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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Remembered by Stars

Published on Aug 4, 2012 by AssociatedPress
Matt LeBlanc, Lucy Liu, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kristin Kreuk, Lisa Kudrow, Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis reveal their feelings about Marilyn Monroe's legacy on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the star's death. (Aug. 1)
Escaped Chimpanzees Cause Havoc
911 calls provide a terrifying look into a public emergency caused by animals.

State fair opens to heat, crowds

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By Maureen Hayden CNHI Statehouse Bureau
August 4, 2012
INDIANAPOLIS — The 156th Indiana State Fair opened Friday under the shadow of last year’s fatal stage collapse by celebrating its usual traditions: barns full of prize-winning livestock, acres of amusement rides,  a field full of marching bands, and a seemingly endless bounty of corn dogs, caramel corn and lemon shake-ups.
 And a lot of heat and humanity.
 Shortly after the fairground gates officially opened at 8 a.m., long lines of motorists were waiting to pull into the parking lots and tractor-pulled passenger shuttles were ready to roll. Inside the gates,  hundreds of vendors, volunteers and fair employees had set up and settled in, appearing ready for the event’s 17-day run and the nearly 800,000 visitors expected to come.
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CDC: If you’re going to the fair, wash hands, take precautions against new swine flu
By Associated Press,
Published: August 3
ATLANTA — It’s the season for state and county fairs, and health officials are reminding fairgoers to be careful around pigs because of a new flu spreading from the animals to people.
Officials say 29 human cases of the new strain of swine flu have been confirmed in the U.S. in the last year, most of them children.
Ten of the 12 cases confirmed this week were linked to the Butler County Fair in southwest Ohio, which ended last weekend.
Pigs get the flu, too, and can spread it to people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been tracking sporadic cases since last year, when the new strain was first seen in people. A concern: the new strain has a gene from the 2009 pandemic strain that might let it spread more easily than pig viruses normally do.
So far, that seems to be the case for pigs to people, but it hasn’t been spreading easily from person to person — which is the greater concern.
It also has not been unusually dangerous. All of the recent cases were mild, as were most of the earlier illnesses.
But even regular flu can be a serious illness, so people should be careful if they’re going be around pigs, said Dr. Joseph Bresee, the CDC’s chief of influenza epidemiology.
Fairgoers are advised to wash their hands and avoid taking food and drinks into livestock barns. Pregnant women, young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems should be particularly careful.
With summer and fall fairs, “we’re likely to see additional cases,” Bresee told reporters during a teleconference Friday. He said work has begun on a vaccine for the new strain in case it ever becomes more of a threat.
Meanwhile, officials at state fairs in Ohio and Indiana say they’ll be watching for any signs of swine flu. The Ohio State Fair sent home two pigs with the flu this week.
Welcome to Tom Duffy's, Ireland's premier Circus.
from: Tom Duffy's Website

Over the past three centuries Duffy's Circus has been amazing audiences throughout Ireland. Patrick James Duffy, a shoemaker from Dublin, developed a love for foreign circuses visiting Ireland. After learning various circus skills he became a famous acrobat and his son John started his own circus, the John Duffy Circus. John had three sons - John, Tom and James. It was from James that Duffy's Circus developed into what it is today. By the 1870s the Duffy family had an extremely large circus with upward of 250 horses.
Throughout the years the circus has had many names with the changing of generations, The Duffy Family Circus and Duffy's National Circus amongst others but has always been proud to use Duffy name. In 1917 James operated a circus with his sister, The Duffy and McClean's Circus for a few years before James Duffy & Sons Circus was born. James died in 1959 and the circus continued to be operated by his wife Lena and sons Jimmy, Johnny, Billy, Tom, Arthur, Freddy and Albert and daughter Lena. In 1971 Lena died and the circus was carried on by her sons as the Duffy Brother's Circus. 

By 1979 another generation of Duffy's had been groomed for the ring, as the family was extremely large Tom and son David decided to branch out with their own circus. In 1982 the Duffy Brother's Circus ceased and Tom Duffy's Circus has been carrying on the Duffy name ever since. Over the last 33 years Tom Duffy's Circus has grown into one of Europe's finest and most respected circuses, in recognition our Circus is supported and funded by The Arts Council.
The present day sees Tom Duffy’s as a traditional Circus with a modern twist. Three generations of the Duffy family are now on tour with the Circus Tom, now 83, his son David and Grandsons Tom and Jamie. Despite predictions that Circus would lose popularity with the introduction of television, video games and the internet Tom Duffy’s Circus is more popular than ever with more than 160,000 people visiting a performance of Tom Duffy’s Circus in 2011.
Tom Duffy's Circus 2012
From: Mike Naughton
Published on Aug 3, 2012 by PremierCircus
Tom Duffy's Circus 2012

The current TOM DUFFY'S CIRCUS. The Dubsky Family (Harry, Sr. and Janos +++) were on the DUFFY CIRCUS when they were signed to come to the USA to work with Mills Bros Circus.
I tease the Dubskys that they are really part Irish.
Dubskys told me that DUFFYS was a small family show, nothing like the big production that it is today some 50 years later.
 Here are a few of the photos from my short visit to Misissippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa, on Tuesday afternoon, 8-01-12.
  The area of the fair that I visited had the  "Tiger Encounter Show, G.W. Exotic Animal Park exhibit, Great Cats exhibit, Live Bear Show, Duck
 Races, Alligator Show, and large  Petting Zoo". In spite of the heat, there was a large number of people, including youngsters, that
 stopped  to visit the exhibits, see the shows, pet the young tigers, ride the camels, and ask questions about the animals. They also got to
 witness the care taken to keep these animals cool, including fans, water hose misters, large pools for tigers to play in the water, fresh straw and
feed all afternoon, and large tents for shade.
 The Tiger Encounter - banner
Tiger Encounter show area  
Terry and Felicia Frisco  
Daruba wants to eat - Bill Prickett 
 Frisco tiger trailer
G. W. Exotic Animal Park exhibit 
 Joe Exotic (Joe A. Schreibvogel)       

Doug Terranova camel 

 BIG CATS exhibit area - Doug Terranova 

 BIG CATS in pool  

Ameera Diamond, Niche Quinones - Cat Presentor, Doug Terranova

Bobby Steele and Ginger - The Great Bear Show

Meet Tina Konyot
– U.S. Dressage Team Rider
From: Mike Naughton
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Every time Tina enters the arena at A she brings with her a rich family history of equestrian and dressage expertise as well as a connection with her horse that is evident to everyone watching. An amazing and talented rider and trainer, Tina has the unique ability to compete and entertain, making her a fan favorite as well as a legendary horsewoman. Tina is now accepting new horses for training either on the Florida circuit or for international competition.
Visit Tina's web site. It's very interesting with a lot of her family history and some great photos!

WDM Palm Beach 2012 - Tina Konyot

Uploaded by WorldDressageMasters on Jan 26, 2012

Send in the Clowns

By David McCabe
03 August 2012
 For most Americans, the ideal of a circus is clear: three rings, lots of animals, flashy acts and lots and lots of flare. But for attendees at this weekend’s Zoppé Family Circus in Westhampton Beach, things are going to be a little different.
 That’s because the circus is of the traditional Italian variety, and has been since 1842 — since it was founded.
 While visitors to an American-style circus might be accustomed to maintaining a level of distance from the performers, the artists in the Zoppé circus greet their guests at the door of their one-ring big top.
 “It’s like going to somebody’s house,” said Giovanni Zoppé, who runs the circus that was started by his family six generations ago. He added, “At the end of the show, we’re going to say goodbye.”
 Zoppe described the circus’s setting as intimate, saying that no seat in the tent is more than twenty feet from the ring.
 The acts in the circus are also more evocative of shows past than of the arena spectaculars we know today. When Zoppé looks for performers, he says he wants to find acts that are unique and are based in more traditional circus skills. Case in point: one of the newest acts in the Zoppé Circus is a young man who does head stands on a trapeze while in motion.
 “It’s an antique circus act that nobody does anymore,” Zoppé said.
 Likewise, attendees at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center aren’t going to see many of the animals common in American circuses, like lions and tigers, in the ring. The show does feature 12 horses, one miniature horse, 12 dogs and four chickens. The dogs perform with Zoppè’s sister, who trained the chickens during the winter to incorporate them into the act.
 While Zoppè said he isn’t philosophically opposed to using wild animals in shows — a topic that drew protesters to the site of the Cole Brothers Circus at the Shinnecock Indian Reservation a week and a half ago — his show doesn’t feature them because they would not have been used in the circus when it was founded.
 After a season during which the program for the show is developed, the Zoppe Circus travels all around the country from June until January showing off their different type of circus.
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Scenes from a Pennsylvania County Fair from Glenn Przyborski on Vimeo.

James E. Strates Shows Carnival Train

Uploaded by JKelcy on Jun 11, 2010
A James E. Strates Shows carnival train in Middletown, NY pulls out to remove the empty flat cars that have been unloaded then return to unload the rest of the cars!
Circus Vargas Comes to Roseville
Circus Vargas will pitch-tent Aug. 9-13 at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville.

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By Patch Staff
August 3, 2012
Circus Vargas will be pitching up its blue and gold tent in Roseville soon. The circus is coming to town at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville Thursday, Aug. 9 through Monday, Aug. 13.
This year's Circus Vargas show will include a trapeze troupe, motorcycles, low wire, aerial artistry, juggling, balancing and a human rocket — the first in Circus Vargas history.
“We’ve created something really special here. It’s like an Original Circus-Musical!," said Kevin Venardos, Circus Vargas’ singing Ringmaster, in a news release. "Amazingly, and in a way different than I had once imagined, it represents another dream fulfilled. You never know how the pieces will fit together as the road bends over time. I am thrilled to be a contributor to this wonderful family tradition, and grateful for the chance to touch so many hearts.”    
Interactive Pre-Show
Thirty minutes before the show, children of all ages will have the chance to participate in an interactive pre-show. They will be guided through a crash course in circus skills with host and the “Iron Chin” Jon Weiss and his wife Laura.
About the Tent
Residents will start seeing the circus set up on Tuesday, Aug. 7. It takes 20 men about seven hours to raise the Big Top tent, which seats 1,200 people.
The tent consists of 90,000 square feet of canvas fabric and is supported by 500 individually placed stakes and over four miles of rope and cable weighing over 17 tons, according to a Circus Vargas news release.
Circus Vargas in Roseville
When: Thursday, Aug. 9 through Monday, Aug. 13
Showtimes: 8 p.m. Aug. 9; 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Aug. 10 and Aug. 11; 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Aug. 12; 7 p.m. Aug. 13
Where: Westfield Galleria at Roseville parking lot by Nordstrom
Tickets: Range $25-$65 for adults; $20-$55 for children ages 2-11
Info:, 877-468-3861

Fairs Bring Opportunity

ALBERT LEA, Minn. -- We're in the midst of county fair season and many folks are hitting local fairs for the food, rides or live music.
But fairs also have an economic impact on area communities. Fair season provides an opportunity for area businesses to showcase their products and services.
It’s also benefits non-profit organizations.
“All of those organizations use this as an opportunity and in many cases, their single biggest fundraiser, that money turns around and is put back into the community with various programs so that piece is an important part,” Director of the Albert Lea Chamber of Commerce Randy Kehr said.
The Freeborn County Fair starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday.

Friday, August 3, 2012

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Circus comes to town

 Members of the North Starlets perform their aerial acrobatics in the Kelly Miller Circus.
By Matthew Rink staff writer
Aug 02, 2012
Nate Lindsay sat almost statue-like on the aluminum riser under the sweltering big top, affixed on the commotion unraveling in front of him.
 There were tigers standing on their hind legs, hopping over one another like a game of leap frog. There were the dazzling acrobatic moves of Delana Fusco and Sarah Greene, who swung on red ropes and hung upside down. There were a pair of camels that danced to “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”
But when a pair of slapstick clowns jabbed, poked and slapped each other into a tizzy, Nate finally let loose. Giggling himself into an uproar, Nate pointed out the antics to his parents, grandparents and 2-year-old sister, Morgan.
“They’re funny,” he said.

Fridman Torales shows off his amazing balance during an act in the Kelly Miller Circus.
His laugh turned infectious as parents Amanda and Jed Linsday, and grandparents Barb and Jim Detterline chuckled along with him.
“The clowns have been a favorite so far,” Amanda said, looking at her son with amusement. “The tigers, too. Morgan likes the acrobats and their uniforms.”
It was the fourth year the circus has been held by the Massillon Knights of Columbus, 988 Cherry Road NW.
 The Hugo, Okla.-based Kelly Miller Circus is owned by John Ringling North II, whose great-uncles were the famous Ringling Brothers. He was on hand for Wednesday’s performances.
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From left, Hanna Farris, 4, Makenna, 3, and mom Heather Copeland ride Humpty Dumpty the Camel before the Kelly Miller Circus held on the grounds of the Massillon K of C.
The show featured the balancing board act of Fridman Torales, “master of the rola bola,” the North Starlets “aerial ballet,” a trapeze act and sword juggling.
 Ringmaster John Moss III, wearing a black top hat and red long-tail jacket, said he’s been involved with various circuses for most of his life
 because he gets “a front-row seat” for every performance.
“It’s a family event,” he said. “It allows different generations to come together — grandparents, their kids and their kids — all can sit and enjoy the show. When they’re leaving after the show, they all have different parts of the show that are their favorite.
“I love it all,” he said. “I love being under a circus tent and maintaining that tradition.”
He wasn’t the only one.
“I love it,” said a giddy Rosemary Hines, who attended with her husband, Paul. “I haven’t been to see a circus since I was little. It’s awesome.”
Sean Cannone and his wife Jody, of Copley Township, brought their four kids, ages 2 to 11. Sean works at Meadow Wind Nursing Home in Massillon with Dale Smith, aka Herky the Clown.
“We came earlier today and watched the elephants pull the tents up,” Jody said. “They’d never been to circus before. It was fun.”
 “It’s fun,” said 9-year-old Audrey Cannone. “But I really want to ride an elephant.”

Instant Live 8: Clowning around at Ringling Bros. Circus
from: WFAA, Dallas
Unicyclist pedals from Bronx to all over the globe with  the circus; will perform at Jackson Houses on Sat.
King Charles Unicycle Troupe to perform at Bronx housing project

 Viorel Florescu/for New York Daily News
Unicyclist Dennis Amey.
By Kerry Wills
Friday, August 3, 2012
Dennis Amey and Apprinace Harrison grew up in the South Bronx but found a traveling home with the King Charles Unicycle Troupe.

The performers launch unicycling to a new level with their carefully choreographed show, playing basketball against each other and even doing double-dutch jumprope on the one-wheeled contraptions. Their troupe was the first black act in the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Amey, 28, of Melrose, was just 7 when he first saw the troupe practicing behind a local school,and soon after he was performing with them. The thrill of the show blew his mind and expanded his horizons.

“Where I grew up on Courtlandt Ave. is a real high drug area with a lot of crime,” Amey said. “Unicycles took me away from all that. I’ve been around the world to see there’s more to life than that.”

He often rides through the Andrew Jackson Houses at Courtlandt and 157th St., and on Saturday, the troup will perform there for Family Day.

Viorel Florescu/for New York Daily News
Unicyclist Dennis Amey, who is part of the King Charles Troupe, doing double-dutch at Jackson Houses basketball court in the Bronx.
Harrison, 31, has also been with the troupe for about 20 years. They discovered him in a talent show, performing on roller skates.

“I love the sport,” Harrison said. “It’s great exercise.”
It isn’t steady or easy work. Their last gig was five months ago, riding in a show in London.
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Viorel Florescu for New York Daily News
Unicyclist Dennis Amey, who is part of the King Charles Troupe, training at Jackson Houses basketball court in the Bronx.
Their five-hour practice sessions can be grueling. But it’s worth the trouble, Amey says. He gets a kick out of the looks he gets on his long rides through the city.
 “When you’re going down the street, people will be like, ‘Man, how do they do that?’” Amey said. “We do it because it’s a passion. It took most of us out of the ghetto and put our minds on other things.”
Read more:

Circuses once drew crowds to East Sacramento

By LANCE ARMSTRONG, Valley Community Newspaper writer
The thought of attending a circus in East Sacramento may seem a bit odd to many locals today.
 But in the long history of circuses in the capital city, people once arrived to the area in large numbers to attend circuses.
 In September 1907, for instance, the Ringling Bros. Circus – half of the predecessors to the legendary Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – brought their show to 31st (later Alhambra Boulevard) and M (present day Capitol Avenue) streets. On this 12-acre site, a 14,000-seat circus tent was pitched.
 Among those participating in this circus were 1,300 men, women and children, more than half the elephants in America and 658 horses.
 A 1914 article in The Sacramento Bee mentioned that Barnum and Bailey pitched their tent at 31st Street, between M and P streets for a then-upcoming circus.
 Upon arriving in Sacramento, this circus’ animals, which included elephants, horses and camels, were unloaded from nearby trains prior to daylight and walked to the circus grounds.
 Another circus was held at 31st and M streets on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1922.
 On these leased grounds, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Combined Circus presented its first Sacramento shows since the joining of these two notable circus companies. This emergence occurred in 1919.

Local media exposure
 Announcements for the upcoming afternoon and night shows began appearing in local newspapers during the earlier part of the month in order to increase the awareness and anticipation for the event.
 The Sacramento Star, for instance, ran an article about the circus in its Aug. 8, 1922 edition.
 The article’s headline was directed toward younger Sacramentans, as it read: “Good news for youngsters; circus is coming to town.”
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Scott and Muriel in the Monte Carlo Int'l Circus Festival 2008

Uploaded by ScottTheMagi on May 5, 2008
Great Illusions!! World Champions of Magic & Comedy Illusionists Scott & Muriel performing in the 32nd edition of the biggest Circus Festival in the World. Double prize winners at the festival, they also received a Standing Ovation from HRH Princess Stephanie and Prince Albert.

Manatee County tries to lure hotel
from: Sarasota Herald Tribune
Thursday, August 2, 2012
MANATEE COUNTY - For years now local officials have been trying to bring a hotel to augment the convention center, and with the addition of several new businesses in the area — including the circus group Feld Entertainment — that need has become even more acute.
To address the shortage of available rooms in the area, the county is stepping up its efforts to woo a hotel to the area.
Feld Entertainment, which has said it intends to employ nearly 400 people at its new headquarters in Ellenton, desperately needs more hotels and RV parks for performers who come to practice for shows.
Currently, Feld is using space in Lakewood Ranch, but something closer in Palmetto would be better, company officials have said.
"Within the next year, they're going to be desperate for rooms, so we need to get our thinking caps on," Manatee County Commissioner Carol Whitmore said. "We like these businesses and we want them to be successful, but we don't have the infrastructure for them. We do, but it's not convenient for them."
Commissioner Donna Hayes said the problem is that there is nothing with high capacity in the area, and pointed to the area of Seventh Street in Palmetto near the Convention Center as a location. "That needs to come through," she said.
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Lady Of The Ring
WCA Donates Original Lucy Costume To Comedy Center

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August 3, 2012
By Dusten Rader (drader@ , The Post-Journal
Throughout Lucille Ball's career, she donated a number of costumes to WCA Hospital as keepsakes, and during a special dinner presentation on Thursday at the Tropicana Room, one of those costumes was presented to the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Center for Comedy.
The dedication ceremony for Lucille Ball's ringmaster costume included a formal presentation by Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital president and CEO, an acceptance speech by Journey Gunderson, executive director at the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center and a catered dinner for fans of Lucy to enjoy while the original 1977 television episode of "Circus of the Stars" that Ball wore the costume in was shown.
"The Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy brings many people to the Jamestown area," said Wright. "So, we at WCA are so pleased to be able to contribute to this event.
"We are pleased that Lucille Ball, during her lifetime, was very generous to the community and to WCA Hospital," she continued. "She donated many of her costumes to WCA for our fundraising at Country Capers. This one (the ringmaster costume) we've had at the hospital and we think this (the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Center for Comedy) is the appropriate home for this 'Circus of the Stars' costume."
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FIRST-PERSON: Take a ride on Six Flags' Flashback
from: WFAA, Dallas

Thursday, August 2, 2012

UniverSoul’s circus tent is big enough for all

Photo by Scott Cunningham
The UniverSoul Circus has a diverse array of acts, including China's Shaolin Kung Fu acrobats, who perform martial-arts moves and feats of strength.
The Kansas City Star
Aug 01. 2012
If you’ve ever wanted to run away and join the circus, how much better does it get than a show where the performers invite you right into the spotlight of center ring?
And then …
You play “Simon Says.”
Or wiggle your way down a “Soul Train” dance line.
It happens at every UniverSoul performance. The 80-strong troupe — clowns, contortionists, acrobats, aerialists, elephants, tigers and horses, no bears — has set up a 2,500-seat (air-conditioned) tent next to Starlight Theatre in Swope Park.
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Co-host Zanda
“We just took the traditional-style circus and added audience participation to it. You’re not only sitting there watching the show, you’re actually a part of the show,” says Zanda “Zeke” Charles.
He’s the show’s co-host, smartly dressed in snazzy Kangol berets and colorful vests. It’s his job to keep the energy high for 2 1/2 hours. (And to make sure the clowns give wide berth to audience members who look afraid.)
“People snapping their fingers, tapping their toes,” Charles says. “We like to take you to church.”
Can he get an amen?
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Scenes from the California State Fair 2012

Published on Jul 14, 2012 by SacTVnews
This video captures scenes from the California State Fair on July 13, 2012, the day after opening day.
Ringling Bros. "Fully Charged" - Let the Biggest Pie Fight On Earth Commence!

Published on Aug 1, 2012 by ringlingbros
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® and the Funnyatrics Clown Program at Children's Medical Center were bubbling over with the excitement as they prepared for a soap-endous event...The Biggest Shaving Cream Pie Fight On Earth, which took place on Tuesday, July 31 at AT&T Plaza at American Airlines Center. The ultimate shaving cream chaos set a Guinness World Record, with 714 participants, for the largest shaving cream pie fight ever held!
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® and the Funnyatrics Clown Program at Children's Medical Center are bubbling over with the excitement as they prepare for a soap-endous event...The Biggest Shaving Cream Pie Fight On Earth, which will take place on Tuesday, July 31 at AT&T Plaza at American Airlines Center. The ultimate shaving cream chaos will be a Guinness World Records® attempt for the largest shaving cream pie fight ever held.
 Remember, Lather is the Best Medicine

Revival of state fair at Suburban Collection Showplace to include Shrine Circus
By The Associated Press
August 01, 2012
Novi (AP) — Plans for reviving the state fair in Michigan include a circus, as well as more-traditional agricultural events, competitions and entertainment offerings, organizers announced.

The Great Lakes State Fair will be Aug. 31 to Sept. 3 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. Organizers this week released more details of the attractions, including Shrine Circus shows that are expected to include high-wire performances, acrobatics, clowns and wild animal acts.

Kent Roberts, vice chairman of the Great Lakes State Fair Board, said in a statement that organizers are "delighted to bring back a state tradition" with modern updates. The event will include livestock exhibits, education stations, product displays, rides, a beer garden and entertainment stages.

"We've created an exciting venue that builds upon the tradition of past fairs and packages it into a 21st-century version focused on Michigan's rich agricultural and arts heritage," he said. "The entire show will include mostly Michigan-made content, including all entertainment, exhibits and concessions."

The Michigan State Fair, which took place in Detroit, closed in 2009 because of a lack of funding. In addition to having a different name and location, the new event isn't funded by the state.
Circus Smirkus is coming!

By Jennifer Feals
August 02, 2012
"If you haven't ever seen it, it's just such a great show. It's for everybody from babies — who love it for the lights, to grandmothers — who love it for the joy of the children. It's just good clean fun. It's really great and it supports our school."
The magic is sure to abound this year, with a theme of "Topsy Turvy Time Travel," and kids ages 11 to 18 putting on the show. This year Circus Smirkus celebrates 25 years on the road, with more than 65 shows in 15 towns throughout the Northeast.

The Consolidated PTA raises money for the school through the circus, Mahoney said, adding that in its seventh year, it is the school's primary fundraiser.
"We do four shows, and last year every one of them sold out. It's really become an awesome tradition," she said.
The funds raised through the event are put toward items students and teachers want and need that might not fit in the school budget, Mahoney said, including supporting field trips and enrichment programs. Last year, the event raised funds to purchase laptops for Consolidated classrooms, Mahoney said.
She said the PTA isn't sure what this year's funds will be used toward yet, but the group is "trying to find something wonderful and creative" for the school community.
Posted by Picasa
From now until the Friday event, school community members will be selling tickets in front of the Clam Shack in Kennebunk from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., cash or check only. Tickets are also available online by credit card at
"People should not wait until the day of the show because they do sell out," Mahoney said.


Uploaded by spike55151 on Oct 14, 2007
at the Maryland Historical Society

Circus boss cracks whip

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Brian Boswell's Circus has denied any form of cruelty to its animals Picture: THULI DLAMINI
02 August, 2012
Circus fans have given their support to Brian Boswell as he fights off animal rights activists.
The activists, who want to stop Boswell using animals in shows, protested in front of his circus in Durban on Sunday.

Boswell claims they also posted pictures on the internet that falsely depict him involved in acts of animal cruelty.

Yesterday, Boswell said he had instructed his lawyers to demand that the pictures be removed and that the activists responsible apologise for "perpetuating lies" about him.

Animal Rights in Action has been pushing for wild animals to be excluded from circus acts . Its ultimate goal is for no animals to be used in circus entertainment.

The Brian Boswell Circus has been in Durban for a month. It has extended its stay for another six weeks due to demand, increasing the number of shows it puts on at weekends to three.

Fans of the circus say they have seen no cruelty to the animals during the show.
Bobby Ramsey said: "My intention in coming to the circus was because I wanted to see for myself the 'cruelty' that angers people. But it's a different thing altogether. These animals are well looked after.

"I just do not understand what the activists want."

Ramsey said that, as an animal lover, if he had seen any wrongdoing, he would have immediately walked out of the show with his children.

Circus-goer Anne Nell said the activists were just "attention-seekers".

"We all love wild animals, but there is no cruelty when it is shown that they can establish good relationships with the people [in the circus]," she said.
Boswell's circus tent seats about 800 people a show and features lions, elephants, horses, pigs and dancing dogs.
read more at:
Family, Southern Style

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Tony Cenicola/The New York Times
 The fair has its own rituals, of which the carnival rides are small part
Published: August 1, 2012
THERE were 33 members of the Williams family and their friends bedding down in Cabin 14 at the Neshoba County Fair here last week (though that number waxed and waned as the days progressed). The oldest was 90, the youngest 17 months, and all four generations slept in one dormitory-like room built to hold as many as 41.
Double bunks were stacked three high, like ice trays; others were tucked under the eaves. Three air-conditioners banged away in the dark. Contemplating so much sleeping humanity (or imagining trying to sleep amid so many other people, and so many relatives), the mind reeled.
“I gave up a Manhattan co-op for this,” joked M. B. Williams, who in reality lives in Water Valley, near Oxford, Miss., a few hours away. Mr. Williams, 80, was christened Merrill Binford, but everyone calls him Snooky, even his son, Ben, 52. You might describe him as this family’s patriarch, except that he is more comfortable playing the role of jester-host than king. (Also, his older sister, Pat Stubbs, 90, might object.)
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