Apple.
As a child Bloom had no intention of becoming an entertainer. But after he took a Ringling Brothers course in clowning as a teen, his fate was sealed. “The educational aspect got me hooked,” he said, “the idea that you could use comedy to inspire kids to read.”

He worked with groups around the country, doing things like stilt walking, juggling, riding a unicycle, and eating fire. “You’re not likely to get rich clowning, but you make a lot of people laugh, and that’s pretty great,” he said. Bloom went on to study at the London International School of Performing Arts and the Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre at Wesleyan University.
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Animal rights activists protest Ringling opening night

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Posted by Kelly Taylor
Mar 13, 2013  -
CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -  Not everyone was thrilled at the opening night of Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Local animal rights activists protested outside of U.S. Bank Arena on Wednesday evening to bring attention to circus animal abuse.

They believe the circus animals like elephants, monkeys, big cats are trained tricks taught by torture, and protest the 26-hour rides in small trucks and trains.
Ringling Brothers officials say they comply with all federal, state and local laws, having very stringent animal care guidelines.
In 40 years of current ownership, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey has never been found in violation of the Animal Welfare Act.


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Fully stocked and ready for "DOORS!"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013