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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Shrine Circus coming to town this weekend!
BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) – This weekend could be filled with cotton candy, Bengal tigers, and clowns, if you make your way to the Shrine Circus.
Performers from fifteen different countries, daredevils, and lots of exotic animals will fill the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City this Friday and Saturday.
Organizers say this year's event will be packed full of breath taking stunts that's sure to thrill the entire family.
"We have a man that stands in a cage full of seven tigers," said Nina Carden, circus performer. "No claws, clipped, no teeth shaven…we really have something for everyone."
Tickets are $12 for kids 12 and under, and $18 for adults.
Proceeds go to the El Karubah Shriners, and promotes philanthropy.


Magnificent ElephantsPonderous Pachyderms provide tons and tons of circus fun. Picturesque pyramids with a flair! Magnificent mammals of monumental maneuverings in the ring!!

The Dragomir Troupe One of the finest troupes hailing from Romania, their incredible performers demonstrate this demanding art of teeterboard with dazzling dexterity and consummate skill

The Flying PoncesHigh above the rings, with flamboyant flair, the fantastic flyers are flipping and flowing through the air. Their breathtaking feats displays their mixture of technical skill beautiful choreography

Majestic Tigers & LionsRegal tigers and lions respond gracefully to the visual and verbal cues given to them by their trainer. They execute leaps, lay downs and rollovers in the steel cage demonstrating their grandeur.

The Ojeda TroupeMotorcycle madness on the high wire, one motorcycle rider on the incline wire soars to lofty heights with our beauties performing aerial acrobatics on the trapeze!
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Bertrand Island Amusement Park was located in Mount Arlington, NJ, just a few yards north of the Landing, NJ border on an arm of land that jutted out into Lake Hopatcong. This park was one of New Jersey's most popular summer attractions from the 1920's thru 1983.
I just happened to come across this last night wile searching for
info on Vidbel Old Tyme Circus, which is playing Haptong, NJ
today. And thought this was quite interesting .
Meahwile I could find nothing about Vidbel's date.

Friday, September 24, 2010



FAMILY CIRCUS comes to Edison, NJ, on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Circus Vidbel - the Original Olde Tyme Family Circus Under the Big Top is coming to Edison on Tuesday, October 5, 2010. with two (2) exciting shows at 5:30 & 8:00pm.

LOCATION: St. Matthew School Grounds
Seymour Ave. off Plainfied Ave. & Stony Rd., behind the Wick Plaza off Route 1




No Space Needle at 2010 Oklahoma State Fair

By The The Associated Press
OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma State Fair official says a popular attraction won’t be operational during this year’s event.
Fair Vice President Scott Munz told television station KWTV that the Space Needle, which carries passengers high above the fairgrounds and provides an expansive view of Oklahoma City, has been shut down.
He says flash flooding that hit Oklahoma City in June left the 42-year-old ride’s underground control system and generators underwater and that there was not enough time to fix the Space Needle before this year’s fair, which begins Thursday.
Munz says because of the Space Needle’s age, it’s hard to find replacement parts. He says if it’s determined it will cost too much to fix the ride, it might be closed permanently. He says fair officials will make that decision after this year’s event.

Watch the full episode. See more Circus.


Watch the full episode. See more Circus.

Thursday, September 23, 2010




The circus stomps its way into Salt Lake City
Published: Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010
By Lynn Arave, Deseret News
SALT LAKE CITY — It was a three-ring circus in motion, but without a tent.
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Parade and Elephant Walk traversed The Gateway area early Wednesday afternoon to herald their upcoming five days of Barnum's "FUNundrum!" circus, which runs through Sunday at the EnergySolutions Arena.
This "once-in-a-lifetime event" celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of the legendary P.T. Barnum, considered the "Greatest Showman on Earth."
Seven members of Salt Lake City's motorcycle police squad led the 10-minute circus parade through several blocks of The Gateway.
A float with the circus ringmaster and three girls followed and then various troupes of circus performers went by. There was a unicycle, some clowns, jugglers and several men on tall stilts.
Next, there was a horse, nine ponies, a Watusi cow, two llamas and finally what everyone wanted — six elephants, with three young women as riders.
"I liked the elephants the best," Jameela Coonce, of Salt Lake City, said.
Her daughter, Azlayah, 9, said she also liked the elephants, but "the stilts most of all."
"I thought it was the perfect parade length," Angelia Dulong, of Sandy said. With five young children in tow, the shorter the better, she said.
All of her children unanimously voiced that the elephants were their favorite part of the parade.
However, one man loudly proclaimed, "It definitely smelled like elephants," after the pachyderms passed by.
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International Summer Circus Festival: CIRCUBA 2010
The 9th International Summer Circus Festival CIRCUBA 2010 was inaugurated with a gala on Tuesday night (August 10, 2020) at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana. The event will continue until Sunday, August 15, at the Trompoloco stage in Havana, Cuba.
According to Fmota News, festival president Rolando Rodriguez Romero noted that the history of Cuban circus goes over 200 years back, captivating audiences throughout the centuries with performances that combine reality and fantasy. Artists from Cuba and abroad, as well as promoters, scholars, managers and producers are participating in the event. Organizers have confirmed the participation of competitors from Cuba, Spain, Mexico, the United States, Russia, Venezuela, and Argentina. American duo Rose, on the trapeze, Mexican juggler Angel Vivas Ayala, and the Cuban duo of skaters ConstelaciĆ³n were some of the artists that received long ovations from the public during Tuesday’s opening gala.
CIRCUBA is organized and sponsored by National Circus of Cuba, the National Council of Stage Arts and Havana Club International S.A.
For more information, see and

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


July 14, 2003 /GO Brooklyn GROOM’S A CLOWN
By Lisa J. Curtis,The Brooklyn Paper
The Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus comes to Marine Park (Avenue U, west of Flatbush Avenue) July 16-20 with its new "Sailabrate" show, promising exotic animals, aerial daredevils and pirates - including the "Blackbeard Society’s Initiation Rites."
The three-ring circus, produced by John and Brigitte Pugh, features golden tabby and rare white Bengal tigers from India, flying trapeze artists, elephants, the "Asian Imperial Hair-Hang," Zarina Sinovat as "The Ukrainian Femme Phenom Human Cannonball" and more.
At 9:15 am on July 16, the animal trainers invite Brooklynites for a free tour of the circus backyard during the tent raising. Animal superintendent Adam Hill and Tina the elephant will conduct an interactive educational program about animal training.
On July 17, at 10:30 am, a clown named "The Wizard of Odd" will ride out with his fiancee on elephants, and then they will wed (really!) under the big top. (That show, however, is sold-out.)
Additional show times are July 16, at 5 pm and 8 pm; July 17, at 8 pm; July 18, at 5 pm and 8 pm; and July 19-20 at 1:30 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm.
Tickets are $22 for VIP Ringside seats; $16, $11 children and seniors for reserved seats; and $14, $9 children and seniors for general admission seats. For more information, call (718) 252-4137.

©2003 Community Newspaper Group


Today, Wednesday, Sept. 22 8:00pm
at National Harbor: Grand Chapiteau at National Harbor, Oxon Hill, MD

Price: $49.00-$130
Age Suitability: Kids and up
OVO is a headlong rush into a colourful ecosystem teeming with life, where insects work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement. The insects' home is a world of biodiversity and beauty filled with noisy action and moments of quiet emotion.
When a mysterious egg appears in their midst, the insects are awestruck and intensely curious about this iconic object that represents the enigma and cycles of their lives.
It’s love at first sight when a gawky, quirky insect arrives in this bustling community and a fabulous ladybug catches his eye – and the feeling is mutual.
OVO is overflowing with contrasts. The hidden, secret world at our feet is revealed as tender and torrid, noisy and quiet, peaceful and chaotic. And as the sun rises on a bright new day the vibrant cycle of insect life begins anew.
What the media say about the show
"spellbinding…acrobatic fantasy"
"seductive and symphonic"
"an entertainment experience recommended for young and old"
Montreal Gazette
" Death-defying Butterflies, foot-juggling Ants, contortionist Spiders, high-bounding Crickets... "
San Francisco Chronicle
"THRILLING...such stupendous feats of physical grace and athleticism that they’ll LEAVE YOU GASPING."


July 31, 2001

Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus Is a Real Circus, and They're in Staten Island
By Alan Cabal . . . . . . .

I’ve been spending far too much time in my apartment this summer. Last week I got word that the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus was landing in Brooklyn’s Marine Park for a four-day stand, so I hightailed it out there last Wednesday morning to catch the end of the setup and see if anybody I knew was running with the show. The circus is an incestuous industry, and after 13 years of running with various shows, I’ve reached a point where I can walk onto any lot and bump into somebody I’ve worked with at some point, somewhere.
I got to the lot at about 11 a.m. I’d originally planned to get there by 5 a.m. to watch the whole five-hour procedure from start to finish, but circus nostalgia only goes so far, and schedules that seem routine in the midst of a tour easily become unspeakable obscenities in the context of townie life. I parked the car and strolled over to the box office, where I introduced myself and received a little cloth press pass that would allow me to amble around the lot unmolested.
The elliptical red and yellow bigtop looked like a daisy bursting out of a crack in the barren landscape of outer Brooklyn. CBCBC is the real thing, an authentic traditional American circus as opposed to the politically correct, faux-traditional replicas being peddled by the Big Apple Circus or Barnum’s Kaleidoscape. CBCBC’s been around since 1884, through hard times and bad weather, perhaps the greatest extant example of circus tenacity and sheer grit. It could have died back in 1979 if it weren’t for the passion and determination of owner Johnny Pugh, who worked his way up the ranks from performer to front office to manager, in which capacity he secured the necessary funding to keep the show on the road at a time when it was nearly drowning in debt. His business acumen and his iron will have turned the show into a thriving enterprise.
I roamed alongside the bigtop to the back lot to check out the elephants. Elephants and big cats are at the center of the controversy surrounding the circus industry, thanks to the puerile ninnies of the self-styled "animal rights" lobby. Most of the idiots involved in dipshit pursuits like PETA and ALF can’t tell the difference between an Asian elephant and an African elephant, but they presume to denounce any sort of working relationship between man and beast. The Big Apple Circus caved in and told old Buckles Woodcock to pack up his elephants and take a hike after one of its sponsors threatened to pull out in response to a boycott threat. Barnum’s Kaleidoscape was p.c. from the get-go, limiting the animal acts to dogs, horses and geese. CBCBC is holding the line and fighting the good fight against fanatics who think it’s inhumane to keep a cocker spaniel as a companion.
Adam Hill’s three elephant partners looked healthy and happy as they tossed a tire around in the shade under a canopy in their camp, an area about the size of two tennis courts. Elephants like to play with tires–they’re the Frisbees of the pachyderm world. CBCBC has a vet onsite, and Hill consistently gets a clean bill of health from the USDA inspectors who drop by from time to time to check up on the accommodations. He and I chatted for a while, and I got a line on an old pal of mine named Pee Wee Pinson. Pee Wee has to be pushing 70, and it turns out he’s running a pack of elephants with some show based out in Missouri.
I saw the name "Rosaire" on the side of a truck and had to investigate. The Rosaire family is a legend in the circus industry. I worked with Derrick Rosaire for a while; he and his wife are currently working with a bunch of black bears, which I met when I visited them at their spread down near Sarasota, FL. Pam Rosaire-Zoppe worked the African-American show, UniverSoul, with her chimps back in ’97 when I was on their tent. The Rosaire family has been in the business since Christ was a cowboy and God was an Irishman, and they are everywhere. They look and act like they have a Klingon in the woodpile, but their animals are among the most pampered and well-trained beasts in the business.
I walked up to the cab of a truck with the Rosaire name on it and ran into Ted McRae. In the past century, only one recorded case of a black lion-tamer could be found, but then Ted McRae quit his job working for a trucking firm in Baltimore and stepped into the cage at the UniverSoul Big Top Circus. That’s where I met him, and he’s still at it, looking all lean and buff, not a scratch on his perfectly sculpted body. They’re Kay Rosaire’s cats, but Ted is their working partner on this tour. He’s got his wife, Renee, and three kids with him now, and everything is copacetic in Ted’s life. Renee works the cat act with him, and their kids Adrian, Dorian and Jordan are honing up their circus skills, aiming to get into the ring themselves. The cats were kicking back, dozing and grooming each other in the languid way of well-fed housecats. "They like short hops," Ted told me. "They get to sleep more."
I’m going back to see the show with my friends from the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, a decidedly nontraditional show of an adult nature. It wasn’t easy to walk off the lot. The smell of elephants, diesel and popcorn arouses in me a nearly irresistible impulse to blow off all other responsibilities and run through the summer in a truck. I convinced myself that I needed a beer and drove down to Coney Island, where I got a hotdog and a Budweiser and sat on a bench staring out to sea until the thunderstorm came.
Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus performs at Midland Beach Park, Staten Island, through July 25. They’ll perform July 26-29 in Forest Park, Queens, Woodhaven Blvd. south of Myrtle Ave. The public is invited to witness the tent raising opening day from 7-10 a.m.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Phenix City Carnival Co. running Columbus Fair, Phenix, AL
Posted: Sep 20, 2010
COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Everywhere you turned at the Columbus Civic Center Monday, you saw workers gearing up for what's being called the "All New Greater Columbus Fair."
This year, Phenix City-owned Dixieland Carnival Company is in charge of the entire operation.
They travel all over Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama doing fairs.
"This is the first time that they're able to come to their hometown fair so they're really pulling out all the stops. They're here to show off this year," said Robin Walker with the Columbus Civic Center.
But there wasn't time to show off. Even Dixieland owner Billy Tucker was putting finishing touches on rides.
"Right now, everything is going on location. Everything is getting leveled, double checked. Later in the day, we're going to start cleaning. Everything is going to be lit up, we'll check all of the light bulbs, start washing all of the equipment. Then the very last thing we'll do at the end of the day, we'll make sure everything is running perfectly," said his wife and Dixieland co-owner Stacey Tucker.
"Because Dixieland Carnival Company is a very large company and with them bringing such extensive rides this year, we have had to expand it so it is in two different parking lots as well as a third parking lot at Memorial Stadium for the American Devil Stunt show," Walker added.
Dixieland's main focus on Monday, according to the owners, was safety inspections.
"There isn't much that goes on in the industry that we don't know about. Every single day, our guys get check lists. Everything is test run before the public even goes near it. We're all just extremely excited and think this is going to be the best year yet," Tucker said.
The fair officially gets underway Tuesday night at 6 PM and will run through Sunday.
Here is the official press release on the event:
The All New Greater Columbus Fair is coming to the Columbus Civic Center Sept. 21st – 26th, and this year the fair introduces a brand new midway provider – Dixieland Carnival Company, based out of Phenix City, Alabama. ( They are excited to bring new spectacular rides to the fair grounds, such as Vertigo- The south's first 100' tall swinging sensation, and the Sky wheel double Ferris wheel, to name a few, plus fun games and attractions, along with an outstanding selection of delicious fair food specialties.
This year's daily free entertainment includes a petting zoo, exotic animal exhibition, No Joe's Clown Circus and on Tuesday and Wednesday only at 8pm …The American Daredevil Stunt show. (See page 2 for details). The Fair will also be presenting the 2nd annual Miss Greater Columbus Fair Pageant on Saturday from 2-5pm.

******** Very Important Message ********

Jr. Ruffins funeral has been postponed due to lack of financial help. It is hopeful that enough donations will be raised before next week.
I have setup a Donation Chip in on the main page of CircuSpace. All Donations collected will go directly to the Funeral Costs for Mr Jr.Ruffin... You can find this donation button in the latest news section of CircuSpace on the main page. Please help anyway you can we appreciate your help... If you have any questions please call The Reverend Bill Munson at 917-826-7255 or Jr's daughter Missy at 954-696-8062
God Bless you be safe!
Massimo Bizzarro, Founder, CircuSpace
Visit CircuSpace at:


All the fun of the circus
DEATH-DEFYING STUNTS ... Canadian circus artist Francesca has been in the business for over 30 years and will be performing in Port Elizabeth from Thursday
2010/09/21 Nomahlubi Jordaan
FROM poodles to pythons, clowns to ponies, magic to illusion, contortion to balancing acts – the circus is coming to town.
The traditional McLaren Circus will have shows at the Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth from Thursday to October 3.
According to the organisers, the show is an hour and a half of absorbing action, suspense, surprise and humour, staged in the same wholesome family spirit that parents and grandparents enjoyed when they were children.
Circus spokesman Duncan McLaren said the show featured acrobats, midget clowns and performing animals.“The animals range from poodles to goats, donkeys, ponies, a miniature horse, camels and snakes to tigers, lions and white lions,” said McLaren.“We want people – especially kids – to come to the show and see what their parents saw when they were young.
We also don’t want the circus to die.“We want everybody to know, feel and see what the circus is all about,” he said.
The show is staged in a new Big Top circus tent at the Boardwalk and is recommended for all ages.
Tickets are R40 (side benches), R60 (raised chairs) or R80 (ringside).
Show times are at 3pm and 7pm and the ticket office is open daily from 10 am.
Tickets are available only from the circus site.
The opening show is at 3pm on Thursday and the run is until Sunday, October 3 at 3pm.
There is no performance on Monday.

Circus comes to town


By Tayleigh Davis

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Despite the heat, kids and parents enjoyed the Cole Brothers in Albany Monday night.
The big top is set up outside the Albany mall where the first show kicked off late Monday afternoon.
Families enjoyed the acrobats, animals, and all the entertainment that could fit under one tent.
If you missed the circus Monday night, performances will continue tomorrow evening at 4:30 and 7:30.